Payments and Invoicing

Hassle free invoicing and payments for stylists

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Hassle free invoicing and payments for stylistsPayments and Invoicing

Smooth invoicing software for online stylists

Get paid for styling sessions

  • check iconAllow clients to schedule appointments and pay online for your services
  • check iconReceive instant payments after bookings are made
  • check iconSend invoices to your customers automatically
  • check iconSet up price rates and time slots durations
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Get paid for styling sessions

Stripe and PayPal

  • check iconCreate incoming or outgoing payments using the payment wizard
  • check iconAccept payments and transfer funds round the world
  • check iconSend and receive money in a secure and timely manner
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Stripe and PayPal

Manual invoicing

  • check iconIn just a few clicks, you can send manual invoices by sharing a link
  • check iconAccept payments from your customers at any time of day
  • check iconSend automated emails to potential clients
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Manual invoicing

Sell your styling services

  • check iconSell your services directly from your personal website
  • check iconGet paid instantly for the services you offer
  • check iconGeneration of automatic invoices when paying for your services
  • check iconProcess automation with emails
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Sell your styling services

Multi currency support

  • check iconSet-up payments in your local currency
  • check iconUpdate currencies as you go
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Multi currency support

Workee's online payment and invoicing solution handles everything related to payments and invoices. You can create and send simple invoice templates, set your own rates, and receive funds directly into your account. Your clients can pay with a credit card or through Stripe. Workee charges a 0% fee on all transactions and payments.1

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See how it works!

See how it works!

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  • “I was looking for a convenient platform to run my online coaching business. With Workee, I got even more: My Workee website enables effective communication with my clients. It makes it easy for them to schedule sessions with me. Workee's in-browser video call function makes it convenient to run sessions from any device. This is absolutely the best online coaching software out there”

    Nick, Life Coach, Florida
    NickLife Coach,
  • “Flexibility is everything to me. I enjoy working from various locations and hate feeling constrained. Workee's unlimited features give me that freedom. It's also cool because it's convenient. I've just spent a few minutes setting up and running my first session"

    Alexis, Business coach, Colorado
    AlexisBusiness coach,
  • “With Workee, I can manage my entire work day from one place. I can attend meetings, schedule and make notes with just a click. My clients can reach me directly through my website, no need to spend extra time on back and forth emails”

    Velis, Photograph, Texas
    VelisPhoto maker,
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Do have favorite tools that you can't do without? You can keep track of all your accounts in one place, allowing you to centralize your data. Integrate Workee with your Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Google Meet, and Stripe. Quickbooks and Zoom (coming soon).

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  • check iconSimplest website builder
  • check iconBookings and payments with 0% fee1
  • check iconClient and Work management
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