A guide to choosing the best tutoring scheduling software

You have a lot going on as a tutor, from scheduling lessons to collecting payment, reviewing and gathering useful resources, and tracking your student's progress. Investing in tools such as tutoring scheduling software can alleviate your workload.

But how do you find the right ONE?

We understand how time-consuming and draining it can be to research and select the best tutoring scheduling software for your business. As a result, the experts at workee have compiled a list of questions and answers to help you decide which software best meets your needs.

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Here are some things to consider as you weigh your options:

1. What functionalities will suit my tutoring business?

When selecting tutoring scheduling software, the feature set is first to consider. Before deciding on a piece of software, consider how much time and effort it will save you in your daily professional activities. Your job duties could include scheduling classes, billing clients, customer service, etc. You should choose a tool that has features that cater to these activities.

Pro tip: Software that can schedule and perform other useful functions is always a good fit. It enables you to manage most of your work processes in one location, saving you time and money.

2. Is it cost-effective?

When deciding on the most suitable scheduling software for your tutoring business, it’s important to look at the current and potential pricing in the future. How will continuous usage affect future pricing if your business is rapidly expanding? It's crucial to have software that can scale with your company, so you don't have to switch to a cheaper solution while you're in the middle of expanding.

Pro-tip: Go for a solution with a pricing plan that matches your business's financial level. Workee offers free services for tutors who are just starting out and flexible pricing (monthly and yearly subscriptions).

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3. Is the software intuitive and user-friendly?

The whole point of using scheduling software is to streamline your operations and save time and money. It's important that you and your clients have a smooth experience using the software. Of course, learning how to use a new tool takes time, but if you can't get things like setting up an account or making a booking easily, it kind of defeats the point of having the tool in the first place.

Pro-tip: Most software packages offer a free trial period, allowing you to test how useable it is before committing. Use this time to test the features and ensure they are simple to set up and maintain.

4. How versatile is the software?

Be sure the scheduling software you're looking at has the scalability to accommodate your expanding business needs.

Pro-tip: One helpful hint is that adaptability and customization are must-haves in any decent piece of software. Select an option that allows you to enable and disable add-ons and integrations that benefit your business.

5. Is integration possible with the solution?

Most professionals rely on at least a few apps to make life easier and to keep things running smoothly. Having to switch from such tools can be a chore at times. A good scheduling software should be able to integrate with software, such as calendar apps, payment software, video conferencing apps, and so on. Many administrative tasks may be easier to manage if the scheduling platform of your choice has in-built integration.

Pro-tip: The best scheduling software will integrate seamlessly with the tools you already use in your workday.

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6. Does the software provider have good resources?

In the early stages, good tutorials are essential because you are still changing the dynamics of your company and introducing new features. To make the transition as easy as possible, choose software that includes extensive help materials.

Pro-tip: Good software should include step-by-step tutorials that are easy to understand.

7. Is there reliable technical assistance available?

It is essential to double-check the available assistance while looking for the best tool for your needs. It's normal to experience some difficulties when learning how to use new software. If this happens, you may need to contact customer service for help. If they aren't quick enough to respond to your questions and concerns, it may impact your experience and your day-to-day tasks.

Pro-tip: Choose software with a solid support system if you get stuck and require assistance.

8. Will my data be secure?

Your scheduling software will store sensitive information such as customer personal information and credit card numbers. It is critical to take precautions to protect this information, so ensure that your scheduling solution does. The scheduling software you choose for your business should meet security compliances.

Pro-tip: For peace of mind that your data is always secured, it is recommended that you search for software that provides encrypted cloud storage via trusted servers.

Why Workee is the best tutoring scheduling software for you?

Workee can be a good fit for you regardless of where you are in your tutoring career or whether you own a small or large business. Workee has every feature a scheduling software could want. You can set up a personal website where students can learn more about you, schedule video calls, manage taxes, send invoices, receive money easily, integrate your favorite tools, and manage clients.

Here's a quick tutorial on how to schedule your meetings with Workee

Workee provides new tutors who are just getting started with a free plan called Workee Starter. It includes all of the features required to run your business. Workee also provides flexible pricing that can be tailored to your business's specific needs.

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