How to become a successful tutor

The global demand for private tutoring has been on a consistent upward trajectory. According to statistics, the global private tutoring market is expected to reach $171.93 billion by 2028 and grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.3%.

With such promising figures, there's no doubt that tutoring can be both rewarding and lucrative. But how do you stand out and become a successful tutor in this burgeoning market?

Trust us; we've seen the best in the business and are excited to share these insights with you. Workee experts have been privileged to collaborate with thousands of tutors, equipping them with the necessary tools and observing the strategies that lead to success. Drawing from this vast pool of experience and interactions, we present a guide on how to thrive in tutoring.

Grow a successful tutoring business with Workee

What makes online tutoring successful

1. The potential to reach a global audience

Putting your content on the internet means anyone online can consume your content. Nearly 5 billion people are connected to the internet today. An engaging course can reach many people, unlike the traditional learning mode. 

2. Your ability to be as interactive as possible

To become a private tutor, you must learn to be attentive to details and understand patience. Private tutoring involves one-on-one tutoring, making the learning experience interactive for the student. Via virtual classes, a student can ask more questions due to the personal nature of the lessons.

Taking on private tutor jobs requires patiently identifying the individual students' weaknesses. A good private tutor should be able to focus on his student's strengths rather than their weakness.

Grow a successful tutoring business with Workee

3. Your ability to receive feedback and take it well

Feedback helps you grow and improve on your weaknesses. It also lets you know what the student wants and how to communicate with them effectively.

4. Your ability to provide a conducive learning environment

It is important to prioritize the learner's convenience by being flexible with their schedules. Live lessons should be scheduled at a suitable time for the student. According to a survey, 41% of US college students found online learning more enjoyable than classroom learning, while 38% found it equally enjoyable.


5. Your ability to use different teaching approaches

In education, it is crucial to recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to learning. The complexities of the learning process mean that every student has different experiences, backgrounds, cognitive abilities, and preferred learning styles. As educators, it is essential to acknowledge this diversity and adapt teaching methods to ensure positive learning outcomes. Therefore, the ability to use various teaching approaches becomes extremely valuable.

6. Your ability to tailor lessons to suit each student

Every student enters a classroom with unique experiences, strengths, challenges, and learning preferences. Just as a tailor crafts a garment to fit an individual's unique measurements, educators must craft lessons tailored to each student's needs. The ability to do so fosters deeper understanding and retention and nurtures a positive learning environment where each student feels valued and understood.

Grow a successful tutoring business with Workee

How to succeed as a tutor 

Do you want to learn more about becoming a tutor, especially an online tutor, but are unsure how to begin? Or are you worried about handling the technology involved? We have got you covered with this step-by-step guide.

Find your niche

The first step to being a successful tutor is identifying and specializing in a specific niche or subject. Whether it's elementary math, high school biology, or college-level literature, honing in on a specialty can help you become an expert and go-to person in that domain.

Know your audience

Who exactly are you aiming your lessons at? Business people, art lovers, or upcoming web developers? Your audience will determine the kind of language you will use to instruct your students. Understanding that field's vocabulary for a technical course will help you connect to the students quickly. 

Foster relationships

Building trust with both students and their parents is crucial. Regularly update parents about their child's progress and be accessible for any questions or concerns.

Stay passionate and empathetic

Like all teaching roles, tutoring requires patience and a genuine passion for education. Your enthusiasm can inspire students and significantly impact their learning journey.

Learn continuously

Being a tutor means you are an expert in that field. Engage in professional development, attend seminars, or take online courses to stay updated with the latest teaching methods and curricula. You can also learn some basic IT skills if possible. 

Make comprehensive lesson plans

It is advisable to share your lesson plans with students beforehand because it demonstrates that you are well-prepared for the class and allows them to know what to expect and read beforehand. To achieve this, it is essential to design lesson plans and outlines with simplicity in mind, using language that is easy to understand. Workee AI can help teachers create comprehensive lesson plans quickly and easily.

Embrace tutor management software

In the digital age, leveraging online tools can enhance your teaching methods. Platforms like Workee will help you manage your students. You can schedule tutoring sessions, payments, and taxes in one place. This solution saves time and money, especially if you are starting as an online tutor.

Watch this video and learn how to manage clients and provide video lessons

Build your online presence

Remember, your online persona is often your first impression on prospective clients. Having a personal website or a profile on tutoring platforms increases your visibility to potential students. Showcase your qualifications, testimonials, and teaching style.

On average, building a website for your lessons can range from $12,000 to $150,000, plus launching and design. Maintaining the website can cost you between $35 and $5000 monthly. Doing it with Workee will cost you less and give you enough time to focus on your students. Workee website builder includes professional templates to enhance your business brand and SEO optimization to make your courses discoverable on search engines.

Watch this tutorial on how to create a modern website in 5 minutes. 


Becoming a successful tutor extends beyond just mastering a subject; it's a blend of continuous learning, fostering strong relationships with students and their families, leveraging modern technology, and implementing all the strategies we've discussed. By dedicating yourself to these principles, you will create a lasting impact on your students' lives and flourish in the world of tutoring. Ready to elevate your tutoring journey? Let Workee guide you with the right tools and insights to excel in this rewarding profession. Workee offers a feature set that includes website creation, booking and scheduling, work management, finance management, client management, and much more.

Grow a successful tutoring business with Workee

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