Starting an online part time job. All you need to know

There are now over 1.56 billion people actively engaged in freelancing, making online part-time jobs a sought-after employment option.

As a result of this rise in data, the online market is now extremely competitive. Having better insider information will always help you stand out in the high competition.

With that in mind, if you're hoping to make more money online or escape the 9-5 stress, Workee experts have put together some helpful tips in this article to get you started. Here, you'll learn about online part-time jobs and how to pick the best one you can do part-time and earn well.

What are online part-time jobs?

Online part-time jobs are jobs you can do online in your own spare time. They are mostly structured to help you work from home. With available internet, a laptop, and free time, you are ready to start earning part-time, all at your convenience.

While online part jobs have existed for a while now, they skyrocketed after the global pandemic. A report by Forbes revealed that most of the global workforce moved to freelance after the pandemic.

Companies were not left out too. More companies began to demand services from freelance IT professionals, coaches, etc. This evolution created more part-time online jobs.

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"High demand" and "High income" part-time online job examples

While some free-time jobs require experience and those that do not, it is essential to choose and work with high-demand skills to generate high income.

"High demand" means you are more likely to find available job opportunities.

"High income" means you can earn more than other types of home-based work. Examples of such skills include:

  • Copywriting

  • Content marketing

  • Digital marketing

  • Ui/Ux design 

  • Social media management

  • Online mentorship/coaching

  • Online tutorship

  • Online bookkeeper/ accountant

  • Graphics design

Other jobs that do not require much experience include:

  • Virtual assistant

  • Proofreading

  • Voice over jobs 

  • Data entry jobs

  • Audio Transcription 

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Pros and cons of part-time remote jobs

Before starting any part-time online job, you need to evaluate the possible advantages and disadvantages to weigh your decisions properly. 

Knowing the prospects involved will also assist you in leveraging them and balancing out the drawbacks.


  • It gives you control over your time

Time management is important to everyone. Not many people want to spend a huge amount of their time working. Online part time jobs allow you to choose when to work, take a break and relax for leisure and family.

  • It reduces the cost of working physically

You make budgets for transportation, working expenses, and a physical job. Spare time jobs from home help you cut down on these costs. Fewer costs allow you to save more and invest in other income sources.

  • It reduces stress accumulated from work

While you can get stressed in many ways, nothing is as valuable as having the authority to press the "slow down" or "stop" button and get some rest. Internet part-time jobs from home give you that leverage. With less stress, you will have a healthier work life.

  • It minimizes distraction

On a physical job, you face possible distractions from co-workers. Working independently in your structured workplace takes care of these distractions while giving you access to more focus and productivity.

  • It gives you access to a rich online network

Networking with people with the same professional background provides more exposure. While networking on a physical job is limited to a particular location, online pt jobs grant you access to a rich network of professionals worldwide. A global network is a boost to your freelancing career.

  • You can enjoy remote incentives too

Believe it or not, working part-time online comes with some incentives. Some businesses offer grants and incentives to help you stay motivated while working online on your own time. Incentives can take the form of bonus pay or better working conditions.

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  • Jobs are sometimes hard to find

Finding a good job is at the top of your likely challenges. As previously stated, the freelance marketplace has both high demand and high supply. Platforms like Upwork and Fiverr attract more people who want to work for money online. To gain an advantage over the competition, we recommend that you look for sites with less competition.

  • You can get underpaid

Underpayment is most common among newcomers to the online part-time job market. Because of the high level of competition for some entry-level jobs, more freelancers accept low pay to maintain a consistent income flow.

  • You can struggle with low productivity

If you are not disciplined enough to manage your time effectively, you will have low output, which can, in turn, affect your job. Many freelancers procrastinate because they believe they have "too much time." They put off doing work and end up doing less than they would. To avoid this, set up a proper time management system that allows you to be productive even when you are not working.

  • You can end up overworking

While most people struggle with unproductivity, overworking is another risk when there is a lack of proper time management. You can lose track of time trying to complete a task and overwork yourself. A good time tracking system will help manage this risk.

  • You may encounter technical delays

Since you need the internet to keep working, any slight Internet malfunction will affect you greatly. Your work speed will be delayed when there is a poor internet connection. Technical issues from overusing your laptop might also delay your work and effectiveness.

  • Setting up a workspace can be costly

Working at home part-time comes with its own cost too. Some online part-time jobs might require video sessions that demand a desk, an audio enhancement, and a good workspace to avoid getting distracted. Setting up such a workspace will mean incurring more setup and installation costs. 

  • Less physical interaction

No matter the level of virtual interaction available, physical interactions will always be vital for every human. While you might be making more friends virtually, you might miss out on physical relationships. The absence of physical interactions breeds loneliness - especially if you are always working during the day. Such a schedule leaves you with less time to chat with friends.

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Organize your online part-time job with Workee

If you have decided to start an online part-time job or already have a job, you will need a tool to help you organize your jobs and manage your workflow. A great business and client management tool can make your work efficient, save time, track your expenses and earn more money. 

Workee is an all-in-one solution that enables independent professionals to manage their businesses and organize their work activities. With Workee, you can set up your personal website in 5 minutes. You need to select from the ready-to-use templates, include your personal and professional information, and you're all set.

Your workee website is equipped with built-in booking, scheduling, and calendar tools; this allows you to manage your client, schedule meetings, and set reminders so as not to miss appointments.

Workee also provides billing, invoicing, and tax management features to enable you to manage your finances and tax payment.

You can communicate effectively and manage your business relationships with the video and messaging tools on the workee platform.

Workee is a super tool every online professional needs to manage their workflow and time effectively.


Finding the ''ideal'' online part-time job might be a little competitive, but you can earn a lot of money if you master high-demand skills and build your brand. You can begin as a corporate freelancer and work up to becoming a renowned brand. Earning more money online is a journey. You can, however, meet your income goals with consistency and the right level of discipline.

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