Workee vs. online tutoring platforms

Online tutoring platforms are paving the way for the future of education by enabling inclusiveness, flexibility, and distributed learning. Tutors can now offer their services independently and beyond borders without restrictions on time and location. This offers better economic opportunities and career advancement opportunities. But while all of these benefits seem very attractive, the success of any individual tutor in the online education sphere largely depends on the efficiency of their chosen tutor marketplace and the digital tools they employ for service delivery.

That’s why Workee experts have done extensive research and curated a comparison series of online tutoring service providers. Stay tuned to learn why Workee is the best choice.

What is a tutor marketplace?

A tutor marketplace, also known as a tutoring platform, is a digital system created for educators, teachers, and trainers to enable them to provide tutoring services efficiently and easily. This is achieved by incorporating digital learning systems and content creation tools and enabling virtual study possibilities.

A typical tutor platform provides the necessary systems to enable tutors to engage with their students and provide value.

Some decades back, educators were only restricted to the walls of a classroom, limiting the economic viability of the tutoring profession. Today, online tutoring is one of the fastest-growing industries with vast opportunities.

According to recent reports, the global e-learning industry has appreciated over 900% since its inception. Further predictions suggest that the industry will surpass $320 billion by 2025, which indicates a 200% increase between 2020 and 2025.

The industry's growth can be adduced to the limitless learning and tutoring opportunities It offers. Whether you are a K12 tutor, language tutor, adult educator, or specialized trainer, there is an opportunity for every budding tutor.

What is Workee

Workee is an all-in-one platform that offers a variety of business management solutions to help you streamline your operations. Tutors can create a professional website, plan lessons efficiently, schedule appointments and bookings seamlessly, manage payments and invoices, handle jobs, and manage their clients and finances effectively. You can get started for free or pay as little as $29 monthly for the Pro plan.

Typical characteristics of tutor platforms

There is currently a proliferation of tutor platforms; some are specialized, offering opportunities to tutors in specific niches. Some are strictly language tutoring platforms and only support language classes like English, French, German, etc. Some are stem-focused, and others support just arts and music classes (there are many specialized tutoring platforms).

Here are the major features of tutor platforms from a general perspective that cuts across various platforms.

  • Live video communication

A live video chat feature that enables one-on-one or group interactions between students and instructors is a regular feature on most tutor platforms. Real-time video streaming facilitates better communication between students and teachers.

  • Messaging and chat

Most tutor marketplaces offer instant messaging functionality, enabling continuous and effective communication between tutors and their students.

  • Scheduling

Typical tutoring platforms have a scheduling function that makes collaboration easy and smooth. Educators can schedule classes with learners. Learners should also be able to schedule meetings and book tutors.

  • Payment channels

Most tutoring platforms generally provide payment channels that enable tutors to receive their payments. However, some platforms pay the tutors directly according to a pre-agreed rate and the number of hours clocked in.

Features of Workee 

Workee is a work management software that is more than just a marketplace. It can be used independently by tutors or alongside other tutor marketplaces. Workee has many important features that benefit tutors in their business operations.

  • No-code website builder

    Well-branded websites are very important tools if you offer any service online, whether it's tutoring or other types of business. According to a report, over 80% of customers believe having a personal website makes you look more professional and offers more credibility.

    While having a website is very important, the reality is that not every tutor has the time or resources to own their website. Workee has a website builder feature allows tutors to design professional websites using multiple templates to enhance their business brand and custom SEO to optimize their content to stand out in minutes. The good part is that It's a no-code website, so you'll never need to hire a developer. The process is easy, quick, and self-explanatory.

  • Flexible scheduling

    Tutors have control over their time and activities. You set your schedules based on your availability, and your students can view your availability and book their classes. You can also create multiple time slots for various engagements.

  • Video call integrations

    Tutors can connect with their students using Workee calls or sync their favorite video call providers, such as Zoom and Google Meet with Workee, to enable live video classes and collaborations. 

  • Client management

    Stay in touch with students by synchronizing all your contacts and allowing you to manage communications from one place. Keep track of the status of your customer relations. You also have your virtual workspace where you can document important student information for reference purposes.

  • Finance management

Tutors can sell their jobs and services and set price rates, and clients can order them and securely make payments through trustworthy payment integrations like Stripe and PayPal. You can send manual or automated invoices to your clients. Automatic calculation of tax reports and previews

  • AI-powered assistant

Workee AI helps tutors generate comprehensive lesson plans, meeting plans, or notes quickly and efficiently in just a few minutes.

  • Digital Marketplace

    Meet, collaborate with other tutors, and find potential clients on Workee space.

Workee vs. other tutoring marketplaces


Look, we get it. Choosing the right online tutoring platform with so many options is not a walk in the park. But here's the thing: Workee isn't just another name on a list. It's a game-changer.

Think of it as that one tool that you can't do without. It's intuitive and powerful and offers an impressive range of features tailored to suit all your tutoring needs (website creation, booking and scheduling, work management, finance management, client management, and much more). So, don't get overwhelmed searching for the right one while you are just a few clicks away from changing your online tutoring game. Get started on Workee for free and see why it's the best choice.

Ihor, CEO at Workee

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