Workee vs. Preply: Why Workee is every tutors' choice

Various tutoring platforms offer varying features and services that make each unique and suitable for different purposes. Finding the perfect platform to offer tutoring services is critical for success. But you must first have a clear idea of your objectives and what subjects or niche you intend to teach. Doing this would help you identify the best tutoring platform to work with.

This guide will discuss Workee vs. Preply, highlighting their core features and how both platforms can enable your tutoring business.

What is Workee

Workee is a business management software that provides all the necessary tools and virtual working environment a tutor and independent professional requires to succeed in their service delivery. It is an ideal digital tool for tutors and teachers of all levels, including language, general education, pre-k, elementary, and even private tutors. 

With the Workee software, tutors can plan and create their lessons, get booked for classes, and get paid directly at no extra charge or commissions. The tool also enables you to create schedules and multiple time slots for your preferred work hours. With this, clients can only book you and schedule classes when you want them to.

Workee is also a suite of various tools; the tool is flexible and adaptive, allowing for extensive use cases.

One of the major benefits of the Workee versatility is that you get to do more, that is, offer your tutoring services and still manage your business and finances from one place, with one platform. The best part is that you don't need to register on several platforms if you provide other professional services besides teaching. You can successfully manage all your online businesses on Workee.

What is Preply

Preply is a virtual learning platform dedicated exclusively to teaching and learning languages. In essence, the Preply platform only allows tutors who teach any of the supported languages to enroll and offer their services. So it is restricted to just language tutors. Preply supports the learning of over 50 languages which gives a wide option even within the restriction.

The Preply approach allows students to search for tutors based on their preferred criteria, including completed tasks, language, nationality, specialty, certification, or rates. This implies that tutors would have to wait to be selected by students before they can render their service.

Features of Workee

If you're wondering how Workee can enable your tutoring business, here is a breakdown of Workee features that every tutor will need.

  • Live video communication tool

Video communication is one of the indispensable tools for tutoring. Since digital tutoring happens virtually, a live video tool promotes collaboration and concentration, which enhances the learning experience and outcome.

The Workee software spots a video conferencing app that enables unlimited video collaboration, and it's optimized to function on any internet-enabled device. The Workee video tool also allows for a 3-way video conferencing to enable group collaboration. You can conveniently add notes during live sessions and revert to the previous chat history for references.

  • Client management

Workee offers the flexibility to build and maintain good business relationships with your clients and students. You have a well-organized contact portfolio that syncs with your Google contacts and enables you to organize your contacts according to preferred categories. This makes it easy to have personalized relationships with your students and attend to their concerns.

  • Booking and Scheduling

What's the use of offering a service like tutoring without machinery for clients to book you? Workee makes this very easy with an automated smart booking function that connects with your email and calendar. Clients can only choose the days and hours, and you're available and alert when booked.

With Workee, you're completely in control of your activities, and you can sync schedules and appointments from other calendars to have a single and well-organized booking and scheduling system.

  • Payment and Accounting

Workee offers complete independence to tutors and professionals on the platform. You decide your rate and how you collect it from your clients. The Workee tool integrates payment channels like Stripe to make payment processing easy and seamless. Tutors may also receive payments directly through credit or debit cards. 

With Workee, you can also track all your payments and issue invoices and receipts for transactions. What's more interesting is the ability to automatically calculate your taxes so that you can always make the right payments at the due time.

  • Free professional website

Imagine having your personal, branded website to promote your business without paying for website development and maintenance fees. You don't have to imagine; you only need to register on Workee to access this feature. Workee allows you to create your own no-code website at no extra cost. The website doesn't require the input of any expert; It is self-explanatory and easy to set up.

Your Workee personal website has all the necessary features like booking and scheduling, payment channel, automated invoicing, etc. This helps to ensure that you have a functional and useful professional website.

  • Workee is Flexible

Workee is open to all professionals, regardless of their profession or specialty, and it doesn't matter what subject or grade you instruct; Workee functions well in all cases.

Features of Preply

  • Video communication feature

Preply includes a live video feature that enables visual classes and collaborations between tutors and their students.

  • Preply calendar

The Preply calendar allows you to schedule and manage classes and specify your working hours and off days. You also have access to your entire schedule to help you plan better. Students can schedule classes by viewing and following the available time slots on your profile.

  • Payments

Preply allows tutors to receive payments through supported channels like Wise, Payoneer, Skrill, and PayPal.

  • Chats

Preply enables a chat function for instant messaging to enable seamless communication between students and tutors.

How much does Workee cost?

Workee offers two different plans for tutors, they include;

  • Workee starter, and

  • Workee pro

The Workee starter is free, with just enough features to launch and begin your tutoring business. The Workee starter includes a free no-code website, booking function, video calls, and payment systems.

The Workee Pro includes more advanced features, including a complete finance management suite that allows you to oversee and manage your cash inflow and outflow.

Workee doesn't charge you any commissions or fees from what you earn. Your earnings are completely yours forever. Get started on Workee for free.

How much does Preply pay?

Preply doesn't pay you for tutoring on the platform, but you can set your rates according to your discretion. Joining the platform is free, but you have to pay a commission for every earning you get from students on the platform. Commissions are not fixed but typically between 18% - 33%.


Every tutor requires an adaptive and flexible virtual environment to carry out their duties and run their businesses effectively and affordably.

Workee is a platform that makes it easy for you to achieve that. It is a versatile tool for every tutor, notwithstanding your level or specialization, and there are no ongoing costs. You might even choose to use the Workee Starter, the free version, forever!

Try Workee and get started on your tutoring journey for free.

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