Workee product updates: May 2023

Over the past year, we have worked closely with our valued users to develop solutions that simplify the management of their online businesses. 

We are excited to announce a major milestone in Workee's journey – the launch of Workee Pro plan, a robust solution that enables you to optimize and enhance your business growth! 🎉🎉🎉

Introducing a new Workee Pro plan for professionals and our most active users! With advanced features and upgrades, Workee Pro offers an enhanced solution with powerful upgrades to meet your business needs better!

What to expect from the Workee Pro plan?

  • Pro website templates for your website with Workee – Enhance your business branding with almost dozens of new professional templates and styles.

  • Custom SEO – Get organic traffic and stand out with your branding. Set up custom titles and descriptions for your personal Workee website.

  • Business branding – Custom colors are now available for our Pro users!

  • Scale your business with Workee PRO. Enjoy Unlimited Schedules, Time Slots, Invoices, and Projects. Discover professional Booking rules.

Let’s get into some exciting new features that come with this update!

Workee Recurring Calls

After a detailed analysis of all our exciting solutions available, we are bringing – Workee Recurring Calls. This powerful solution allows you to conveniently get booked and paid for numerous meetings ahead of time!

Workee Recurring Calls is a top-notch solution for professionals who offer packages and plan and organize meetings frequently. This feature is a great way to offer special prices or discounts for multiple meetings in one booking! Its flexibility and efficiency make it a perfect fit for any busy schedule.

With Workee recurring calls, you can create a unique time slot for many meetings, and your clients will book you for X meetings in advance with a click! Workee will ensure you don’t have meeting overlap for all the meetings booked!

How does it work?

  • Go to Workee, open Bookings, and navigate to Time slots

  • On this page, you will find a new type of video call - Recurring Calls

  • Create a Recurring Time Slot and specify your rules: minimum and maximum number of meetings your clients can book with you, and set up price and duration for every meeting.

  • Now, when your clients book you for this Recurring Time Slot, they will select a time and book you for as many sessions as you set up in settings!

Workee Pro plan – More personal, more functional, still that simple!

Advanced Booking Rules

As your business expands, it can become difficult to manage your schedule. Our Advanced Booking Rules feature was created specifically for our Pro users to provide greater control over availability.

What to expect from this feature?

  • Limit unexpected bookings! No more unexpected or last-minute bookings. With Workee, you can now have better control of your bookings. 

You can now set custom rules to prevent unexpected bookings during certain hours of your preferred time. Your clients won't be able to schedule within those selected hours.

  • Add automatic breaks between calls! With Workee, you now have the option to insert automatic breaks between consecutive meetings. 

You can set the duration of your breaks, and Workee will automatically schedule them for you. So, feel free to take a break, grab a coffee, and recharge between your calls. 

  • Limit the number of sessions permitted per day. Do you want to keep your schedule open without getting overwhelmed with endless calls? 

You can set up custom rules and limit the number of bookings from your clients to maintain a healthy schedule! This is a perfect solution to keep your schedule healthy. Say goodbye to overwhelming appointments and hello to a stress-free schedule.

Manage your time like a Pro and take care of yourself with Workee Advanced Booking rules! 

New Dashboard

Introducing a newly updated Dashboard. Your Workee Dashboard now includes a Schedule recap, your latest Projects, a Financial overview, and your Meetings Statistics. It provides you with a comprehensive picture of your business!

Pro Website Templates and Styles

Looking to take your Workee website's branding to the next level? Look no further! We offer a wide selection of professional website templates and styles to elevate your online presence and make your business stand out. 

Choose from various styles and templates to find the perfect fit for your brand and attract more customers to your site.

Improved Invoicing

Our improved Invoicing Solution brings more efficient functionality, allowing you to manage your payments and empower your business. 

Here are some major updates on Workee Invoicing:

  • New Invoice template – Add more information to your invoice. The new template supports Address, Company, Phone, and Location fields 

  • Invoice management – Gain full control of your invoices with Workee. You can easily Cancel an invoice, Delete an invoice, and mark an invoice as Paid or Refunded. 

New invoicing from Workee to provide your business with easier payments.

Head over to the Workee YouTube channel to learn all the exciting insights about Workee Pro from our CEO.🚀

Even more updates

  • Progress bar for your Workee Website – Discovering your progress with the Workee website builder is now easier than ever. Our system provides automatic hints to guide you in creating an excellent website.

  • New Meetings page – now the new Meetings page shows your upcoming and ongoing meetings first, so it's even easier to join and schedule meetings with Workee.

  • New Navigation menu – we rethought our navigation menu, and now it's built with an even more intuitive way to allow you quickly discover Workee.

  • New Settings – we upgraded the Settings menu, and now it's even more intuitive, providing you with a better user experience and simpler flows to set up your Workee account.

The new Workee Pro plan is also bringing changes to our current Workee Starter plan. (Workee Starter is designed for professionals who are just getting started, and it remains subscription free)! From now on, the Starter plan includes:

  • Basic Templates for your personal website

  • 1 Schedule for your availability

  • 2 Time Slots for your appointments 

  • 2 Workee Projects for one-time jobs and services

  • 3 Invoices per month

Great news - all our current Workee Starter users get 100% free access to the Workee Pro plan for the first month.

We can’t wait for you to enjoy the full benefits of Workee Pro.

Got any questions regarding the updates, send us a message at 

Upgrade to Workee Pro now and give your business a major facelift.

Ihor, CEO at Workee

Excited to start with Workee? Schedule a demo with our Manager!


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