Working from home with a baby without getting burnt out

Working remotely is great until a baby comes in. Then, you are required to share your attention between work and the baby— ensuring that you accomplish work and keep the baby happy and healthy is a must-do.

But the good news is– You don’t have to quit your dream job just because you are expecting a baby or already have a baby. Working from home with a baby can be very tough and energy-consuming, but having the right hacks and tips could make it one of the most fun things to do.

This Workee article will take you on a tour of some benefits of working from home with a baby and some hacks to help you ace your work. 

Benefits of Working from Home with a baby

1. Bonding with your child

 Spending time with and around your child daily will create a strong mother-to-child bond and allow you and your child to learn about each other.

2. You become a pro at taking on multiple tasks

Having to attend to your baby and get some work done repeatedly, over and over again, will leave you as a pro at multitasking. This skill can help you get things done faster, even in other areas of your life.

3. You get to work in a space that is more familiar and comfortable to you

Of course, work becomes easier and more productive when we work in an environment that resonates well with us. Although working from home demands some discipline, it is still the most comfortable environment for work.

4. You can work at your own pace

What is more fun than working at a rate that best suits your body? Nothing at all!

Top hacks to help you stay work productive while tending to your baby

Now that you know the positivity that comes from working from home with a baby, here are some great hacks and tips you need to learn if you want to know how to work from home effectively with a baby:

Don’t try so hard to keep your personal life away from your work life

If you work from home with a baby, it is best to face this reality. Your personal life will always be mixed with your work life, at least not until your baby is all grown and can exercise some level of independence. Instead of being too professional, try to find a balance between the two and watch yourself become a pro at working from home with a baby.

Have a specific place for everything

This will save you time, energy, and stress. As a work-from-home parent, you must attend to your child quickly and return to work. It is certainly not the perfect time to start looking for the pacifier or the feeding bottle! As such, plan the placement for things that will come in handy while you work.

Learn your baby's language and go with their flow

Every child has a behavioral pattern. Some sleep at certain hours of the day; others love attention more than anything. Knowing your child's behavior pattern will help you know the best time to work and when to focus on them.

Flexibility is stability

When you have successfully learned your child's pattern of behavior, you should give room for sudden changes. Your baby is growing and will react to things differently over time. If you are going to get your work done, you will have to be ready to adjust quickly to changes at all times.

Sync work on all your devices

Organizing your business procedures to be accessible from various devices is another approach to making technology work for you. In this manner, you can switch to a smaller device when your child comes around, and you want to continue working. You can also take your tablet and carry on working even if you need to rock back and forth.

It is OK to ask for help

Even superheroes sometimes ask for help from other superheroes. Talk to your partner about helping out with some responsibilities. You could also reach out to your trusted friends, neighbors, and family to stay with your child, especially on days when you are really busy. You could also consider a home service child care system. Remember, don't wait to break before you take a break!

Find your most productive hour of the day

It could be at midnight or very early in the morning. This will most likely be the best time to work and get things done quickly. Your most productive time should blend with when your baby is fast asleep or having supervised playtime.

Maximize your weekend time

Learning time management skills is essential to work productively while caring for a baby. And this also entails maximizing your weekends. Have you heard of the 80/20 Pareto rule? It is one sure way to maximize your weekend time while working with a toddler effectively. You can learn how to apply the Pareto rule here

As a work-from-home parent, you must take advantage of the weekends to catch up on work. For instance, you could utilize weekend time to plan and cook in large quantities ahead of the new week. That way, you can focus on your work without stressing over what you and your baby will eat. 

Also, you could utilize the weekends to plan outfits, supplies, and other concerns for your infant. This will help you feel more in charge of your time during the workday with just a little planning and preparation.

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Workee has many ways to help you manage your services as a freelancer or professional. And Guess what? The Workee platform is free, with the option to upgrade anything. That means you can even get started without going through the stress of inputting your payment details.


Other tips like trying out the baby carrier magic, occupying your baby with toys to keep them busy, and setting up a family calendar can help you master perfectly how to work from home with a baby. Working from home with your baby will be one of the most interesting things to do if you apply these simple hacks step by step. Good luck on every step of your parenting journey!

Ihor, CEO at Workee

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