Sell your services easily with Workee Jobs

We recently announced Workee Jobs. A handy feature lets you sell your services online, get instant bookings, communicate with clients, and send files directly to them.

Our platform lets you quickly get booked for your service, communicate with clients, and send files directly to them.

Watch this tutorial video to learn how to add your first Job to your website.

See how our specialists use Workee Jobs

Meet Riley, a digital nomad, and marketing consultant (Riley's Workee website)

He is a digital nomad, a YouTuber, and a marketing consultant. He works with clients and gives marketing advice to prospective clients.

Finding the best strategies to boost sales while keeping customers happy is part of your marketing job description. Workee Jobs simplifies this process by making it easy for Riley to market his services and for clients to purchase them.

Meet Anna, a private English tutor (Anna's Workee website)

Anna has been tutoring for over 15 years and offers homework help, essay reviews, and free English-level testing. Workee Jobs has made it simple for her to offer tutoring services. She gets a task order through email, completes it, and sends it to her student with all the required files.

Tutors can effortlessly sell their services on their Workee website using Workee Jobs. Customers can book and pay for their services directly.

Meet Lauren, a certified health coach (Lauren's Workee website)

Lauren is a mother of two developing a large yoga course for new moms who wish to train with their kids. She creates effective nutrition and fitness regimens, pushes individuals to better themselves, and maintains a positive outlook!

Lauren just started using Workee jobs recently. She launched a limited offer in which people could hire her services for free for three days, which was a success.

Workee jobs make it easy to list your coaching services. You can also include files and media directly connected to your project and easily share them with clients.

Got any questions regarding the Workee Jobs, send us a message at 

Get started with Workee. It's free forever!

Ihor, CEO at Workee

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