Best personal websites that will inspire you

Your personal website is a representation of your identity on the Internet. It must reflect who you are and what you do as much as possible. Even though it is unique to you, remember that yours is one of almost 2 billion websites available and would require some excellent personal website design to stand out. Generally, the best personal websites must project your personae at first glance, be very functional with every tab clickable, easy to navigate, and user friendly.

Building your personal website may appear daunting initially, from establishing the site's overall architecture to selecting the ideal color scheme, choosing the appropriate tone, and bringing your website design ideas to reality. But don't be scared; it isn't rocket science. You can explore other people's personal webpage designs to get you started. We've put together a list of some fantastic website designs from which you can get some personal website design inspiration. 

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How to choose a personal website 

When creating a personal website, consider key factors consider before you begin. Here are some key factors and tips that will help you develop a good personal website;

  • Brand/personal identity

  • Purpose of the website

  • Choice of domain name

  • Selection of host

  • Choose a template

  • Optimize your website

  • Promotion of the website

Brand/Personal identity

To give you a clear idea of the kind of website to build, you must identify what you want it to represent. How do you want the world to view your website? Or what identity do you want it to have? Once you have answers to these questions, you are on your way to building good personal websites.

Purpose of the website

This is where your strengths and passion come in. Personal websites are great tools to showcase yourself, your artistry, or your business. Your reason for creating the site will determine the kind of content you put on it. It can be a one-stop shop for people to view your products, express yourself, or an online resume. Importantly, your personal website layout and design sometimes reflect your website's purpose. For example, a graphics designer's personal website would look more colorful and artistic than a web designer's personal website. So before you decide on the design, you must consider the purpose and intent of your website.

Choice of domain name

A domain name is what visitors input into a browser to access your website. Usually, it is advised that your domain name should have .com as its extension. Some of the best personal websites include, for example, a combination of the owner's name and a .com extension. However, you may come up with other great ideas that mustn't include your name or a .com extension. There are other extensions such as .org or .net, among others. Having a domain name ensures that your Web address is professional.

Create a website that stands out with Workee!

Selection of host

A host is a type of service which assists in maintaining a webpage. It also offers easy access to the site and positions a website on the Internet. As technical as it sounds, you can do it yourself using services such as WordPress, or you may hire an expert to help you with this process. But all of these come at an extra cost and time- according to a report, it takes 2- 4months to build a website. With recent innovations from platforms like Workee, you can have your website up and running with no extra cost for hosting or a web designer in just five minutes!

Choose a template

You have to familiarise yourself with the themes and plugins at this stage. A theme is important to ascertain your website's tone, outlook, and display. On the other hand, A plugin is a software or series of codes that add additional functionality to a website. In some cases, it is called an add-on or an extension. In operating your website, you might decide to add some new features that were not in the original design. Plugins help you do this seamlessly. 

Create a website that stands out with Workee!

Optimize your website 

No doubt you have plans to monetize your website. The more clicks you have, the more visibility and money you have. One sure way to do this is to rank high on search engines. Some other website likely contains related content like yours. A deep understanding of SEO will go a long way to achieving this.

Search Engine Optimization refers to making your website attract greater attention on search engines like Google and Bing. These search engines use bots and algorithms to gather information about a website and put all that information in an index.

A study has shown that about 28% of first results on Google receive clicks. That's a massive amount of traffic to get.

Publicize your website

You have to put out the word about the existence of your website. This can be done through social media broadcasting, adding links to the website on email messages to contacts, and constant updating of content on the website to attract more traffic. 

While all of the above tips remain valid, you should know that building a personal website comes at extra costs, and even if you are a web designer, you would still need to pay for plugins, templates, hosting, etc. According to experts, the average cost of developing a website, including launch and design, is $12,000 to $150,000, with monthly maintenance ranging from $35 to $5000. This doesn't account for the time cost. Using DIY website design solutions may come at a lesser price, but you will still spend a minimum of $12 per month. 

But you can save yourself the extra cost and time by leveraging Workee's personal website solution for professionals. With workee, you only need to register on the platform and have a customizable and fully functional website set up in 5 minutes. Your workee website allows you to have a unique URL, and you can put up your personal information and design.

Some of the best personal website designs to inspire you

We have curated ten personal website design ideas to inspire your own website layout.

Amanda Rach Lee

Best personal website

For this website, the key feature here is simplicity. Lee infuses her personality into the website through her drawing and handwriting. The social media platforms were handwritten, making it a unique website. As a content creator with a background in art and journalism, her website accurately reflects her work.

Create a website that stands out with Workee!

Ihor Bauman

Best personal websites

This website is for you if you want something simple, straightforward, and professional. Bauman's personal website provides a brief overview of his company Workee. With a photograph of himself, brief but important details of his work profile and expertise, and contact links, the site is not cluttered with too many details and can be used as a model for designing your own.

Emily Hogarth

Best personal website

A visit to her website will reveal beautiful and colorful photos of her work and her family, which adorn the website. The website begins with a slideshow of brilliant pictures to capture the imagination. There is also information about her work and how to make orders on the site.

Orestis Georgiou

Best personal website from Workee

R&D expert Dr. Orestis Georgiou's website is more like an online resume where his expertise and achievements are contained. If you are looking to create a website to showcase your resume, the simplicity and mild tones in the design of this website are great examples.

Jim Ramsden

Best personal website from WorKee

With a picture of himself, Jim introduces us to his world. Links to his articles are provided on the site. Also, his projects as a designer. It's quite simple but rich in content. 

Create a website that stands out with Workee!

Joshua McCartney

Best personal websites from Workee

Eclectic, humorous, and colorful are the words to describe this website. It is an example of how a personal website can accurately portray an artist's personality. He also displays his serious work as an accomplished artist. 

Nissa Kauppila

Best personal website from WorKee

When you visit this website, the first thing that comes to mind is an artistic masterpiece. The vibrant Chinese paintings engage the imagination and entice visitors to spend more time on the site.

Anthony Wiktor

Best personal website from WorKee

Wiktor's website showcases his work with neutral but captivating graphics and colors. The variations in color on his work samples also draw a person in. It feels elegant yet minimalist, from a white background and a black one.

Create a website that stands out with Workee!

Robby Leonardi

Best personal website from WorKee

A trip through this website reveals a level of detail that may be beyond a beginner designer. The animation and color shades deployed by Leonardo make this an impressive piece of work. To replicate this kind of website, you might have to engage a Web design expert.

Marty Ringlein

Best personal website from Workee

The front page of this site delivers on user experience. A visitor would need to navigate through the site to get any information. The minimal nature of the site certainly piques one's interest.


The websites listed above are just a few websites to draw inspiration from. There are several more out there to check out. Once you decide the kind of personal website you want, you can make the right choice.

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