Comparing tutoring platforms: Workee vs. Cambly

Launching a tutoring business often necessitates joining a platform where you can easily connect with students and provide them with essential tools for learning.

However, with the current plethora of platforms available, it's clear that while some genuinely cater to tutors, others prioritize their own profits above the needs of educators.

So, how do you sift through the noise and pinpoint a platform aligned with your tutoring vision and goals?

Workee experts have done extensive research so you don't miss out on the best sites available. This guide aims to make that choice simpler by comparing two platforms: Workee and Cambly.

We'll break down their features, benefits, and distinct characteristics.

What is Workee

Workee is a comprehensive platform that provides a wide range of business management solutions to streamline your operations. With Workee, you can effortlessly create a professional website, efficiently plan your lessons, seamlessly schedule appointments and bookings, easily manage payments and invoices, handle project and job management, and effectively manage your clients and finances. Notably, Workee extends its offerings to educators worldwide, without restrictions.

What is Cambly

Cambly is a virtual learning platform that is exclusive to teaching and learning the English language. In contrast to Workee's global approach, Cambly has specific requirements for its tutors, limiting its scope to certain English-speaking countries. To work with Cambly, you must be a citizen of the United States, Canada, UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, or New Zealand.

Features of Workee

Here are important features of Workee that would help you excel in your tutoring business.

  • Free professional website

    Workee helps you create a professional website that is solely focused on promoting your business, complete with your own branding, all without the hassle of paying for website development and upkeep fees. With a variety of templates to choose from and personalized SEO to enhance your content, your brand will be showcased to the fullest. Workee allows you to create your own website without the need for coding and at no extra cost. Setting up the website is easy and straightforward, requiring no expert assistance.

  • Booking and Scheduling

Workee makes it easy for you to manage your work hours and appointments by integrating a smart booking and scheduling system. Students and clients can book you according to your pre-set availability status. That is, if you set your availability to just 4 hours from Mondays – to Thursdays, you cannot be booked outside those periods.

With Workee, you have complete control over your schedule and can sync appointments and schedules from other calendars to create a unified, well-organized system. You also get notified via email whenever you’re booked.

  • Video conferencing tools

Video communication is one of the indispensable tools for tutoring. Since digital tutoring happens virtually, a live video tool promotes collaboration and concentration, which enhances the learning experience and outcome.

The Workee software includes a video conferencing app that enables seamless video collaboration, and it's optimized to function on any internet-enabled device. The Workee video tool also allows for a 3-way video conferencing to enable group collaboration. You can conveniently add notes during live sessions and revert to the previous chat history for references.

  • Finance management

Workee offers complete independence to tutors and professionals on the platform. You decide your rates and how you collect them from your clients. The Workee tool integrates payment channels like Stripe and PayPal to make payment processing easy and seamless. Tutors may also receive payments directly through credit or debit cards. 

With Workee, you can also track all your payments and issue invoices and receipts for transactions. What's more interesting is the ability to automatically calculate your taxes so that you can always make the right payments at the due time.

  • Workee has a flexible marketplace

Workee is open to all professionals, regardless of their profession or specialty, and it doesn't matter what subject you teach. You can find like-minded professionals on Workee space to collaborate with, share info, and also find potential clients.

  • AI lesson plan generator

Workee AI helps tutors generate comprehensive lesson plans, meeting plans, or notes quickly and efficiently in just a few minutes.

Features of Cambly

  • Scheduling

Cambly allows tutors to choose their working hours within the day. The platforms operate a 24/7 system, enabling tutors to choose their most convenient periods in accordance with their time zones.

  • Video communication feature

Cambly includes a live video feature that enables visual classes and collaborations between tutors and their students.

  • Payments

On Cambly, tutors do not have the liberty to set their rates. The platform, however, pays $10.20/hour for regular classes and  $12/hour for Cambly kids.

How much does Workee cost?

Workee presents two distinct plans for tutors:

  • Workee Starter: Free, no monthly subscription, 5% transaction fees - Ideal for beginners, it consists of essential features including a free no-code website, booking function, video calls, and payment systems.

  • Workee Pro: $29 monthly/$290 annually, 0% transaction fees - A comprehensive suite offering advanced tools, especially in financial management. Compare both plans


When selecting a tutoring platform, it's crucial to opt for one that resonates with your goals and emphasizes flexibility, independence, and robust business management features—from website development and appointment scheduling to task coordination, financial oversight, and client relations. Workee stands out as a dynamic platform, designed to foster the growth of your tutoring business, all while allowing you the liberty to mold it distinctively to your vision.

Start for FREE with the Workee Starter Plan! Upgrade to Pro whenever you're ready to take things to the next level.

Ihor, CEO at Workee

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