Why is Work from Home the Best Option For You?

More and more people are choosing work from home as their preferred option for work and if we consider the privileges it gives to people running their business online, we see that this is not surprising!

So let’s find out what drives people to choose work from home over work from the office.

Flexibility in time and place

The greatest benefit of remote work for people is the flexibility in managing the working day. You can build your work schedule based on the tasks you have to do during the day, setting your own time frame. Some prefer to work in the morning, some — in the evening, and some, on the contrary, feel more productive at night. Some people like to do the most difficult and resource-intensive tasks in the morning, while others are used to increasing the workload gradually. Remote work solves the issue of the comfort of each person and allows one to choose the most convenient working conditions.

What’s more, you are not tied to a physical office, so you can actually work from any place you want. This way, it saves not only time and money on the way to the office, but also provides a person with an option to choose an office, and it can be different every day. This gives freedom of movement, the opportunity to combine work with your personal plans, and even vacation! You can take care of your job while traveling, meeting with your friends, enjoying outdoor activities — in short, be in different places at one time!


Remote work allows you to remove such negative factors in working from the office as noise, excessive communication, inability to focus on a specific task, lack of inspiration, and a sense of tension and stress due to time barriers and even avoid conflict situations. Thus, the focus is set only on work and result, and a person knows that the sooner he/she finishes a task, the sooner he/she can enjoy rest or start other activities.

However, people of creative professions who value freedom in the work environment can benefit from working from home the most. For example, designers who as a rule work on intensive creative projects find themselves more inspired, and therefore, productive when managing their workflow on their own. It is a usual thing when one turns to be absolutely unproductive while another one can cover an x2 result, and this is where a work from home gives the vivid privilege of choosing the time/place/ for the workload.

For business consultants, doctors, lawyers — professions that require strong time management, it also provides such convenient opportunities as time organizer, notification, meeting planner, and safe client database.

According to the Stanford study’s findings, remote workers are 13 percent more productive in comparison to those who work in the office. Also, the FlexJobs survey states that 65% of people find themselves more productive when working remotely, 49% say they prefer working on big projects at home because of higher concentration.


Remote work definitely saves money — about $4,000 a year, according to research, conducted by FlexJobs. It significantly cuts costs on commuting, morning coffee, lunches, and an office wardrobe.

Work from home offers a considerable saving on renting an office. According to Price it there service, the US average cost for office space by square foot varies from $8 to $23.

In New York, for example, the average price for office space is $14,800 per year, in San Francisco — $13,032 per year.

While working from the office you can spend on lunch on average about $ 20 per day — $15 for a sandwich and $4. When working from home, you can simply go to a store and prepare your food.

The same story is with a wardrobe. At home, you can wear your favorite sweatpants and T-shirt you’re comfortable with and don’t spend money on additional office clothes.

‘NO’ to office disadvantages

Remote work simplifies such procedures as sick leave or vacation. If you or a member of your family feels sick, you can simply stay at home and continue working without harming your health and the health of others.

The same goes for vacations — since you have control over your workload, you can decide when to go on vacation and for how long, depending on your business plans.

Finally, remote work relieves you from the greatest work stress — the sound of several alarms ringing early in the morning, which forces you to get out of a warm bed and go to the office. Now, you can work right out of bed and enjoy the magic of the morning, drinking a cup of your favorite coffee with a chocolate croissant and doing your favorite job.

Work from home definitely has its perfection. And that’s the reason we created Workee — to help you create your own practice with just one click and make remote work convenient, simple, and profitable. Workee — free to use will always remain free.

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