Top 10 invoicing software for freelancers in 2023

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After years of working with freelancers, one thing we've heard over and over is how stressful it is to deal with billing clients. As important as invoicing is, it can become a headache if you're doing it manually. Errors, missed deadlines, or administrative load can detract from the freelancer's primary work. A good invoicing system is a game-changer. It provides an automated, error-free solution to bill clients, ensuring freelancers get paid based on the agreed contract for their hard work.

In this guide, Workee experts have researched and taken our experience and the feedback from our freelance clients to curate a list of the top 10 invoicing software and business management software with the best features.

We'll delve into their features, weigh their pros and cons, and help you determine which aligns best with your needs because every freelancer deserves a streamlined billing process.

Why should freelancers get invoicing software for their business?

During a survey involving 400+ freelancers in the U.S., 74% stated they encountered payment delays, and 16% were owed for over two months. This shows that freelancers face payment delays and should take that aspect seriously while working for clients, be it directly or via freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, etc.

Invoicing software is necessary if you’re serious about faster deliveries and less paperwork in your business!

Invoicing software removes almost all the monotony, guesswork, stress, and setbacks of manual invoicing. 40% of freelancers utilize invoicing software because it is highly efficient in getting the job done. 

So, if you’re looking for a quick way to create quality invoices for your clients easily and quickly, consider using invoice software. 

The best invoicing software for freelancers (Top picks)

If you are searching for the best freelance invoice software, here are our top eleven for 2023:

#1. Workee

Workee is a comprehensive business management software for freelancers who want to manage their work and handle invoices in a single platform. It includes a streamlined invoicing solution for freelancers. It simplifies creating, sending, and tracking invoices and handles tax matters. Workee makes invoicing less of a chore with automation features like payment reminders.

Key features

1. Unlimited Invoices: Send as many invoices as you need, whether your clients are local or international.

2. Multiple Payment Methods: Clients can use credit/debit cards, Stripe, or PayPal for convenient payments.

3. Multiple currency support: Set up payments in your local currency and update currencies as much as you want.

4. Automated Reminders: Set invoice due dates and automatically remind clients, reducing late payments.

5. Tax Management: Handle all tax concerns efficiently.

6. Data Security: Uses advanced, industry-recognized security safeguards to protect your data.

7. All-in-one platform: Personal Website, Booking and Scheduling, Projects and Jobs management, Video calls, client management, Finance management, Workee AI, and Integrations all in one platform, making it easier to manage projects from start to finish.


1. Comprehensive Features: Offers many features you'd expect in paid software.

2. Secure Payments: Work with clients worldwide with trusted payment gateways, making international transactions smooth.

3. Flexible plans: Compared to other tools that offer similar functionalities, Workee offers a competitive pricing structure, including a free plan.

4. Cost Saving: The fees are only 5% for the Workee Starter Plan, and Pro users don't pay transaction fees.

5. User-friendly: The software is easy to use so that freelancers can create and manage invoices without hassle.

6. Tax solutions: Automatically calculate your total tax. Handle net, gross, and tax payments all in one place.

7. Seamless Integration: Integrates well with popular project management and collaboration tools.

8. Built-in work management: It offers robust work management features such as website creation, booking and scheduling, video calls, etc.


1. The free plan doesn't offer many advanced features

2. Workee Starter (free plan) does not offer as many customization options as Workee Pro (paid plan).

#2. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a comprehensive accounting software used by many businesses, ranging from small enterprises to large corporations. Its features cater to a variety of financial and accounting needs.

Key features

  1. Invoicing: Create custom, professional invoices, sales receipts, and estimates. Recurring invoicing and payment reminders.

  2. Expense tracking: Record expenses for tax time and connect bank and credit card accounts for automatic downloads and categorization.

  3. Accounting reports: Generate profit and loss, balance sheet, and dozens of other financial reports.

  4. Cash flow management: Schedule and pay bills within the platform.

  5. Payroll: Run payroll and file taxes.

  6. Tax preparation: Organize income and expenses to make tax filing easier.


1. Versatility: Offers multiple versions tailored to different business needs, such as QuickBooks Online, Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and Self-Employed.

2. Integration capabilities: Can integrate with hundreds of third-party applications, including CRM, payment gateways, and e-commerce platforms.

3. Mobile Access: Especially with QuickBooks Online, you can manage your finances on the go with its mobile app.

4. Extensive reporting: Offers a wide range of customizable financial reports.

5. Security: Offers strong security features, including encryption and two-factor authentication.


1. Pricing: It can be pricier, especially with add-ons or when opting for higher-tier versions.

2. Performance issues: Some users report performance issues with QuickBooks Desktop versions as the company file grows.

3. Complexity: While user-friendly, the sheer range of features can overwhelm some users, particularly newcomers.

4. Customer support: Some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the quality and responsiveness of customer support.

5. Limited customization: While it's versatile, industry-specific needs or advanced features might require other specialized software or add-ons.

#3. Harvest

Harvest is a cloud-based time tracking and invoicing software designed for businesses and freelancers to streamline their work and get paid.

Key features

1. Time tracking allows users to track their time on different tasks and projects.

2. Invoicing: Convert tracked time and expenses directly into professional invoices and send them to clients.

3. Expense tracking: Log expenses, upload receipts, and keep track of project costs

4. Reporting: Detailed reports on time, projects, and budgets to see the business's health at a glance.


1. User-Friendly: Intuitive user interface that's easy for beginners to navigate

2. Efficient Invoicing: Convert time entries directly into invoices, minimizing errors and saving time.

3. Strong Reporting: Visual reports help users understand their productivity and project health.


1. Limited Advanced Features: Harvest might feel a bit basic for businesses with complex needs.

2. Pricing: The cost can be added for larger teams, Especially compared to some all-in-one solutions.

3. Limited Customization: The ability to customize invoices, reports, or the interface is somewhat limited.

4. No Offline Mode: Cannot track time offline, which might be a drawback for those without constant internet access.

5. No Built-in Project Management: While it integrates with project management tools, it doesn't offer robust features.

#4. Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is a cloud-based invoicing, time tracking, and expense management platform tailored for freelancers and small businesses. Here's a breakdown of its key features, pros, and cons:

Key features

1. Online Invoicing & Payments: Create and send professional invoices, supporting partial payments, deposits, and recurring invoices.

2. Time Tracking: Track hours worked on projects and tasks. Time can be easily converted into invoices.

3. Expense Management: Attach receipts and expenses, which can be converted into invoices or included in reports.

4. Project & Task Management: Organize tasks within projects, set rates for tasks, and invoice clients accordingly.

5. Client Portal: Allows clients to view their invoices, quotes, and payments in a dedicated portal.


1. Flexibility: Offers a self-hosted version, allowing businesses to host on their servers for increased control.

2. Integrations: Integrates with many payment gateways, such as Stripe, PayPal, and others.

3. Customization: Users can create invoice designs or choose from pre-made templates.

4. Automation: Automate tasks like invoicing, payment reminders, and auto-billing of clients.


1. User Interface: Some users might find the interface less modern or intuitive than competitors.

2. Reporting: While it has reporting functions, they might not be as extensive as in more comprehensive accounting software.

3. Mobile Apps: While it offers mobile apps, some users have reported them as less intuitive or occasionally buggy.

4. Learning Curve: Some features might take time to learn and set up.

5. Support: Although they offer support, turnaround times can sometimes be longer than desired.

#5. Paymo

Paymo is a work management platform for freelancers and small to medium-sized businesses. It combines project management, time tracking, and invoicing into one unified tool.

Key Features

1. Time Tracking: Users can accurately measure their time on tasks using a visual timer or manual time entries.

2. Project Management: Provides task management, milestones, project templates, and visual project timelines.

3. Invoicing: Generate invoices based on hourly rates or flat project fees and track the payment status.

4. Resource Scheduling: Allocate resources to particular tasks and projects, ensuring everyone knows their responsibilities and deadlines.

5. Reporting: Advanced reporting features give users a detailed overview of project performance, time entries, and financial data.


1. All-in-One Solution: Paymo offers a combination of time tracking, project management, and invoicing all in one platform, making it easier to manage projects from start to finish.

2. User-Friendly Interface: The platform is designed with a clean and intuitive interface, making it easy for new users to navigate and use.

3. Integration Capabilities: Paymo can be integrated with various other tools and apps, enhancing its functionality.

4. Customizability: Offers custom task lists, views, and dashboards, allowing businesses to tailor the platform to their needs.


1. Learning Curve: While the software is user-friendly, it offers many features that might overwhelm first-time users.

2. Mobile App Limitations: Although functional, the mobile app might lack some features in the desktop version.

3. Limited Financial Tools: While it does offer invoicing, it doesn't have the extensive financial tools that dedicated accounting software might offer.

4. Notifications: Some users have reported receiving excessive notifications, which can be distracting.

5. File Storage: The storage capacity might be limited, especially on the lower-tier plans.

#6. Hiveage

Hiveage is an online invoicing and billing platform for freelancers, small businesses, and other professionals. It's aimed at simplifying invoicing, expense tracking, and accepting online payments.

Key features

1. Online Invoicing and Billing: Create professional invoices and send them to clients. You can also set up recurring invoices for regular clients.

2. Expense Tracking: Record and categorize your expenses, then link them to specific clients or projects.

3. Online Payments: Accept payments from gateways.

4. Detailed Reports: Generate financial reports, such as profit and loss, expenses, and taxes, to get an overview of your business's financial health.


1. User-friendly Interface: Hiveage is known for its intuitive design, making it easy even for those unfamiliar with invoicing software.

2. Customization: Offers customizable invoice templates to reflect your brand.

3. Multiple Currencies and Languages: Can handle invoicing in various languages and currencies, which is excellent for businesses with an international client base.

4. Integrated Time and Mileage Tracking: Useful for professionals who bill clients based on time or distance.


1. Limited Features in Free Version: The free version has limitations, and many essential features are only available in the paid plans.

2. Potential for Additional Transaction Fees: While Hiveage allows for integrations with multiple payment gateways, each of those gateways may have its associated fees.

3. Integration Limitations: While it integrates with popular payment gateways, it might not have integrations with other business tools you use. 

#7. Zervant 

Zervant is an invoicing software designed primarily for freelancers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs.

Key features

1. Easy Invoicing: Zervant offers intuitive tools to quickly create and send professional invoices to clients electronically or in paper format.

2. Multi-Language & Multi-Currency Support: Users can create invoices in various languages and currencies, ideal for freelancers or businesses serving international clients.

3. Time Tracking: Zervant has a built-in time tracker, allowing freelancers to log hours and automatically turn them into invoices.

4. Expense Tracking: Users can manage and categorize their expenses, making it easier to see business profitability and prepare for tax season.


1. User-Friendly Interface: It offers a clean and intuitive dashboard, making it easy for non-tech-savvy users to navigate and manage their finances.

2. Free Plan Available: Zervant provides a free version, a boon for freelancers or small businesses just starting and watching their budgets.

3. Compliance with EU Standards: Zervant ensures compliance with European Union regulations, which benefits businesses operating in or serving clients in the EU.

4. Multiple Payment Options: It integrates with various payment gateways, providing clients multiple options to settle their bills.


1. Limited Customization in Free Version: The free version has limited customization options, which might not be suitable for all businesses or freelancers.

2. No Contract Management: As of the last update, Zervant focuses on invoicing and does not offer built-in contract management tools.

3. Scaling Concerns: As businesses grow, they might outgrow the software and need more advanced features or integrations.

4. Geographic Limitations: Its primary focus on EU regulations might make it less suitable for businesses outside the European Union.

#8. Invoicely

Invoicely is a cloud-based platform for small businesses and freelancers to handle invoicing, expense tracking, and other financial management tasks.

Key features

1. Customizable Invoices: Invoicely allows users to create professional, customizable invoices that can be sent to clients in any currency.

2. Expense Tracking: Users can track business expenses and mileage, clearly viewing their finances.

3. Recurring Billing: This enables businesses to set up recurring bills for long-term clients, automating the billing process.

4. Payment Integration: Invoicely supports a range of payment gateways


1. User-Friendly Interface: Invoicely boasts a clean and intuitive dashboard, making it easy for users to navigate and handle invoicing tasks.

2. Multi-Business Support: Users can manage multiple businesses with separate invoicing, settings, and branding from a single Invoicely account.

3. Secure: Provides a secure platform for transactional details, ensuring data integrity and safety.

4. Free Basic Plan: For businesses that are just starting or have minimal invoicing needs, Invoicely offers a free plan with essential features.


1. Limited Free Plan: Some more advanced features are locked behind the paid versions.

2. Little Customization: Some users might find the customization options, especially regarding invoice design, limited.

3. Additional Costs for Payment Integrations: Users may need to subscribe to a higher-tier plan to use certain payment gateways.

#9. ZipBooks

ZipBooks is a cloud-based accounting and invoicing platform tailored for small businesses and freelancers.

Key features

1. Simplified Invoicing: ZipBooks allows users to create professional and customizable invoices, automating aspects like reminders and recurring billing.

2. Integrated Time Tracking: Users can track time spent on specific tasks and convert them into billable hours on invoices.

3. Expense Tracking: Monitor business expenses by category and understand where money is spent.

4. Financial Reporting: ZipBooks offers robust reporting tools, including profit & loss statements, balance sheets, and more.


1. Intuitive User Interface: ZipBooks provides an easy-to-use dashboard and platform, streamlining the accounting process for businesses.

2. Automated Billing: Set up recurring invoices and billing, saving time on manual entries and reminders.

3. Integrations: ZipBooks can integrate with popular payment gateways, like PayPal and Stripe, and other tools for more fluid operations.

4. Free Plan Available: A free starter plan is beneficial for freelancers or small businesses with basic needs.


1. Lacks Comprehensive Inventory Management: ZipBooks might fall short for businesses requiring extensive inventory management.

2. Limited Features: While the free plan is beneficial, many advanced features are behind the paid tiers.

3. Customer Support: Some users have mentioned that they would appreciate more immediate or extensive customer support options.

4. Performance Glitches: Like any software, occasional bugs or system slowdowns can occur, though these seem infrequent.

#10. Wave

Wave is a cloud-based financial software designed for small businesses, freelancers, and consultants. It offers a suite of free accounting, invoicing, and receipt scanning services, making it a popular choice among entrepreneurs on a tight budget.

Key features

1. Free Invoicing: Wave allows users to create professional, customizable invoices and send them to clients at no cost.

2. Integrated Payments: Users can accept credit card payments and bank transfers directly in Wave.

3. Expense Tracking: Connect bank accounts to track expenses, making categorizing and reporting them easier automatically.

4. Financial Reporting: Wave offers detailed financial reports, including profit & loss statements, balance sheets, and cash flow reports.


1. Cost-Effective: Free invoicing, accounting, and receipt scanning services.

2. User-Friendly Interface: The software has an intuitive design, making it easy even for those without an accounting background.

3. Mobile Apps: Wave provides separate apps for invoicing and receipt scanning, which can be quite handy for business owners on the go.

4. Automatic Backup: Data is stored in the cloud, ensuring it remains safe and accessible from anywhere.


1. Limited Advanced Features: While Wave covers the basics, it might not be the best fit for businesses that need more complex accounting tools.

2. Payment Processing Fees: While the software is free, there are fees associated with credit card and bank payment processing.

3. Lacks Time-Tracking: Freelancers who bill by the hour might miss having an integrated time-tracking feature.

4. Customer Support: Some users feel that customer support can be enhanced, especially in terms of response times.

What to look for when choosing invoicing software for freelancers?

What should a freelancer look for when choosing invoicing software? The best invoicing software for freelancers must do the following:

  • Allows customization.

  • It has quick and easy payments.

  • It sends out automated payment reminders.

  • It supports many languages and currencies.

  • It supports recurring invoices.


While there are numerous invoicing tools available, a freelancer's needs are unique. The complexities of managing various clients, contracts, and payments demand a solution that's not only efficient but also comprehensive. Workee stands out in this regard. With years of experience supporting freelancers, we've tailored our tool to handle the intricacies of freelance billing, making it a preferred choice for many.

Our platform eliminates the common challenges faced in invoicing, giving you more time to focus on your core business. Whether you're just starting out or looking to upgrade your invoicing process, Workee has you covered. Don't let invoicing stress hold you back. Experience seamless billing with Workee. Try it today and revolutionize the way you handle your finances!

Ihor, CEO at Workee

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