Best online tutoring platforms for tutors

With the fast proliferation of technology and the pandemic, online tutoring gained global popularity, allowing people to learn regardless of geographic location. Globally, the market for online tutoring services was valued at USD 8.93 billion in 2023, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.9 percent predicted from 2023 to 2030.

Some of the most common questions about online tutoring include the best platforms to tutor online, what equipment is required to get started, and how easy it is to find high-paying jobs on the best tutoring website. This Workee article answers all these questions and provides the 9 best online tutoring platforms for tutors. Let’s dive in. 

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Essential equipment required to get started as an online tutor

  • Desktop computer or a Laptop

The first thing we recommend is a desktop computer. You may already have a desktop computer, although it is not as common nowadays. So, if you don't have a desktop computer, a laptop is fine, too. 

  • Webcam

You'll need a webcam when working on some virtual tutoring platforms because your students will want to see you. You can achieve this by utilizing a webcam built into your laptop or purchasing a separate attachable one. 

  • Headphones

It's also a good idea to have a pair of headphones on hand. It doesn't need to be something extravagant. When having a children's session, you should wear headphones. Otherwise, you'll hear pieces of echoes when they're talking over your speakers, and then you're talking back to them, causing the sound to be messed up. 

  • Mouse

You might also need a wireless mouse. A wireless mouse makes navigating platforms easier and faster. Remember that keeping things wireless makes your space tidier and cleaner. 

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  • Software for online tutoring

To ensure a seamless online tutoring experience, it is essential to have the right software in place. Regardless of the platform, certain tools are necessary to navigate the process without glitches. Let us explore the software required to conduct a successful online tutoring session.

  • Virtual conferencing service

For effective online tutoring, it is essential to have face-to-face interaction through video calls. This not only enhances engagement but also simplifies thinking and problem-solving. Various high-quality software is available for this purpose, such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, and Slack Video Calls. Using an all-in-one platform like Workee allows integration with your preferred conferencing tool or offers reliable video features to ensure smooth communication.

Whiteboard software

You'll also require online whiteboard software when using some of the best tutor sites. Whiteboard software is important because it supports multiple touchpoint inputs, allowing you and your students to comment, change the contents of a whiteboard, and perform editing and real-time annotation, making online tutoring more cooperative and coordinated. 

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How easy is it to find high-paying top tutoring jobs?

Anyone passionate about a particular subject or language or wanting to make extra money can easily find a high-paying job on online tutoring platforms. Many tutoring platforms allow you to earn high while doing something you enjoy. These platforms offer several benefits, including setting your hours and creating your schedule, job flexibility, and earning whenever and however you want.

Best online tutoring platforms for tutors

The tutoring websites listed below are some of the best for experienced tutors looking for work.

1. Workee

If you run an online tutoring business, Workee is a must-have for you. It includes Workee Starter, a free plan for tutors just starting out, and the Workee Pro plan for tutors who want more functionality to run their business. Compare both plans here. Workee includes the following features:

  • A smart booking system where you can share your availability for students to schedule classes with you conveniently,

  • A website builder with professional templates to enhance your business brand and custom SEO to boost organic traffic and stand out.

  • A platform where you can sell your jobs, services, and projects, manage workloads, and track time spent on jobs.

  • An AI-powered assistant that helps you generate lesson plans, meeting plans, or Notes quickly and efficiently with just a few clicks.

  • A finance management hub where you can create and send invoices, handle payments directly, and manage taxes,

  • A business integration feature where you can use your preferred tools such as Stripe, PayPal, Google Suites, Zoom, and much more.

  • A Workee space where you can meet and collaborate with other tutors, sell your services, and attract new clients.

2. Chegg tutors 

On this platform, you can earn $20 an hour every Thursday. Subject incentives and the opportunity to earn extra money tutoring in high-demand subjects are available. When you work for Chegg, you will be considered an independent contractor, which means you will be responsible for your taxes and other expenses. The subjects you can tutor on the site are computer science, visual arts, electrical engineering, economics, accounting, mathematics, and mechanical engineering. You can create a profile that promotes your strongest subject and ensures it appears in tutor search results. You can also respond to student inquiries, attach your profile to an email, and share it on social media.

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Depending on their expertise, tutors are linked to tutoring children in 300 different disciplines, from elementary to college age, at Tutors must complete an online application that can only be accessed by logging in with Facebook to sign up, so a Facebook account is required. TutorMe uses this method to verify the tutor's identification. After your application is approved, the site will pair you with students who need help in the chosen disciplines. The hourly fee is $16, with 5-minute increments being invoiced. Tutors are paid via PayPal once a week.

4. Growing Stars

Math, science, English, computer science, a few languages, and test preparations are covered by the Growing Stars teaching platform for youngsters and college students. Sessions are held over Skype and an online whiteboard for growing stars. To become an instructor on this platform, complete a form, upload your résumé, and start.


Military families, students, and corporate partners benefit from's tutoring services. The website offers over 40 courses, including math, physics, English, foreign languages, business, etc.. Sessions in their online classroom can be accessed through your browser. You can work 5-29 hours per week and earn around $12 per hour because it's a part-time job. You must, however, reside in the United States or be able to work there. Your salary is determined by the subject you tutor, and once you've finished the first application and subject exam procedure, you'll be given more information. You will receive a technical ability test and a simulated interview to assess your soft skills. As a tutor on this online tutoring platform, certain checks will be conducted on you, and then you can start tutoring while creating a schedule of your availability.

Enjoy your online tutoring experience with Workee!

6. Course Hero

Students can use this subscription-based platform to obtain study guides, papers, online courses, practice problems, and homework help 24 hours a day, seven days a week (where you come in). Tutoring is given in accounting, business finance, economic mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, US history, management, and other subjects. You do not need to be a certified tutor or professor to use Course Hero; you need to showcase some credentials to indicate that you are skilled in the subjects you wish to tutor. The platform will reward more active instructors on the site, so the more you make yourself available, the more opportunities you will have to teach and earn. We know that their tutors make an average of $500 per week, even though the platform does not publish the hourly pay rate of tutors.

7. Help with Assignment (HWA)

HelpWithAssignment (HWA) offers assignment help, thesis help, and online tutoring for college and university students. They cover many subjects, including counting, finance, maths, stats, programming, supply chain, etc. Their tutors come from a range of countries, so similar to This is a global opportunity. With HWA, you could become a tutor and assignment helper, for which you’d need really good English writing skills. The pay rate at HWA begins at $9.5/per page. 

8. Yup 

Yup is a math tutoring platform for grades K-12 that offers and covers all of the core disciplines, including early math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and more. So, this global platform is a great fit if you're a math whiz or a math nerd. It's an app where students ask questions, you answer them, and you engage in a texting conversation with them to help them overcome their difficulties. It's like a virtual private classroom; you don't need a webcam because it's a chat platform. There is no set compensation rate, but teachers are compensated based on common characteristics such as experience, talents, and subject knowledge, and most payments are made via PayPal. As a tutor, you must provide a weekly availability schedule and be available on the platform during those times. The average hourly wage for a Yup Math Tutor is $14, as salary ranges between $13 and $16 per hour.

Enjoy your online tutoring experience with Workee!

9. Revolution Prep

Rev Prep is a one-on-one platform for tutoring and exam preparation for grades 6 through 12 students. Full-time tutoring positions are available at Revolution Prep, which requires 35 weekly availability for approximately 28 hours per week. In their first year, tutors on this platform earn between $25 and $30 per hour, and full-time tutors receive benefits such as medical, dental, and vision insurance. The Revolution Prep platform is a great option if you are a career-oriented tutor or want to make tutoring your aim.


Whether you are just starting, tutoring full time, or wanting to fill the gaps in your schedule, we have presented some of the best online tutoring platforms, necessary equipment, and software that will enable you to earn a good income.

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