Best places for digital nomads you should know

Who knew that working and touring could go hand in hand? For many regular workers, traveling is an occasional activity — a getaway from the routine of office work. However, the trend is rapidly changing for many remote, technology-based jobs. Untethered workers or digital nomads have the freedom to travel as much as they wish to and work from destination cities.

In 2020 alone, the number of digital nomads in the United States increased by nearly a hundred percent, most of whom were formerly traditional workers. This upswing was the combined effect of globalization and the pandemic. Millions of workers around the world are aspiring to become digital nomads.

Dig in to learn more about digital nomads and the best destinations for their lifestyles.

Digital nomads are digital service experts who use technology to work remotely while touring the world. They are mostly found in marketing, media, information technology, education, research, etc.

Digital nomads either travel alone or as part of a group. Either way, they use their flexible work routines to explore the world. Freelancers come within the category of digital nomads if they travel or live outside the country of their jobs or have a combination of jobs from different countries of the world. Although digital nomads can travel and live anywhere, certain cities are most suitable for the nomadic lifestyle. We will explore them next.

Factors you should consider when picking a digital nomad destination

  • Good quality internet connection: Connection is the backbone of remote working; thus, places with good connections are hotspots for digital nomads.

  • Cost of living and tax rates: Traveling itself is an expensive venture without the burden of high taxes and costly goods. Therefore, cities with relatively low living costs and favorable tax rates attract nomads. 

  • Access: Travel restrictions make it more difficult to get into certain countries. The best places for digital nomads are easy to enter and exit. They are also interconnected with other hotspots around the world.

  • Cultural and physical attractions: Nomads are working tourists who derive pleasure and learn from sights and experiences. The best places for digital nomads have interesting prospects to explore. 

  • Nomad visas:  Some countries are now issuing digital nomad visas. This is definitely a point of attraction.

Some other factors, such as ease of transportation, network opportunities, co-working spaces, the standard of living, etc., also affect the choice of best places for digital nomads.

Top 10 hottest digital nomad destinations

Not undermining subjective tastes, we have curated a list of the best places for digital nomads based on the abovementioned factors.

Here is a quick look at the ten best places to live as a digital nomad:

Lisbon, Portugal

For many reasons, Portugal is one of the best places to be a digital nomad. It has a very low cost of living among other European nations. It is possible to stay in Portugal for ninety days without a visa. Lisbon and other major cities in Portugal are very welcoming to digital nomads with high technological developments and low tax rates.

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is a hub for economic and commercial activities of all kinds and is very conducive to the nomadic lifestyle. The city has expansive co-working spaces at very affordable rates. The cost of living in Mexico City is low, and the city is a port for accessing other North American capital. With Mexico City's visitor permit, digital nomads can stay for as long as six months without a visa.

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one perfect destination for digital nomads. It has temperate climates that are comfortable for expatriates from every region.

Tamarindo has a close-knit, rural vibe with natural shores and stretches of virgin land. New and improved networks around the city make connections faster. Also, the digital nomad law allows tourists to stay up to one year, with a conditional option to extend. The cost of living is low in Costa Rica.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

What makes this destination city unique is the blend of cultural and modern social communities. High-speed internet services are provided at cheap rates, and WiFi spots can be found at nearly every turn. Thailand may not be the best choice for nomads who plan to stay for long due to heavy penalties for overstaying, but if you plan to enjoy the city for the two-month duration of the tourist visa, you're in for a swell time.

Medellin, Colombia

This ancient city enjoys perfect weather year in and year out. The city is rich in culture yet very advanced in technological innovations. Medellin is well suited for remote working because it has public WiFi spots with high-speed connectivity. Co-working spaces are abundant in the city, with parks, trails, museums, and galleries for recreational purposes.

Austin, USA

This Texan city is home to some of North America's most prominent tech companies. Austin is a burgeoning space for remote workers and expatriates. What it lacks in a natural exotic atmosphere, it more than makes up for in events and expat community. Though the cost of living is on the high side, there are abundant remote working opportunities to keep a steady income stream.

Bali, Indonesia

Digital nomads will find the scenery and serenity of Bali almost irresistible. Bali is a beautiful island with an excellent standard of living, clean and green environments, networking opportunities, and co-working spaces. Bali offers low-cost living, with a conducive environment for focused work.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is an easy city with a minimal cost of living. Since Argentina already has a significant population of digital nomads, it is easy to find a community. Digital nomads can stay for as long as ninety days on a tourist visa and extend for another ninety if they choose. Food, places, people, and culture make this Argentine city a unique place for digital nomads.

Rome, Italy

Rome is a leading tourist destination in the world due to its rich cultural history. It is also a top attraction for digital nomads because it connects with other top destination cities of the world. Rome has an endless repertoire of sights and sounds. While the city can be expensive, understandably, it is a great choice for nomads because there is access to high-speed networks and unlimited co-working spaces.

Perth, Western Australia

For digital nomads who want to experience ultramodern sophistication with a touch of nature, Perth is ideal. Sandy beaches, reliable WiFi, networking spaces, nomad communities, etc., make this destination a favorite for many digital nomads.

This is not a conclusive list, but it is a helpful guide for digital nomads in choosing the best places to work, travel and live.

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Ihor, CEO at Workee

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