8 must-haves for online teaching setup equipment

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One of the most rapidly growing industries to emerge from the internet age is the online learning sector. The global market for online learning has grown by over 900 percent since its inception and is expected to be worth more than 350 billion dollars by 2025. People are simply at ease with the convenience and flexibility provided by online education. It's also a great way for tutors and professionals to monetize their knowledge without going through the time-consuming and expensive process of setting up a school.

While virtual teaching is less expensive and time-consuming, it still requires some basic online teaching equipment to facilitate delivery and ensure high-quality service. So, if you're an online tutor or want to start an online school, we've compiled a list of essential online classroom setup equipment to ensure that your virtual classroom is functional and engaging.

Operate a successful online tutoring business with Workee

Necessary equipment for online teaching

Below, we'll go over some virtual classroom tools that can be used for your online tutoring business. We will also recommend some device types and specifications, but you are free to choose what works best for you. Note that some online learning platforms have equipment requirements for teachers. However, if there are no constraints, this Workee expert guide will provide you with the information you need when selecting online class equipment.

A good computer

A computer should be the first online tutoring tool on your list. Owning a good computer is an investment because it serves as both a workplace and your classroom. Additionally, many internet tools need huge storage capacity to work correctly, which smartphones often cannot manage.

Depending on your preference, you may choose between a desktop computer and a laptop. However, keep in mind that a faster system means a more stable connection. Here are some computer specifications we recommend to ensure a seamless service experience.

  • Windows 7 and above.

  • Mac OS 10. X and higher( if you're looking to get a MacBook).

  • A 6 GB RAM and higher.

  • Intel i5 processor and above.

  • 12-inch screen and above.

Online tutoring demands video messaging, document sharing, and live sessions, so your system should have a minimum of the above specifications for a seamless and lag-free experience. You may need other backup devices like tablets or smartphones to manage work processes. However, a smartphone will not suit most online classes because of its small screen.

Operate a successful online tutoring business with Workee

High definition webcam


To facilitate visual learning and smooth teaching, you need high-quality pictures and videos, which only a good camera can deliver. Modern laptops have HD cameras with great output. However, if you've had your device for more than ten years, the camera may not be as good as it once was, resulting in blurry photos and videos. That is why we recommend investing in a high-definition webcam. Additionally, you can use a webcam to create live or pre-recorded lessons that your students can access.

Ample lighting

It is not enough to have good cameras; your physical environment must also be well-lit to maximize camera performance. It is best to have bright white lights facing the tutoring venue or placed directly facing you behind the computer. You may also use ring lights to enhance the visibility and lighting effects within the teaching environment.

Quality headsets

You shouldn't rely on your laptop's speakers, particularly during live sessions; they may not be loud enough and occasionally unclear. It is always a good idea to invest in high-quality noise-canceling headphones. It makes speaking easier and clearer, ensuring that the audio output is understandable. While choosing a headset, ensure that it is convenient and wouldn’t cause you any discomfort. Whether you want a wireless or wired headset is also up to you. On the other hand, wireless headsets are more convenient because they allow you to move around and gesture while teaching.

Laptop stand

While many people do not consider this vital equipment, it is quite handy for convenience and accessibility. It's much easier to move and adjust your laptop using a laptop stand. They are often adjustable and may be reclined, raised, or positioned in various convenient positions. Another advantage of using a laptop stand is that it can maintain appropriate posture even while teaching for long periods.

Operate a successful online tutoring business with Workee

Reliable internet access

To teach online, you will need a seamless internet connection. Slow internet connection hampers productivity, engagement, and efficiency. You don't want to get shut off in the middle of a session because your internet keeps cutting you off. You can use a wifi device, an Ethernet connector linked to a router, or a modem. Importantly, always verify your service provider's internet speed with SpeedTest.net. A speed of at least 10mbps is recommended.

A whiteboard

Every tutor, especially those who conduct live lessons, understands the value of a whiteboard. It enables you to create, illustrate, and explain theories and concepts. A board also makes learning exciting for your students and keeps them engaged.  

Decent tutoring space

Your workstation or teaching environment should exude the feel of an ideal classroom. You can use wallpapers and suitable décor to give your space the needed outlook. Even if you cannot recreate a classroom design, a modest, professional setting with enough lighting should suffice.

Essential online solutions for online tutors

To operate a successful online tutoring company, you'll need more than just the tools listed above. Online tutors must have their own website so prospective students can learn more about them, book sessions, etc. Numerous options are accessible online, but rather than buying these tools individually. We recommend using a one-stop shop platform.

Workee is an all-in-one solution that enables tutoring professionals to manage their businesses seamlessly. Workee provides all the necessary features to run your online teaching business efficiently in one place. They include;

Booking and scheduling feature: Enables clients and potential students to book meetings and classes easily, and you can send automated reminders to clients regardless of where they are.

Client management feature: Track students' progress, contact them, and know how best to follow up and develop a good working relationship.

Financial management feature: Manage everything billing, invoicing, and taxes. This tool provides an automated financial management service to promote business efficiency.

Video communication feature: Integrate your favorite video provider with Workee or use the Workee video call feature to engage in video and voice calls with your clients with ease. 

Website builder: Create a unique website in no time with customizable fonts and themes. Set up is easy, and you don't have to be tech savvy. You can promote your business on the internet and social media platforms with your website.

Operate a successful online tutoring business with Workee


There may be other online teaching equipment specific to your niche. For example, teaching catering and hospitality online would require other kitchen-related equipment. It is important that you research to determine if your niche would require additional tools to promote learning and quality service delivery. 

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