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Simplest software designed to manage freelance business

Personal website with built-in booking, scheduling and payments connected to your calendars, invoicing and client management

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Rating 5.0 of 5

Rating 4.8 of 5

“I'd recommend Workee to any freelancer looking for a simple and flexible tool.”

Your personal website where clients can schedule calls with you and purchase services directly. No code, set up in 5 mins

“Workee has simplified how people reach out to me. My website now has booking and scheduling integrated. People can now book me for work or session much more easily.”


Advisor / Coach in personal finance

Features: Personal website, Booking form, Services, Scheduling, Payments, Videocalls, Automation, Notifications

All-in-one client management software. Manage taxes, send invoices, and receive money directly in the most convenient way. Simple templates are available out of the box

"Workee helped me overcome my accounting nightmare! Payments and invoices are linked, which saves me days of manual work."


Sales Executive

Features: Managing Finance, Automatic Invoicing, Manual Invoicing, Payment link, Accounting (Coming Soon)

Build and grow your business with built-in client management tools and manage your workspace with Workee

"With a single click, I can access all of my meetings to manage my clients and time."


CEO at Digital Agency

Features: Workee Space, Dashboard, Meetings, Calendars, Contacts, My website, My availability, Manage Booking Form, Manage Services


Integrations with tools you love
already built-in!

and more to come

Workee is the best client management software for your freelance business

Focus on your business, let Workee will take care of everything else!


Make your work efficient

Accelerate your work process. Forget about complicated integrations, downloads, and sign-ups. Focus on doing what you love. Manage your freelance business with a few clicks and get concrete results in no time.


Save time

Simple invoicing, tax payments, meetings & client management out-of-the-box.


Optimize your expenses

Optimize expenses, maximize value. No need to pay for multiple tools, let our client management tool do the job. Get unlimited access to all features out of the box.


Earn more

Simplify client management and engagement with Workee. Convert more visitors into clients and receive payments directly.

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  • “I was looking for a convenient platform to run my online coaching business. With Workee, I got even more: My Workee website enables effective communication with my clients. It makes it easy for them to schedule sessions with me. Workee's in-browser video call function makes it convenient to run sessions from any device. This is absolutely the best online coaching software out there”

    NickLife Coach,
  • “Flexibility is everything to me. I enjoy working from various locations and hate feeling constrained. Workee's unlimited features give me that freedom. It's also cool because it's convenient. I've just spent a few minutes setting up and running my first session"

    AlexisBusiness coach,
  • “With Workee, I can manage my entire work day from one place. I can attend meetings, schedule and make notes with just a click. My clients can reach me directly through my website, no need to spend extra time on back and forth emails”

    VelisPhoto maker,


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