Workee vs. online tutoring platforms

Online tutoring platforms are paving the way for the future of education by enabling inclusiveness, flexibility, and distributed learning. Tutors can now offer their services independently and beyond borders without restrictions on time and location. This offers better economic opportunities and career advancement opportunities. But while all of these conspicuous benefits seem very attractive, the success of any individual tutor in the online education sphere largely depends on the efficiency of their chosen tutor marketplace and the digital tools they employ for service delivery.

In this guide, we will compare the tutoring marketplace and Workee Software, which is not a tutor marketplace but a versatile tool every tutor needs. Stay tuned to learn more.

What is a tutor marketplace?

A tutor marketplace, also known as a tutoring platform, is a digital system created for educators, teachers, and trainers to enable them to provide tutoring services efficiently and easily. This is achieved by incorporating digital learning systems and content creation tools and enabling virtual study possibilities.

A typical tutor platform provides the necessary systems to enable tutors to engage with their students and provide value.

Some decades back, educators were only restricted to the walls of a classroom, limiting the economic viability of the tutoring profession. Today online tutoring is one of the fastest-growing industries with vast opportunities.

According to recent reports, the global e-learning industry has appreciated by over 900% since its inception. Further predictions suggest that the industry will surpass $320 billion by 2025, which indicates a 200% increase between 2020 and 2025.

The industry's growth can be adduced o the limitless learning and tutoring opportunities It offers. Whether you are a K12 tutor, language tutor, adult educator, or specialized trainer, there is an opportunity for every budding tutor.

What is Workee

Workee is a business management software that enables independent professionals, including tutors, to manage their businesses efficiently, collaborate with clients seamlessly, and scale their brands to greater heights. With the Workee platform, tutors have an opportunity to build their brand and have an independent business.

Workee is not niche specific; hence every tutor, notwithstanding their specialization or niche, can build their brand and offer their services easily.

The workee software is embedded with various business management tools, making it easy for tutors to organize and manage their workflow, from scheduling classes to actual live classes.

We would discuss more on the features of Workee but first, let’s talk about the characteristics and features of marketplaces.

Typical characteristics of tutor marketplaces

There is currently a proliferation of tutor platforms; some are specialized, offering opportunities to tutors in specific niches. Some are strictly language tutoring platforms and therefore only support language classes like English, French, German, etc. some are Stem focused, and others support just arts and music classes (there are many specialized tutoring platforms).

Here are the major features of tutor platforms from a general perspective that cuts across various platforms.

  • Live video communication

A live video chat feature that enables one-on-one or group interactions between students and instructors is a regular feature on most tutor platforms. Real-time video streaming facilitates better communication between students and teachers.

  • Messaging and chat

Most tutor marketplaces offer instant messaging functionality to enable continuous and effective communication between tutors and their students.

  • Scheduling

Typical tutoring platforms have a scheduling function that makes collaboration easy and smooth. Educators can schedule classes with learners. Learners should also be able to schedule meetings and book tutors.

  • Payment channels

Most tutoring platforms generally provide payment channels that enable tutors to receive their payments. However, some platforms pay the tutors directly according to a pre-agreed rate and the number of hours clocked in.

Features of Workee 

Workee is not your typical tutoring platform; it is much more than that. It is a utility software that tutors can employ in the operation of their business as a standalone tool, or it can be employed as a complementary management software along sides any other tutor marketplace. Here are very important features of Workee:

  • Free website

Workee allows you to have a branded website with a unique URL for your tutoring business. And the good part is; it’s a no-code website, and you’ll never need to hire a developer to build or maintain it. The process is self-explanatory and user-friendly. By signing up on Workee, you can have your website running in 5 minutes or less.

Workee allows you to build and promote your personal tutoring brand.

  • Flexible scheduling

Scheduling on Workee is really cool and efficient. It allows you to create multiple time slots for various engagements. You can simplify bookings and create a variety of free and paid periods.

  • Payments and taxes

The Workee platform provides built-in payment channels that enable you to receive money for your services and lessons. Workee doesn’t charge you any percentage for providing this service, your business, or your money. You may also create and issue invoices to your clients from your Workee. Additionally, you can manage everything tax-related.

  • Live video communication

Workee integrates  Zoom and Google meet video collaboration tools to ensure smooth collaboration between tutors and their students. This allows you to choose the tool you find more convenient to use.

  • Client management

Workee client management tool synchronizes with your Google contacts and calendar to ensure that you never miss out on meetings and can constantly communicate with your clients.

  • Booking

With the Workee software, users can book you through the Workee platform or directly from your personal website.

  • Fees and subscription

Workee offers a starter plan which is free forever to all professionals who are just starting. There are subscription plans available if you want more premium features. Notwithstanding, the free Workee plan is sufficient to launch your tutoring business and grow your brand.

Workee vs. other tutoring marketplaces


While the Workee software is not strictly designated as a tutoring platform, its versatility and robust features make it a great choice, especially for tutors looking o build a personal brand. However, even if you are already on any tutoring platform, it is still advisable to have a Workee account to help manage your business more efficiently.

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