A guide on independent contractor jobs

Self-contractor jobs, popularly known as independent contractor jobs, have succeeded in redefining the concept of employment as we know it. Today, most multinational companies, startups, and even individuals are more comfortable employing the services of independent contractors to cut costs and improve the quality of job delivery. As a result, many employees and graduates are taking on the title of independent contractors rather than employees. 2 questions readily come to mind, and they are: who are independent contractors and what are independent contractor jobs? Let's found out!

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What are independent contractor Jobs?

Before we delve into the meaning of Independent contractor jobs, it is important that we first understand who an independent contractor is. From a legal perspective, an independent contractor is a registered entity or person contracted to work for a company on a contract for service basis against a contract of service. In simple terms, an independent contractor is a person or business contracted by another business to perform a particular task or a range of tasks for a fee. Now that we know who independent contractors are, the next question is: what are independent contractor jobs? Independent contractor jobs are work or services rendered by an independent contractor for a fee.

Let's put in a bit of context here, shall we? Assuming you run a tech startup, you will certainly employ the services of a content developer to handle the creation of SEO-optimized content to help improve your brand awareness. If the content developer is engaged to perform her duties for a fee without necessarily enjoying the benefits that accrue to an employee of a company, he is an independent contractor. The beauty of independent jobs lies in their flexibility and discretion, and content development is a perfect example of high-paying contract jobs. Before we go into the details of the types of independent contractor jobs, let's briefly look at the differences between independent contractors and employees.

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The evolution of independent contractor jobs


The growth of digitalization has led to the proliferation of independent contractor jobs or self-contractor jobs. As a result, most business organizations have shifted their focus from employing workers to engaging the services of independent contractors. And the reason for this is not far-fetched. According to some companies, the need for specialization and the low cost of running services are the reasons for this shift. In the US, about 36% of the workforce are independent contractors. That is nearly 60 million people in the US providing services as independent contractors. 

The growth of independent contractors has led to the birthing of different types of independent contractor jobs. Accordingly, the types of independent contractor jobs available could be niche specific or general, depending on the area you hope to specialize in or the demands of such jobs in your locality. In the US, where salary structure is determined by the hour, independent contractor jobs' remuneration per hour sits at $26 and could range between $56,021 to $143,500. Thereby making independent contractors one of the highest paying niches in the US. 

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Below are highest paying independent contractor jobs you could consider venturing into:

  • Business consultant

  • Financial planner

  • Web development

  • Mobile app developers

  • Real estate agent

  • Architect

  • Marketer

  • Editor

  • SEO Specialist

  • Consultants

  • Real estate jobs

  • Content writing jobs

  • Youtubing Jobs

Independent contractor jobs near me

Now you know who an independent contractor is and what the job entails, the next question on your mind is how to find an independent contractor job near me? Achieving this is easy and can be done in the following ways:

1. Through Google search

Here, all you need to access online independent contractor job opportunities are internet connectivity, a mobile phone, an iPad, a PC, or a desktop computer. Log in to Google and search for "independent contractor jobs near me." Ensure your location is on as Google will use your current location to curate results from companies and businesses looking for the services of independent contractors.

2. Register on online platforms that offers opportunities on self  contractor jobs

Below is a list of platforms where you can gain access to contracting gigs from anywhere around the world:

  • Glassdoor

  • Upwork

  • Fiverr

  • SolidGigs

  • Freelancer

  • Craigslist

  • Flexjobs

  • Indeed, etc

Types of independent contractor jobs

As stated earlier, the growth of digitalization made it possible for jobs to be done remotely. And with this growth, the list of independent contractors' jobs got longer.

Web development: the desire to go online and maintain an online brand has increased the demand for websites by small businesses and multinational companies. As a result, the demands for website developers have constantly been on the increase. The job definition here includes backend and front web development. They also help review user feedback and ensure that the websites are optimized to meet the demands of users.

Mobile app development: mobile app development is currently one best independent contractor jobs in the world. An app developer earns an average of $101,982 per year. A mobile developer's job description involves building mobile apps that run on android devices, ios, or windows devices. 

Content writing: as most companies are driven to keep clients updated and in touch with their customers, the services of content writers are always in demand. The job description of content writers revolves around developing premium and SEO-optimized content to help build a business brand and keep customers and users updated with recent happenings around a company's products.

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Real estate agents: independent contractors running this service earn $94,000 annually. They specialize in helping people buy, sell, rent, or lease properties. They specialize in reviewing property listings and negotiating properties for buyers or sellers. Also, they sometimes offer after-sales or rental services.

Architect: Architecture is also one of the best independent contractor jobs in the world. Architects working as independent contractors help create plans for new buildings or improvements to existing structures. The job of an architect on a project may end with the delivery of a design or involve oversight responsibilities during the project's implementation. They earn an average of nearly $104,000 per year.

Private Tutors: if you enjoy the job of impacting and sharing your wealth of knowledge in a particular field with others, then you just discovered independent contractor opportunities. You could start by reaching out to kids in the neighborhoods, running ads on your social handles, and getting engaged in tutoring others. On average, a private tutor earns nearly $44,800 annually, which is about $22 per hour.

Social media manager: the growth of digital marketing has sealed a spot for social media marketing as one of the most in-demand marketing techniques. As a result, the service of social media managers has gained some popularity among businesses and companies. Social media managers help organize and develop strategies that help maintain a company's online presence. They also manage contents that are featured on social media pages of companies. They earn an average of nearly $54,000 annually.

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Pros and cons of independent contractor jobs

Thanks to the paradigm shift in hiring methods by businesses and companies alike, the list of independent contractor jobs have grown in leap and bound. And with this growth and recognition in the corporate space, remuneration for independent contractors has significantly grown. However, if you have or are considering building a tent around any independent jobs that pay well, you need to be aware of the pros and cons associated with your decision.


  • The flexibility of Work schedule: the nature of independent contractor jobs allows you to work at your convenience without needing to adopt a working pattern that doesn't suit you.

  • Specialization: independent contractor jobs allow you to gain more experience in a particular area and thereby leading to specialization

  • Opportunity to make more money: one of the major benefits of these kinds of jobs is the opportunity to make more money. The flexibility in your working schedules allows you to ha more free time to accept more jobs from different places. Unlike the employee settings where you are mandated to work under certain defined schedules.

  • Room to plan your tasks appropriated: the nature of self-cor contractor jobs does not subject you to the deductions on your paycheques experienced by employees. You need to pay taxes to the IRS 4 times a calendar year. With this, you could put your hard-earned pay to good use before paying taxes. Also, since you are your boss and call the shots, you will enjoy certain tax advantages that employees do not enjoy.


  • You bear the consequences of any debt you incurred during the conduct of your business.

  • There are no compensations for accidents that are incurred while performing the job.

  • There is no provision to enjoy the benefits accrue to an employee under the employee/employee relationships. E.g., insurance benefits for accidents, paid for vacation, etc.

  • Job security is absent.

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How workee can help you scale as an independent contractor

Workee is an all-in-one client management platform designed to help you scale your business and work more efficiently. The workee software is designed to help you focus on the core areas of your business while the tools necessary to achieve that are provided for you. Below are some of the ways Workee can help you  manage and grow your business:

  • Workee helps you manage and schedule meetings with your clients, allowing you to attend to more clients. 

  • With Workee, you can manage your tax payment routine without any hassle.

  • Workee makes it easy for your clients to make purchases directly from you. Also, your clients get issued simple invoices when they pay for services.

  • Also, with Workee, CRM, you can achieve a better relationship with your clients.


Independent contractor job examples include but are not limited to the few discussed above. Other independent contractor jobs examples include professionals like accountants, doctors, and lawyers who practice independently. Also, suppose you are looking for the best independent contractor jobs. In that case, you could start by registering with platforms like Glassdoor, Upwork, Fiverr, etc. They give you access to the best independent contractor jobs that suit your skillset.

Finally, Independent contractor jobs are redefining the workspace, and the competition to get these jobs is intensifying. If you intend to get more clients and convert them to paying clients, you need software like Workee. Contact us, and we will be more than willing to help.

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