Guidelines for writing a successful project manager cover letter

Over 83% of recruiters agree that cover letters are crucial in discovering more about a potential employee's suitability for a project manager role. Your approach to a cover letter can reveal a lot about your capacities, background, organization knowledge, and unique selling point.

Making a cover letter very excellent is surely daunting for most applicants. It entails describing your abilities and incredibly sharing your story. So, knowing the right details to highlight will help you avoid getting your Recruit administrator off recruiting you.

This Workee article will explain suitable approaches for writing these cover letters.

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What employers expect from a good project cover letter

Recruiters or employers ask for a cover letter to discover the following:

  • To see if you meet their requirements

The expected job qualifications are already in the job definitions. They want to know how you relatively fit into the picture on their mind.

  • To see how you view yourself

Telling your story reveals a lot about how positive and confident you are. Most Recruit managers are attracted to confident applicants.

  • To see your problem-solving abilities

They want to see instances where you applied your abilities to solve a problem. It's not enough to have a skill. What problems have you solved with it?

  • To know how passionate you are

Recruit administrators are looking for individuals willing to align with the company's goals and visions. They believe these kinds of candidates deliver real results on their projects.

Highlight your project management history on Workee

What to do before writing a cover letter for a project manager position

Before starting the journey of creating an outstanding cover letter for a project management position, there are a few things you need to do:

  • Carefully analyze the role definition.

  • Read up on the company's goals and visions.

  • Create an outline for your first draft.

  • Write the content.

  • Get feedback from colleagues.

Things to pay attention to when writing a project manager cover letter

If you have ever asked yourself: " what should project managers highlight in their cover letter?" Here are a few things to pay attention to:

Don't forget to showcase your qualifications properly

Before any recruiting manager can pay attention to your project application letter, you must give him a reason. That's why your introduction should emphasize your qualifications. By showing him your quality, he sees a reason to listen to you rather than hurrying off to the letter of the next applicant. Sharing your certifications is also ideal here.

Don't ignore the job description

To align your project manager cover letter with the company's expectations, start by analyzing the information on the job application. Use similar keywords if they use AI crawlers to analyze your letter first. Tell them how you have had experiences similar to their descriptions. Get their hopes high.

Highlight your project management history on Workee

Share your story

Most times, you will need more than just certifications and assertions to convince a recruit manager. Especially if you have strong competitors who are also vying for the position, add some spice to your project manager cover letter by sharing some of your work histories. Remember to keep it brief and straight to the point.

Don't underestimate the power of real results

Your recruit manager wants to see the level of success you have achieved. Don't stop at: "I organized a project, and we had great improvement and positive feedback." Try this instead: "I organized a project and helped improve sales to over 70%".

That's the power of numbers. Quantify the units from your project. How many people were affected? How many more units of a product were sold? It shows real success and helps compare your success with that of your competitors.

Compliments go a long way

Don't forget to add some compliments before you send your letter. Recruit managers don't want just project managers who need the money they pay. They expect to know you love the corporation and are inspired by what they do. Appreciate their vision, their high recruitment standards, and their workplace culture.

Emphasize your value in the conclusion

Don't conclude without reminding the manager why you are still the favorite candidate for the job. Finally, show them you are available for an interview through notable platforms. Also, confirm your availability to start work immediately.

Get feedback from friends or colleagues

If you didn't make any of the mistakes above, congratulations. But there is something left. Proofread the letter for grammar errors. Great product managers are keenly attentive to details. You can get feedback from a colleague or friend who understands your goal. Ask for their assistance if you need it.

Highlight your project management history on Workee

Project manager cover letter example

 To instruct you better, we have prepared a sample of a cover letter for project managers. Read carefully and create yours. 

 Dear Mr. Maxwell Tilburn, 

When I saw the ABC advertising marketing project manager job opening, I knew it was right up my alley. I have been working as a digital project manager for over 6 years. During this time, I've mastered the art of project launch and implementation. As a result, I'm confident that I'd be a valuable asset to the company.

While reviewing your job description, I discovered that your company is looking for a project manager with a CAPM certification and a track record of using the most effective project management techniques.

Since obtaining my CAPM certification four (4) years ago, I have worked in at least seven (7) different project management roles. At Bamble Agency, I oversaw five high-volume sales campaigns as the department's project manager. The projects I supervised were lauded for their cost-effectiveness (12% above average) and speed of implementation (1.3 weeks above average). If I work with ABC Advertising, I am confident that I will achieve the same or even greater results.

I admire ABC Advertising's commitment to team building and people-centered marketing. I can clearly see my personal and professional growth. It would be an honor to be a part of the team.

I would be delighted to discuss upcoming projects and targets. I am also available to begin work immediately and contribute to the achievement of long-term objectives.


 Claire Lewinsky


Highlight your project management history on Workee

Begin your journey as a project manager with Workee

Even if you are an expert or a beginner in your project management career, having a personal website attached to your resume or cover letter shows how professional you are.

Tools like Workee include great features for building professional websites and more. You can schedule your interview with your employer and highlight your project management history on the Workee platform. It includes booking and scheduling features, video conferencing, and finance management features such as billing and invoicing.


Project managers are currently in high demand. More companies need leadership professionals who can launch, plan, coordinate and implement projects. Mastering the art of writing a successful cover letter will put you at an advantage.

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