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Create your personal website and work directly with clients.

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Booking and scheduling appointments and customized sessions.

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Get paid for sessions and send invoices with 0% fees

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Directly from Workee. No downloads, no installs.

"Workee has simplified how people reach out to me. My website now has booking and scheduling integrated. People can now book me for work or session much more easily."

Kyle, Personal Finance tutor

Workee ProWorkee beta

Powerful tools for professionals. Get ready to boost your business.
Freewhile Beta

Work Management

Manage your entire day with Workee. Meetings, sessions, tasks and other professional features to make you productive.


Clients Management

Simple client management designed to boost your performance. Run and grow relations with Workee.


Finance Management

Send invoices, packages and services from your Website. Simple accounting to autopilot your business.

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PROFree while Beta

No-code website

Basic website templates
Website customisation
Domain on my.workee.net
Professional website templates
Coming Soon
Custom domain name
Coming Soon
Advanced SEO
Coming Soon

Booking & Scheduling

Flexible availability and work schedules
Free time slots creation
Paid Time slots creation
Data Override
Workee CallsUnlimited and free video calls with up to 75 participants
Other video providers supportGooge Meet, Zoom
Group Sessions and Video calls
Coming Soon
Recurring sessions
Coming Soon

Meeting and Client Management

Meetings timeline
Synchronisation with other calendarsGoogle Calendar
Meeting managementSchedule, Reschedule, Cancel meetings
Automatic Clients creating when client books 1st meeting
Workee Client database
Contacts Sync with Google
Smart Client Dashboard
Sessions / Appointments history
Live notes during session with Workee Calls
Session notes history
Clients Board
Coming Soon
Mail service integration
Coming Soon

Finance Management

Payments history
Payments summary
Manual Invoicing
Invoice templates
Accounting reports
Coming Soon

Get Paid and Send Invoices

0% fees from Workee
Stripe payments support
Paid meetings / timeslots
Invoice templates
Services placement on the website
Tax calculations
Coming Soon
PayPal payments support
Coming Soon
Coming Soon

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Pricing FAQ

  • How do I get started with my account?
    To sign up for Workee, simply enter your email address and create a password. To begin, we do not require any credit card information. Workee Starter is a free package that does not require a monthly subscription.
  • What fees should I expect to pay?

    Workee does not deduct any fees from your payments. Send invoices and receive full payment to your Workee account.

    Please keep in mind that we are collaborating with Stripe to provide you with secure and quick payments, and Stripe may charge some processing fees. Learn more:


  • Okay, how do you make money?
    Since our Starter plan is free, we will charge a subscription fee from the Workee Professional plan. It includes professional features for users who want more customization and functionality to manage their business routine. We're still working on Workee Pro, which is available for free while we're in beta.
  • So Workee Pro is also free?
    Yes. We are currently working on professional features for Workee Pro, such as more fools for financial management, custom website templates, and client management tools. We will notify you once Workee Pro is ready for use!
  • Is there a trial period?
    No. Our Workee Starter plan is free and has no time limit. Workee Pro will have a trial period once it is fully functional!
  • What happens if I decide to cancel my account?
    If you feel you are not ready to use Workee at the moment, we recommend that you unpublish your Workee website so that it is no longer available to your clients and save it along with your Website name/address. You can reactivate your website and accept bookings from your clients at any time. If you want to delete your Workee account, you can do that in the Settings tab in your account.
  • I still have questions. Can I talk to someone?

    Sure thing! We’re here to help every step of the way, and we’d love to hear from you. Reach out to our Support Manager at eva@workee.net, and we will be happy to assist!


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