How to make a tutoring schedule your students will love

A solid tutoring schedule is essential for effective teaching and maximizing student satisfaction. Research shows that a well-structured schedule sets clear expectations for students, thereby enhancing their productivity and overall learning experience. So, what constitutes a good schedule?

  1. It's straightforward and easy to follow.

  2. It strikes a balance between your professional duties and personal life.

  3. It offers flexibility to accommodate unforeseen changes.

  4. It's crafted with the needs and preferences of your students in mind.

Wondering how to design a tutoring schedule that truly resonates with students?

Let the Workee experts guide you. Thousands of tutors rely on Workee's suite of advanced, user-friendly tools—including booking, scheduling, AI-driven lesson planning, and comprehensive work and finance management—to save time and alleviate stress.

Dive into this practical guide and discover how to create a schedule that works for you and your students.

Make tutoring easy with Workee

How to make an effective tutoring schedule?

Set goals and prepare a lesson plan

Before scheduling a tutoring session, you'll want to set goals and map out a lesson plan. This allows you to make the most of your time and accomplish more during the lesson. Keep your goals simple, clear, and simple to attain.

Be organized

When scheduling a lesson, your organizational skills are important. Preparing your calendar ahead of time helps you remain organized and even prepares you for unforeseen activities. To help you stay on track, use tools like planners or daily reminder apps. These applications can also keep track of pending assignments or activities.

Create a schedule with your students

Make building an organized online learning schedule a collaborative endeavor if you want to get the most out of it. That involves working with your kid to develop a routine that meets their needs. Of course, kids may lack the time management skills to define priorities on their own adequately, but having their involvement will help them take charge of their day. They'll also gain important organizational skills, and your students will feel more at ease and prepared if they know what to expect from the week's lesson schedule.

Make tutoring easy with Workee

Be flexible with the length of the lesson

The length and frequency of tutoring sessions should be included in the schedule. Every student is unique and has particular needs. Your sessions should be just the right length; if they are too short, students may not have enough time to absorb the material, and if they are too lengthy, they may lose interest. Also, make time for breaks for your students. Schedule periods for your student to lay back, eat, and relax.

Create time for yourself

Because you work for yourself and have no set working hours, you may be tempted to fill in as many sessions as possible. You won't be able to perform well in your classes if you overwork yourself. Don't forget about your personal needs while creating a work schedule. It's important to get your personal schedule sorted out. Let your students know what times you’ll be available and when you’re not. With Workee, you can establish custom rules to avoid unexpected bookings during specific hours of your preferred time, providing you with greater control over your schedule.

Make tutoring easy with Workee

Use tutoring scheduling software

Tutor scheduling software helps you automate many time-consuming tasks, from scheduling lessons, and lesson planning to sending out confirmations and reminders, accepting payments, viewing various reports, tracking your growth, and more. This will help make your business run a lot more efficiently. You can expand your client base by managing appointments without compromising service quality.

How to use Workee to schedule your tutoring lessons

Check out how to easily make your tutoring schedule in this video.


In the ever-evolving world of online tutoring, the right tools can take your tutoring game from zero to 100. Workee stands out as a comprehensive solution for teachers, streamlining every aspect of the scheduling process and ensuring you remain both organized and efficient. Beyond just managing your availability, Workee offers features like an SEO-optimized professional website builder, project and job management, invoicing, payment processing, tax management, and much more. Why juggle multiple platforms when Workee offers an all-in-one solution? Elevate your tutoring schedule with Workee today for free!

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