Workee streamlines online tutoring for Philippine-based tutor

Client: Jenna Jimenez

Profession: Online Tutor

Country: Philippines

Challenge: Jenna sought to create a professional website, manage time zone differences in bookings, and automate the invoicing process.

Solution: Workee’s all-in-one platform including a website builder, a booking system, and automated invoicing features.

Result: A streamlined, professional online presence with seamless booking and invoicing, all under one umbrella, without time zone confusion.

Client background

Meet Jenna, an experienced English tutor with 9 years of teaching experience. She has helped students from Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Poland, Vietnam, and the US. Jenna specializes in teaching pre-intermediate to advanced levels and focuses on conversational practices to help her students gain confidence in real-life speaking situations. Despite working for a few companies, Jenna found the pay rate insufficient for the long hours she invested. In 2021, she decided to start her own venture. Jenna needed a streamlined solution for website development, scheduling, and invoicing to make it easy for students to book sessions and showcase their skills online.


Creating a professional website seemed like an exciting venture, but the nuts and bolts of handling different time zones, bookings, and payments posed significant challenges. Employing various tools for each task was not just cumbersome but also costly and time-consuming. The goal was simple: establishing an effortless online presence without breaking the bank or compromising efficiency.


After conducting thorough research and comparing multiple options, Jenna ultimately decided to try out Workee, which was recommended to her by a fellow online tutor and blogger. Eager to learn more, she signed up for a free account and scheduled a demo call with Workee's support team. With the help of their user-friendly website builder, she created a website that perfectly captured her brand identity.

Jenna discovered that using Workee's booking system was a lifesaver when it came to scheduling. With the system, she could set booking rules, avoid any last-minute scheduling mishaps, and even schedule breaks. Additionally, Workee's automated invoicing system handled all the number-crunching, making running her business a breeze.


Jenna has successfully developed a professional website that expertly encapsulates her brand. With an efficient booking system, students can readily reserve time slots without the hassle of dealing with complicated time zones or endless back-and-forths.

Jenna discovered that using the automated invoicing feature in Workee has significantly simplified her workflow by eliminating the tedious manual process she previously had to endure. She effectively managed her operations and students using the basic features of Workee Starter, a free plan for professionals just starting their businesses.

As her workload increased with more students and responsibilities, Jenna upgraded to Workee Pro.

Jenna's experience with Workee has been smooth, efficient, and budget-friendly.

Ihor, CEO at Workee

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