Workee Product Update: March 2022

We are excited to finally share our March product update with you!

We've worked hard to provide you with more integrations, a better user experience, and new features!

Take a look at what's new on Workee:

Product Tours and Hints

We've created a series of tips and tricks to help you navigate the platform and properly set up your business.

How does it work?

You can now find helpful hints on the Workee platform. Upon tapping it, you'll receive tips and hints to help you use the system more smoothly.

Additionally, you can quickly access them by tapping the life ring button in the right bottom corner.

Finance Tab has been updated

We've simplified the process of tracking your financial summary and customer targets. You can now view the full financial summary created for you, from your invoices to transactions with customers, on a simple dashboard.

Go to the Address book and click open on any client. On the client’s overview page, you'll see a summary of your financial transactions broken down into periods. Simply go here to get the financial overview of your paid sessions and invoices!

Technical improvements

We've upgraded several aspects of the software to enhance the user experience.

Bug Fixes

We are always working to improve the platform's user experience and constantly communicate with our users. We actively seek input to enhance our service and meet your needs.

User Website

✅ Fixed: issue with booking paid time slots

🌟Improved: photo upload behavior

🌟Improved: default state of sections on the User website 


✅ Fixed: issues with integration of Connect/Disconnect google calendar


✅ Fixed: issue with defining time zone


✅ Fixed: issues with updating the contact details

Got any questions regarding the updates, send us a message at 

Focus on clients; Leave the rest to Workee!

Ihor, CEO at Workee

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