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Effectively managing meetings and appointments is crucial for success in the fast-paced business world. Workee - a top online platform - has introduced a powerful feature in its new Workee Pro plan known as Workee Recurring Calls to support professionals with this task. This solution is set to revolutionize how professionals organize their meetings, providing a seamless and convenient experience for themselves and their clients. This article discusses the benefits of Workee Recurring Calls, which empower professionals to take greater control of their schedules, increase productivity, and enhance client satisfaction.

What is the Workee Recurring Calls feature? 

Workee Recurring Calls is one of the features of the newly released Workee Pro. This powerful solution allows you to conveniently get booked and paid for numerous meetings ahead of time!

Workee Recurring Calls is a top-notch solution for professionals who offer packages and plan and organize meetings frequently. 

This feature is a great way to offer special prices or discounts for multiple meetings in one booking! Its flexibility and efficiency make it a perfect fit for any busy schedule.

With Workee recurring calls, you can create a unique time slot for many meetings, and your clients will book you for X meetings in advance with a click! Workee will ensure you don’t have meeting overlap for all the meetings booked!

How does it work?

Login to Workee, go to Bookings and navigate to Time Slots.

On this page, you will find the new video call feature, Recurring Calls.

Create a Recurring Time Slot and specify your rules: minimum and maximum number of meetings your clients can book with you, and set up price and duration for every meeting.

When your clients book you using this Recurring Time Slot, they can select a time and book you for as many sessions as you set up in settings!

Experience Workee Recurring Call's convenience, efficiency, and flexibility, and elevate your professional journey to new heights. 

Benefits of Workee Recurring Calls

1. Streamlined booking process

Workee Recurring Calls simplifies the booking process for professionals by allowing them to create a unique time slot for multiple meetings. Clients can book a specified number of sessions in advance with just a single click, eliminating the need for repeated scheduling and reducing administrative hassle.

2. Enhanced efficiency

Professionals can set rules such as the minimum and maximum number of meetings per client, optimize availability, and ensure a balanced schedule. Workee's intelligent system prevents meeting overlaps, ensuring a seamless and organized experience for professionals and clients.

3. Increased flexibility

Workee Recurring Calls allows professionals to offer special pricing or discounts for multiple meetings within a single booking. This feature enables professionals to cater to clients who require regular or recurring sessions, fostering stronger relationships and encouraging long-term collaboration.

4. Time-saving automation

 By leveraging Workee Recurring Calls, professionals can automate their booking process, saving valuable time and effort. Once the Recurring Time Slot is set up with the desired price and duration for each meeting, clients can easily select the available time slots and book multiple sessions without manual coordination.


As an online professional, managing and scheduling meetings can be a hassle. That's where Workee Recurring Calls comes in. This tool streamlines the booking process and saves you time by automating tasks. It's incredibly flexible and efficient, making it your ultimate solution. With the Workee Pro plan, this feature will increase productivity and satisfy your clients.

Subscribe to the Workee Pro plan and unlock the power of Workee Recurring Calls to maximize their productivity, enhance client satisfaction, and take your online business to new heights.

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Ihor, CEO at Workee

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