Top 8 advertisement ideas for yoga teachers

So you've recently opened your yoga studio or plan to do so, but you're worried about how to get people to sign up for your classes or how to run a successful yoga class ad. We've got you!

Let's start by saying congratulations on being a part of this multibillion-dollar worldwide yoga industry. With a rapidly expanding community with no signs of slowing down, you need to adopt some advertisement strategies to help you remain relevant. This guide was put together to provide great yoga advertising ideas that would be your game-changer.

Preach the yoga message

One of the best yoga advertising methods is always preaching the yoga message and its benefits at every opportunity. I don't mean creeping up people's personal spaces and sending them unsolicited messages; Nah, that could get you into trouble.

It could be you giving athletes fitness tips or advising someone in pain on how to ease their suffering with some yoga poses. According to a yoga expert, seeing people holding their lower back was enough to cue to invite them to her classes while telling them the benefits of yoga practice.

You must be the biggest and most enthusiastic advert channel for your business. If you can’t speak to people about yoga and invite them to your classes, you may be unable to efficiently utilize other yoga class advertisement channels.

Organize yoga-themed events

For many non-yoga practitioners, all they need is the right enlightenment to get started. And often, a practical session does the magic better than just word of mouth. So you could organize an event focusing on yoga practice and its benefits. The event could include practical sessions and a seminar or talk show highlighting the impact of consistent yoga practice on the body. You may invite medical experts who are also yogis to corroborate your message. An exciting and informative event is a surefire way to boost your yoga adverts efforts.

Leverage social media

What do you do on social media again? Maybe watch videos, like beautiful pictures, and maybe say hello to friends and families. Pheew boring. These things are great, but you have a business to run, and trust me, social media could be the most productive place for advertising yoga classes.

You could miss a lot if you are not taking advantage of social media. You can start by posting pictures and videos of your yoga classes and writing short, witty, and educative messages encouraging yoga practice.

You may even organize free virtual live classes, encouraging your followers to join you. I love social media because it’s flexible and allows you to be innovative with your yoga adverts. Just be real, engaging, and consistent; with time, you’ll grow a fan base that can be converted into paying yoga students.

Tips for yoga advertising on social media

  • Create a page: On Facebook, you can create a page that focuses on yoga activities, including pictures, videos, and write-ups.

  • Create an Instagram account for your business: Instagram thrives on video content, so you must be willing to create many interesting and clear videos for your account.

  • Run paid ads: Almost all social networking sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., offer advertising services that let you connect with more people who might not already be your followers or friends. Although these advertisements are not free, there are a variety of flexible payment alternatives depending on your goals. Additionally, it might be a quick approach to increase your following.

  • Add an address or contact information: Your social media pages shouldn’t just be about content; the aim is to convert more people to your yoga classes. So you should include contact information on your profile.

Get a Google My Business Profile

Almost everybody on the internet uses Google, and if you want a visible online presence, your yoga business should also be on Google. I guess you’re wondering how.

It’s simple, create a Google my business profile. It enables people interested in yoga around your locality to find you on a Google search page whenever they do a yoga-related search. Also, the Google map directs people to your practice class (If it's physical), and you add an address. You can easily check our guide on creating a Google my business profile.

Have flexible pricing models

Yes, some people worry about paying so much for a yoga class, but if the classes are good, they will pay for it. So you shouldn’t underprice your services to attract more people. Rather focus on providing quality classes that they can't find elsewhere. Another important thing is finding the right balance and offering flexible payment plans that would be convenient for your students.

Tips for setting the right price

  • Set competitive rates: ensure you find out what other practitioners around your locality are charging and find a sweet spot to set yours.

  • Set realistic rates: Your rates should be able to offset the recurring expenses and still have some profits for yourself.

  • Set flexible rates: Make your payments flexible and not fixed.

Implement great content marketing

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to send out yoga ads. You may choose to set up a blog where you regularly post search-engine-optimized content, or you can also be a guest poster on popular yoga and fitness blogs.

People who read your content and love it will likely connect with your classes and become paying clients. Consistently deliver value, and you’ll build an audience.

Build an extensive email list

Emails may seem old-school, but they still offer great marketing value. Recent statistics reveal that there are currently over 4 billion email users, and interestingly, the ROI for email marketing is still great. You may send emails reminding your leads of your offerings and classes.

Have a website

Every business in this day and age should have a website. This shouldn't even be optional. The world has gone digital, and your business should have a digital presence to compete strongly.

Your website would be a virtual representation of your yoga teachings and offerings. It should have sufficient detail so that anyone checking up on what you do wouldn’t have any doubts.

You don’t have to spend a fortune or waste so much time building a personal website for your yoga classes. With software like Workee, you can build a unique yoga website in 5 minutes to help advertise your yoga classes.

Workee is not just a website builder; it also helps you manage your business efficiently. I’ll tell you how

Why every yoga teacher should use Workee

Asides from the fact that Workee allows you to build and customize your yoga website in quick time, the software also provides other critical business tools that would enable you to manage your business efficiently. Here are other features of the Workee software you’ll need

Video messaging: Yoga classes can be virtual and physical, or you may have online consultations with your students. The video communication function on Workee makes this easy. You could integrate Zoom if it’s your preferred collaboration channel.

Reminders: With workee, you can set reminders, so you never miss any class or meetings.

Schedules: Workee also allows you to schedule meetings and classes with your students.

Booking: What good is a yoga website if people cannot book you? Workee makes this easy by enabling a booking function that allows people to demand your service.

Payments and invoicing: Workee's automated invoicing feature enables you to set up session price rates, send out invoices, and receive payments in one place.


Finding people to buy into your yoga classes can be challenging initially, but with consistency and the right yoga advertising ideas, you will record better success. In the end, what’s most important is that you consistently deliver value and don’t relent on marketing.

Ihor, CEO at Workee

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