Intelligent Software for yoga experts

All-in-one solution for every yogi

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Intelligent Software for yoga experts
All-in-one solution for every yogi

Workee is the best software for yoga professionals


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yoga experts

No-code website

Create a professional website for your yoga business in a matter of seconds. Make it easy for your clients communicate with you through built-in video calls.

No-code website

"Workee makes me look like a yogi super hero. As a solo entrepreneur, Workee, has been an invaluable asset to me, I couldn't have asked for a better virtual assistant. Using it streamlines and organizes my day-to-day tasks. Everything is in sync and on schedule!"

Victoria, Yogini

Flexible scheduling and multiple time slots

Set up your work schedule and time slots for any engagement.

Create multiple free/paid time slots and streamline bookings with Workee.

Flexible scheduling and multiple time slots

"I like how the Workee makes everything easy for me. Everything is so professional and nice. Thanks to the responsive and polite team. Workee handles all the stressful work and allows me to concentrate on what I do best – yoga."

Donald K., Yoga expert

Enjoy yoga sessions with 0% fees1

Create multiple appointments, get booked, send invoices and get paid through your Workee website.

All of your payments are secure and handled in one place.

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Running an online yoga business has never been easier!

Here's why 👉

Personal website

Create your professional website for your yoga business where clients can work directly with you. No hidden market intermediaries.

Flexible schedules

Create a schedule for any engagement or days comfortable for you.

Multiple sessions

You have free and paid time slots available for all types of sessions that are linked to video calls.

Payments with 0% fees1

Built-in payments to automate your payment processes. Sell your services, send invoices and get paid.

Client Management

Manage your clients and work out of the box. Plan, schedule, reschedule and cancel appointments easily.


Accounting, invoices, and reminders are all automated. We help you save time and money.

"Workee has changed how I run my business. With automated reminders I can now effortlessly manage my 1-on-1 and group meetings. I also manage my finances on this platform. It's so transparent and I love it!"

Samantha C., Yogi


Integration with tools you love
already built-in!

Join thousands of professionals

  • Simplest website builder
  • Bookings and payments with 0% fee1
  • Client and Work management
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Frequently asked questions

  • How does it work in real life?
    Once you sign-up on Workee, you will receive your personal website and the ability to create work schedules and time slots. When that is complete, share your freelance website with your clients, and they will book you directly for a session. Upon completing your booking, your client's details will automatically be created in your Workee CRM. Workee allows you to keep track of your relationships, send payments, and manage your work time.
  • Are there any tutorials available to get started on Workee?
    Yes! Once you sign-up to Workee, you will have access to various product tours and hints! We've also created video tutorials to help you get the most out of your experience!
  • Can I have offline and online bookings?
    Sure! Your clients can book and pay for sessions directly through your Workee website. Simply add a description to each of your time slots.
  • Will Workee help me to find new clients?
    No. Workee was created to assist you in working directly with your clients without using marketplaces or intermediaries. Workee is a perfect yoga software that allows you to manage both your clients and business in one place.
  • How long does it take to get paid on Workee?
    Once your client pays for a session or receives an invoice from you, the payment is made into your account immediately.
  • Is Workee a free software?

    Yes! Workee has 2 plans.

    Workee Starter is created for yogis who are just starting their businesses. Workee Starter account is 100% free forever without monthly or yearly payments. It has 5% transaction fees from Workee.

    Workee Pro plan is unlimited plan without transaction fees from Workee and with monthly or yearly subscription plan. It is designed for professional yoga experts who want more customization options and back office features like professional CRM, Invoicing, and Work management.

  • What fees does Workee charge?

    Workee charges 5% transaction fees on Starter plan and 0% transaction fees on Pro plan.

    Please keep in mind that we are collaborating with Stripe to provide you with secure and quick payments, and Stripe may charge some processing fees. Learn more here:

  • How does Workee make money, then?

    Workee Pro plan is paid with monthly and yearly subscription fees.1

  • Will my website be visible on the internet so other people can find it?
    Yes! Your personal website will be searchable in Google and other search engines once you have created it with Workee. We'll be adding more SEO features soon to boost your visibility.

Any questions? Ask our Team!

Leave your contact information, and our manager will contact you to walk you through our platform and show you how it works.

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Ihor Bauman

CEO at Workee


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