4 best apps for scheduling appointments in 2022

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Scheduling apps are important business tools for client management. This guide reviews some of the best apps for scheduling appointments. Let's get started.

The best appointment scheduling app should provide you with a lot of flexibility, quick and automatic reminders, messaging functions, and other essential features. Though there are a plethora of scheduling applications available, you shouldn't pick one at random. Appointments and scheduling are essential aspects of business administration, especially for managing customer relationships and demands.

According to a PWC study, customers have enhanced loyalty and are willing to pay 16 percent more for your services if they have a positive customer experience. Great customer experience begins with managing your scheduling and bookings as a professional or a business owner.

In this guide, we have reviewed the top four best scheduling apps. In coming up with the top four, we considered reviews and consumer reports on the best appointment booking app. We also looked at the best solution for experts and the best online scheduling app for small businesses.

Schedule all your work appointments on Workee

Top 4 appointment scheduling apps and booking software to use today

After extensive research, we found four great apps for scheduling appointments. They include;

  • Acuity: suitable for small enterprises.

  • Setmore: grants a superb free plan,

  • Workee: provides complimentary business management solutions with a lot of flexibility best appointment booking app for Gmail integration.

  • SimplyBook.me: a good choice for international enterprise


Acuity is a well-known scheduling program for small-mid-sized enterprises. With Acuity, your customer has a dedicated program to book and schedule consultations, while you also have one to organize all reservations and appointments. Its multi-interface architecture makes it an excellent alternative for managing business and reservations.

Acuity synchronizes seamlessly with your calendar, offering instant update which enables you to add new engagements, determine your work hours, and organize your bookings. You may also set up reminders to notify you anytime a new development or reservation occurs.

This app also provides a scheduling widget that easily integrates into your webpage. With this widget, people can quickly book appointments from your website.

Schedule all your work appointments on Workee


Best scheduling apps

Workee is easily our best app for scheduling appointments because of its extensive versatility. Beyond providing booking and scheduling functions, Workee also provides other business management solutions that complement your scheduling needs. It provides payment options CRM tool and integrates seamlessly with popular digital calendars.

With this app, you can plan meetings, organize your bookings, and set reminders. It's simple to reject or alter appointments with Workee's scheduling tool.

Workee allows you to choose between numerous Session Types, such as 30, 45, and 60 minutes. Your customers can take advantage of this flexibility to choose what timing suits them better.

The Workee scheduling app is ideal for professionals and freelancers. You can try out Workee now for free.

You can learn more about the Workee scheduling app from this youtube video: Workee: Scheduling presentationšŸ“†Ā 


SimplyBook.me is one of the best appointment booking apps appropriate for organizations and individuals. It provides great flexibility both for scheduling operations and for branding.

SimplyBook.me is an excellent solution for trans-border organizations because it supports multiple languages and provides many payment options. So if you deal with many foreign clients, this would be a brilliant choice.

SimplyBook.me comes with a dashboard that permits you to monitor important booking data and how it pertains to your brand. You'll be able to see abandoned reservations and also feedback. The app provides a real-time notification system.


Setmore is a well-known scheduling program for various small enterprises and sole proprietorships. It is well-liked due to the pricing flexibility it provides. Users can include more than one team member with unconstrained appointments on the Setmore free plan, making it one of the best free plans available.

Setmore does not have a dedicated customer app. But It enables you to create a custom reservation form with all of the info your customers would require to make appointments. This page can assist clients in determining how and when to schedule an appointment.

Schedule all your work appointments on Workee

Savvycal (Bonus)

SavvyCalĀ is a thoughtful way to find a time to meet. Unlike other scheduling tools, SavvyCal offers a visual scheduling interface, with the ability for the scheduler to overlay their calendar to maximize booking efficiency. Prefilling recipient info also adds an extra touch of personalization and convenience for your schedulers.

SavvyCal also comes with tools for protecting your schedule. Optimized availability mode helps you cluster your meetings together by encouraging schedulers to pick optimal times.

Frequency limits prevent you from overwhelming your calendar with too many meetings per day, week, or month. You can connect your work and personal Google, Outlook, iCloud, or Fastmail calendars to ensure you never get double booked. The Chrome extension helps you effortlessly access your booking links from any webpage


If you are a professional or business owner who runs a client-centric business, you should adopt a versatile scheduling solution that efficiently helps you organize your business. Workee is a strong recommendation because of its versatility. It is also one of the best appointment scheduling apps.

Workee is a complete business management solution that enables trainers and professionals to work with their clients by providing CRM and business management tools. With Workee, you will access a booking tool, video and messaging communication tools, and payment and invoice management. Online tax payments are also available. You can try it now at https://app.workee.net/signup for free.

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