How to improve email communication

According to statistics, over 93% of B2B marketers deliver information via email marketing; this shows that email communication has become a significant client acquisition and retention channel among firms. The average email open rate, on the other hand, is only 20.81%. This indicates that around 79 out of every 100 emails are never read. This is why it is critical to master email communication best practices.

This Workee article will show you how to interact via email and provide quality standards to improve your email communication skills

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Here are seven (7) points to keep in mind when communicating through email:

Know your recipient

Knowing your recipient is important in email communication since it helps you choose the appropriate words and tone to use and customize your email. A study found that tailored emails have a 50% greater CTR than untailored emails. Personalizing an email can help increase your email open rate and CTR.

Recognizing who will be receiving your email will make it easier for you to use language that appeals to them while communicating via email. Effective email communication in the workplace, for example, involves the use of language that you are confident your coworker will understand and appreciate.

Craft an excellent subject line

Having a good subject is very important in email communication. It plays a vital role in your email open rate. Personalizing it and ensuring it has the main keyword of the mail content is a vital strategy for crafting an excellent subject line.

Statistics show that 47% of users will open an email by considering only the subject line, and 69% of customers can consider email spam by just taking the subject line into account. This demonstrates how important a catchy subject line is in your email communication process and how it may help you avoid writing an email that ends up in the spam folder.

Improve email communication with Workee!

Use appropriate greetings and sign off

After the subject field, your receiver will notice the greeting. A quality subject will stimulate attention, and your greeting will determine whether or not the recipient will read your email. After reading your email, a polite Sign off helps leave a nice impression on the recipient's mind and enables them to recognize the sender. Both elements are important email communication best practices that email marketers pay attention to.

You should have known the receiver of your email before deciding to communicate through email, so coming up with an appropriate greeting should be easy for you. It will also enable personalization, which according to Campaign Monitor, increases the likelihood of an email being read by 26%. So, using "Hi, James" in your email greeting increases the likelihood that your email will be opened by 26% more than simply writing "Hi, there."

The type of sign-off you employ is critical in making the best impression on your receiver. According to statistics, "Thank you" is the least annoying sign-off (only 3% detest it), while "Peace" is disliked by 21%. However, a short but kind sign-off, or even just your name, might suffice.

Use "Bcc" instead of "Cc."

When communicating through email, copying allows you to send an email to someone while also sending a copy to others. If you're sending the same email to many people, this will help immensely. Using Cc enables receivers to see the addresses of other receivers, which is against email communication best practices because you are disclosing the receivers' information without their consent.

Blind email copying using Bcc lets you copy emails to specific recipients without showing the other recipients' email addresses. This is a quick and easy way to improve email communication while exhibiting professionalism to your recipients.

Improve email communication with Workee!

Use good formatting

Nobody wants to read a poorly formatted email; the likelihood that your recipient will read your email all the way through is determined by the formatting you use while drafting the email. According to a study, people who read a formatted email remembered the email's details more precisely, and great formatting can significantly influence the message's persuasiveness.

In email communication, proper formatting separates the content into three sentences per paragraph and highlights key information to make it stand out and enable the recipient to view it quickly. It's also crucial to choose the right font style and size. You can choose Arial, TimesNewRoman, or Calibri in 11 or 12-point font. Also, make sure there are spaces after your greeting, body paragraph, and salutation.

Proofread and check

Writing grammatically correct email messages helps with communication, which is why you should proofread and re-check your email before sending it. One of the most important email communication best practices is that you should not ignore if you want to communicate effectively via email.

It is vital to apply tools that will aid you in identifying and repairing minor errors that you may be unaware of. Maintaining correctness all through the email communication process is crucial. Because you won't show the recipient your facial expressions or the tone of your words in your email, maintaining accuracy is the best way to show them your professionalism.

Integrate automated emailing

Manually executing email interactions may be too stressful for you; as a result, you should integrate an automated solution that helps you with automated email and manages client connections.

Stats indicated that 50% of SMBs use emerging technologies to conduct email campaigns; this highlights how crucial email automation is to the success of businesses and indicates that you may be losing out on certain opportunities if you are not utilizing automated emails for your business operations. You must immediately start if you want to compete effectively with your competitors.

As an independent professional, you'll need a platform that lets you handle all your business concerns in one place, including scheduling, taxation, bookings, and meetings. This will allow you to manage your time better and concentrate on the vital things, giving you the energy to compose awesome emails and communicate effectively via email.

One of such platforms is Workee. Workee is an online platform that equips professionals with everything they need to collaborate with clients. This solution includes features such as booking/scheduling, video chats, billing, online tax payment services, etc. Workee enables you to quickly and affordably create a professional-looking website on which you can manage and showcase your brand online.

With all of the platform's offerings, you may automate some critical business processes while still having time to attend to other matters.

Improve email communication with Workee!


Communication via email is not something to take lightly. As a business owner or freelancer, you will need mail communication for various purposes, including scheduling appointments and invoicing. In addition to learning how to communicate through email, we recommend using business management platforms such as Workee that enable you to send automated emails to your clients. It's a money- and time-saver!

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