Workee vs. Preply: Why Workee is every tutors' choice

In the dynamic world of online tutoring, choosing a platform that effortlessly aligns with your objectives and area of expertise is fundamental. To help you find the best online tutoring service, Workee experts have curated a comparison series of online tutoring service providers and Workee to highlight the best fit. 

This guide will compare and contrast Workee and Preply, two online platforms for managing tutors. Both platforms have one thing in common: connecting students with their tutors. However, Preply, well-known in the online tutoring industry, has received numerous complaints from its tutors. Some of the problems are high commissions and a poor scheduling process.

Workee experts have done adequate research to fix this issue and provide you with a tutoring service that offers the best online tutoring experience.

How does Workee work?

Workee is an all-in-one online tutoring platform designed for tutors and teachers of all levels, including private tutors, pre-k, elementary, general education, and language teachers, to name a few.

This versatile platform provides a full range of business management solutions that allow tutors to streamline their operations. With Workee, you can effortlessly create a professional website, efficiently create your lesson plans using the AI-powered assistant, seamlessly schedule appointments and bookings, easily manage payments and invoices, handle your jobs and projects, and effectively manage your clients on one platform. Also, Workee has a marketplace that allows you to engage with other tutors and attract potential clients.

How does Preply work?

Preply is a virtual learning platform dedicated exclusively to teaching and learning languages. Essentially, the Preply platform only allows tutors who teach any supported languages to enroll and offer services. So, it is restricted to just language tutors. With the Preply approach, students are allowed the ''flexibility'' to search for tutors based on their specific preferences, such as language, nationality, certification, specialty, rates, and completed tasks.

This means that tutors must wait to be chosen by students before they can showcase their expertise, which, in our opinion, is not a fair and equal opportunity for all tutors on the platform. We'll get into why later in the article, but first, let's get into the features of both online tutoring platforms.

Features of Workee

If you're wondering how Workee can enable your tutoring business, here is a breakdown of Workee features every tutor will need.

  • Client management

Workee offers the flexibility to build and maintain good business relationships with your clients and students. You have a well-organized contact portfolio that syncs with your Google contacts and enables you to organize your contacts according to preferred categories. This makes it easy to have personalized relationships with your students and attend to their concerns.

  • Professional website

You can create a website promoting your business and your brand in a matter of minutes. With a selection of templates and personalized SEO to optimize your content, your brand will speak for itself. Workee enables you to create your website without coding and at no additional cost.

Your Workee personal website has all the necessary features like booking and scheduling, payment channels, automated invoicing, etc. This helps to ensure that you have a functional and useful professional website.

  • Video communication tool

Video communication is one of the indispensable tools for tutoring. Since digital tutoring happens virtually, a live video tool promotes collaboration and concentration, which enhances the learning experience and outcome.

The Workee software includes a video conferencing app that enables seamless video collaboration, and it's optimized to function on any internet-enabled device. The Workee video tool also allows for a 3-way video conferencing to enable group collaboration. You can conveniently add notes during live sessions and revert to the previous chat history for references.

  • Booking and Scheduling

What's the use of tutoring without machinery for clients to book you? Workee makes this very easy with an automated smart booking function that connects with your email and calendar. Clients can only choose the days and hours; you're available and alert when booked.

With Workee, you're completely in control of your activities, and you can sync schedules and appointments from other calendars to have a single and well-organized booking and scheduling system.

  • Finance management

Workee offers complete independence to tutors and professionals on the platform. You decide your rate and how you collect it from your clients. The Workee tool integrates payment channels like Stripe and PayPal to simplify payment processing. Tutors may also receive payments directly through credit or debit cards. 

With Workee, you can also track all your payments and issue invoices and receipts for transactions. What's more interesting is the ability to automatically calculate your taxes so that you can always make the right payments at the due time.

  • Workee has a flexible marketplace.

Workee is open to all professionals, regardless of their profession or specialty, and it doesn't matter what subject you teach. You can find like-minded professionals on Workee space to collaborate with, share info, and also find potential clients.

  • AI lesson plan generator

Workee AI helps tutors generate comprehensive lesson plans, meeting plans, or notes quickly and efficiently in just a few minutes.

Features of Preply

  • Video communication feature

Preply uses Skype as its primary video communication feature to enable visual classes and collaborations between tutors and their students.

  • Preply calendar

The Preply calendar allows students to schedule classes. Students can schedule classes by viewing and following the available time slots on your profile.

  • Chats

Preply enables a chat function for instant messaging to enable seamless communication between students and tutors.

Which online tutoring platform should you use: Workee or Preply?

The short answer is Workee is a way better option for Preply. Here are our main reasons.

1. Ridiculous commissions

Preply begins deducting commissions immediately after the first lesson. They have a structured commission system based on the cumulative hours you've taught. This system is detailed as follows:

  • First lesson: 100%

  • 0-20 hours: 33%

  • 21-50 hours: 28%

  • 51-200 hours: 25%

  • 201-400 hours: 22%

  • 400+ hours: 18%

Workee gives you control over your lesson schedule and makes your earnings transparent. If you choose the Pro plan, which costs $29 per month or $290 per year, you will only have to pay subscription fees. A 5% transaction fee will be charged if you opt for the free plan. However, the Pro plan does not have transaction fees. Compare both plans. With Workee, you don't have to worry about your earnings being affected by deductions, regardless of the number of hours you teach.

2. Flawed scheduling system

Preply has an instant lesson booking feature that can sometimes be inconvenient for tutors. Students can schedule lessons even when a tutor is not available. Sometimes, tutors may have little time to prepare or take a break. And this is problematic. On the other hand, students have the leeway to cancel lessons late or not show up without any financial repercussions. This isn't fair to the tutors who invested time in preparation and waited online because they're losing time and money.

In contrast, Workee offers an advanced booking rules feature that allows tutors greater control over their availability. Tutors can set custom rules to block specific hours, ensuring clients can't schedule lessons during those times. There are also cancellation and rescheduling policies to prevent students from canceling or rescheduling lessons at the last minute.

3. A tough market where new tutors have no room to thrive

There are more than 29,000 long-term tutors on Preply from 185 countries. What does this mean for people who want to become tutors? Getting into the order the long-term tutors have set up is almost impossible. Students usually stick with their teacher and don't look for new tutors who haven't taught them anything yet. This means that new tutors have to work ten times harder to get students' attention due to Preply's ranking algorithm.

With Workee, all you have to do is sign up and use the cutting-edge templates and SEO-friendly features to make your professional website. Share your credentials and services and establish yourself as an expert. You can also join Workee Space, an online market where you can meet and work with other expert tutors who already use Workee. You can also find potential clients there.


Workee and Preply are both online tutoring platforms, but the differences in their offerings are obvious. Workee is distinguished as a platform and a comprehensive ecosystem designed with the tutor's best interests at heart. From transparency to scheduling flexibility, Private tutors can market themselves professionally, thanks to Workee's versatility as a modern-day tutoring platform.

Every educator deserves a platform that recognizes their expertise, time, effort, and dedication to teaching. Workee does exactly that. Instead of getting lost in a sea of tutors or being suffocated by restrictive algorithms and high commissions, why not choose a platform that makes you stand out?

Get started on Workee for free today and soar higher in your educational journey.

Experience a new level of online tutoring with Workee!

Ihor, CEO at Workee

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