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We are in a digital age where much information about goods and services is readily available over the internet. More businesses are making their presence known online, making organizations and service providers that don’t have internet presence destined to lag behind their rivals. Most users in this era rely on the internet to find a business or service provider near them. A recent report established that over 95% of users learn about a business or company online. But establishing an online presence transcends creating accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It also involves creating a Google my business page to establish wider visibility on the web and take advantage of the massive Google search audience.

Today, Google accounts for over 80% of the global search market, making it an ideal resource for freelancers to market their services. But how do you do that? Let’s find out in this article.

In this guide, we will discuss how to create a google business profile, how Google my business can help freelancers, and highlight the benefit of Google my business.

What is Google My Business?

Google my business, now known as Google business profile, is a free online tool that supports the online promotion of local brands. This tool gives business owners control over their online presence across the Google platform and distinguishes them from the competition. But beyond the typical business, it also allows independent professionals to create business profiles on Google, enhancing their online visibility.

With GMB, business owners or freelancers can create business profiles on the Google platform, increasing their chances of connecting with customers searching for their services. Your brand will show up when users search for your business type. And this can help you stand out against your competitors within the local area.

How to use Google for business

Google has an audience of over 4 billion people; a bulk of these use the search engine to look up a range of information daily. Sometimes people search for an eatery, studio, legal professional, copywriter, and more. The search engine curates results related to users' search commands. Enabling people to find offices, shops, or the contact information of a business. over

However, Google only displays businesses that have a GMB profile. So if I need a graphics designer in Syracuse, New York, and I search on Google, it will first display the information of graphic designers with a GMB profile in Syracuse.

Google my business provides a fertile ground for freelancers to explore and increase online visibility.

Your aim as a freelancer is to ensure you have visibility and get connected to clients or hirers. And as noted earlier, the world has gone digital. Therefore, freelancers are looking at ensuring visibility on the internet to reach clients. This is where Google My Business comes in; it helps freelancers reach a wider audience.

Although Google, my business was created to benefit local search engine optimization (SEO) with the core mandate of showing users businesses with physical premises in particular areas. But with the surge in freelancing – coupled with the fact that freelancers don’t work locally but remotely – the local SEO can be boosted by creating a service-based business profile that covers your niche and location. Thereby effectively using the GMB to grow your brand's visibility as a freelancer.

Benefits of Google my business

It’s free and easy to use

No matter how useful a product is, its potential won't be realized if it's excessively expensive, unusable, or challenging to use. Fortunately, Google My Business is an exception to this rule.

Since this effective tool is free and simple to use, any business can use it to promote its product or service. You can set up a Google my business page in a few hours and verify your profile. After verification, you're now set to dominate Google's first page.

Additionally, you can use Google's tools to monitor performance and discover new strategies to raise your company's ranking.

Local businesses may easily promote their goods and services online thanks to Google My Business's increased visibility and increased likelihood of appearing in search results. It might make it easier for prospective clients to find and get in touch with you. You can use it as a free tool to enhance your web profile, engage with your clients, and market your business.

It allows you to be listed on maps and in Google local pack listings.

The search engine is integrated with a map that displays directions whenever a user searches for an address or brand with a GMB profile. Even if users do not know the name of your business, as long as they search for the service you provide within your locale, your business pops up on the listing on Google's first page. This is known as Google pack listings.

It’s an added advantage if you have a physical office; clients can have a direction leading to your address using the map.

It is highly visible

Any Google user will notice the Google Local Pack as soon as they enter their search term because it occupies a significant portion of page one of Google search results. Users may quickly access the information they need thanks to it.

A search engine results page (SERP) called the Google Local Pack lists the locations associated with your search. It also includes many other crucial details that any potential client might need, such as the establishment's star rating, its address on a map, and a phone number. People can call if they have any concerns or wish to make a quick reservation. Both the clientele and the business find it to be a useful feature.

How to Create a Google Business profile

Follow these quick steps to create a GMB profile:

Step 1: Create a Google account for your business

Go to your Google Account, or create one if you don’t have any. You may also create a new one specifically for this purpose.

You can skip Step 1 if you are already logged into the Google Account you wish to be connected to your GMB profile.

Step 2: Find or add your brand's name

Visit the Google Business Manager to create your account. Check to see if your business is listed there already; click "Add your business to Google" if it is not.

Ensure you don’t unintentionally choose another nearby business's name if your company's name is similar to one of theirs. This could happen if the form's auto-population feature is enabled.

Add the name of your brand, as it will appear in your profile if it doesn't already have one.

Step 3: Add your business address

Click "yes" to add a location and enter your company's address to connect to Google Maps and Search results. This ensures that your company appears in local search results.

Step 4: Add your service area

Select "Yes" to add your service area if you provide or provide services to consumers rather than expecting them to visit your establishment.

Select “No” and skip this step if people come to your business location for their sales or service needs.

Once you select “Yes,” you will have to add cities that are within your service area to make sure that people searching from there will discover your brand. You can add as many areas before clicking “Next.”

Step 5: Choose your business category

Select the category you believe best represents your business. You can enter a few search terms to see what results are returned and decide which you believe will be most useful for you. Make sure it is relative because this influences the search terms that your business may show up for on Google. Although you can always change this later, picking the category most relevant to your freelance niche is advisable.

Step 6: Add your brand's contact details

It is important to enabling customers to contact you and find your website. You should add your main business phone number and website in this step. If you don’t have a website, you may leave that field empty or quickly log on to Workee to create a personal website for your business within five minutes. 

Step 7: Verify your Google My Business account

You can now complete your Google My Business account once you fill in the details. Verifications are taken seriously to ensure only credible brands and service providers offer their services through the Google medium.

You can verify your business profile through:

• Mail: A postcard containing a number will be sent to you. You’ll be required to input the code into your GMB account.

• Email: If you are eligible to verify by email, you can click this option to have Google send you an email with your code.

• Phone (exclusive to select businesses): If you are eligible for phone verification, you can select this option. You may either get a call or an SMS with your verification code.

Is a Google my business account all you need?

No doubt, Google my business is a great tool but is that all you need to attract clients as a freelancer? Definitely not. It is a necessary resource; however, you need a website, a client management tool, a reminder, communication tools, and so much more.

Well, you don’t need to get all those tools individually; you only need to have a Workee account!

What is Workee?

Workee is an all-in-one tool that enables independent professionals and freelancers to manage their businesses efficiently. The Workee software offers great tools that every successful freelancer would need. Here are a few;

  • Website: Workee helps you create a free professional website in 5 minutes. You don’t need to worry about complexities as the website has simple features that allow users to experience seamless navigation. Create and brand your website in 5 minutes, and share your link on your social media handles and your GMB account.

  • CRM: With the Workee CRM, you can nurture your business relationships and communicate better with your clients. It is also an important tool to track and build a working relationship with clients that came in through your GMB profile.

  • Communication: Workee allows you to make video and audio calls with your clients. You may also connect your favorite video conferencing tool.

  • Finance: Are you finding it difficult to keep track of your cash inflow and outflow? Workee handles all of that and even your tax obligations.

  • Scheduling and reminder: With the Workee software, you can schedule meetings and appointments with your clients. You also get an automated reminder to enable you to meet up with all scheduled meetings.

  • Booking: Get your clients to book you at any time, from anywhere.


Google My Business is a veritable tool for freelancers who are serious about increasing their online visibility. It is expected that every professional and brand would create google business profiles to ensure they get connected to a wide range of potential clients.

Note: Google my business is not an alternative to Workee, nor is Workee an alternative to GMB; they are complementary tools every freelancer should have in their arsenal.

Ihor, CEO at Workee

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