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Statista says the global number of email users will reach 4.3 billion by 2022. This figure is expected to reach 4.6 billion by 2025, accounting for more than half of the world's population. Having said that, in a world where email is the primary means of communication and client acquisition, some people have sent emails that ended up in the trash folder, with low open rates and even unpleasant responses. Writing an email that will pique the reader's interest entails mastering how to email like a boss.

Emailing like a boss is a skill that can be learned and honed on your own. Workee experts explain how to write an email that will get a better open rate and quick response. Continue reading to get tips on how to write an email that will be opened and not wind up in the trash bin.

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1. Use a good subject

Statista states that most Polish poll participants ignored one to five emails daily. Over 59% rejected spam emails, while 42.36% ignored them owing to a dull subject line. If you want to write an email like a boss, not using a good subject line may make your subject very boring, which will affect your email open rate. Creating a specific email topic that practically expresses the email content helps your email stand out. Writing an attention-grabbing subject boosts your recipients' chance to read your email and raises the response rate quickly.

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It is crucial to include the main keyword in your subject line and avoid making it ambiguous if you want a speedy response and an enhanced open rate. According to Yes Lifecycle Marketing, personalizing the subject line will also help you boost your open rate by 50%. Numerous "email like a boss pdf" resources are available online, showing the correct subject you should use in different situations.

2. Be brief

Every day in 2022, approximately 333.2 billion emails are sent and received. That's a mind-boggling amount of emails per day. You can imagine how many emails your recipients receive daily, implying that they are too busy to read a lengthy and wordy email that would be a waste of their time. You can convey more information in fewer words by getting right to the point.

According to Bloomberg, emails with 50-125 words have the highest response rate, so keeping it short but not too short will also improve your response rate. If you need to write a long paragraph, consider using lists. This will make the information easier for the receiver to comprehend.

3. Use ''boss'' phrases

According to Eric Gilbert, certain words and phrases communicate hierarchy, whereas others do not. Because bosses commonly use these phrases, including them in your emails makes you sound like one. A typical individual, for example, would indicate that a particular activity had caused them to be late by writing "Sorry for the delay," which a boss may phrase as "Thank you for your patience." The second sentence sounds more professional because it acknowledges the receiver's time without making the sender appear inept, as the first sentence did. However, you should be cautious when using boss phrases in emails to avoid being rude to the receiver.

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4. Prioritize your time

According to Trafft, the average office worker checks their email 50 times; thus, when writing an email, remember that your recipients, like you, are extremely busy and have limited time. As a result, you must keep your email concise while conveying all of the details you want to convey all at once. 

It is always good practice to consider your and the recipient's time. Doing this will relieve you of the stress of sending and receiving numerous emails.

5. Email in active voice

The tone of your message is another important consideration when writing. We strongly recommend that you use active voice in your mail. Using passive voice in your email risks detracting from the concept or information you're attempting to convey. Also, consider using some transition words for emails.

While passive voice is not inherently incorrect, speaking in an active voice in a professional setting gives the impression of confidence and authority. Why not choose something that sends a strong, clear message?

6. Give fast responses

According to research, 33% of coworkers expect a response to their email within an hour. It is common knowledge that information from the boss is crucial to the growth of an organization and the execution of a project. So, to come across like a boss to your clients, you must respond fast, preferably within four hours of receiving the mail.

Responding quickly also demonstrates your professionalism and responsibility. Even if you receive an email merely informing you of something, it is vital to respond to notify the sender that you have received the email. It is proper business etiquette.

Send automated email reminders to clients with Workee!

7. Use Workee and email like a boss!

Emails are sent for various reasons, including scheduling meetings with clients, invoicing them for services, and many others. However, doing all of this can be stressful and time-consuming, so having an automated solution that allows you to integrate all tasks in one place is essential.

In fact, statistics show that 58% of B2B organizations intend to implement marketing automation software in the future. Using a tool like Workee saves you all that stress while keeping you at par with your competitor.

Workee is a cloud-based platform that enables teams and businesses to schedule automated emails, manage clients, and integrate multiple solutions in one location. 

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The purpose is to automate repetitive emailing tasks and free up employees' time for other tasks. As an emailing tool, Workee provides the following benefits:

"Teams that know how to email like a boss are more likely to retain existing customers and convert prospects, says Workee."

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