Top 6 video conferencing apps for freelancers

Before the COVID breakout, video conferencing tools were more for convenience and luxury; businesses rarely used them in their day-to-day operations. However, COVID changed a lot of things, including video conferencing services. It became a necessity and not just a tool for convenience. According to reports, the video conferencing market soared by 500% in the first two months of the pandemic.

Post Covid and video conferencing are now mainstream for business and corporate collaborations. Many employees and remote workers adopt one or more video conferencing services for their business meetings. A medium report indicates that 0ver 85% of remote workers feel more involved in projects when using video communication platforms.

So if you’re considering adopting video communication for your business, we have put this guide together to help you identify the best video conferencing service for your business. Let’s jump right in.

Top 6 video conferencing apps

The first thing you should know is that there is no ultimate best app for conference video because there are many great options on the market. They all have their value points and disadvantages. Hence it would be best if you looked out for a service that best suits your business and serves your purpose.


Zoom is the most used video conferencing service around the globe. Recent reports show that the platform currently boasts 300million daily active users across all customers cadre (free users and paying customers). The video communication tool is a top choice for many people because it is highly flexible and provides many appealing functionalities useful to businesses.

For instance, you can host large audiences of up to 1000 participants on zoom. You can also stream your meetings on social networks like Facebook.

Although you will have to be on any of the paid plans to access some of the platform's advanced features, If you run a small business or are an independent professional, you can make do with the free plan. The Zoom basic plan allows you enough features to collaborate effectively with your clients. On ZOOM basic, you may host meetings with a maximum of 100 people but for only 40minutes.

Zoom features

  • Live video recordings: allows you to record ongoing video calls or meetings for future references

  • Audio calls: If you don’t want videos, you can stick with just audio.

  • File/screen sharing: You could share files or screens to elaborate on points during a video meeting.

  • Filters: You are not comfortable with your background or setting? Use this feature to have a more presentable outlook.

  • Waiting room and breakout room: The waiting room is a pre-admit virtual space where you can identify or verify participants before admitting them into the main arena where the meeting is going on. The breakout room allows you to break a large audience into smaller units in various sub-rooms.

Google Meet

Beyond having the most used search engine, Google is popular for developing many digital tools we use in our personal and business operations. So It’s not a surprise that they also have one of the best video conferencing services.

Although it is limited in features compared to Zoom, it is still very functional and flexible. For instance, you can host meetings with a Gmail account through the Gmail app without needing to download any additional software or app for video collaborations.

If you’re a small business owner or want a simple service, Google meet will be an ideal option. The Google meets free plan allows up to a hundred participants for a one-hour meeting.

Google Meet features

  • Easy and quick to join: Almost everyone already has the Gmail app installed on their devices; with this, you need a third-party app or software.

  • Offer up to an hour on the free plan.

  • Affordable subscription plans: the paid plan on Google meet begins at $6 per month, with a max of $25 per month.

  • Live video recordings: allows you to record ongoing video calls or meetings for future references

  • Translation: You can translate spoken words from English to other languages like Spanish, Portuguese, German, and French.

Microsoft teams

Microsoft teams is another great video tool suitable for businesses, especially those that use Microsoft tools like Office 365. The platform integrates well with the office 365 package, and a Microsoft office subscription gives you access to the premium features on Teams. Teams have a free version, but you can only hold one-on-one video conversations with other users, not multi-participant sessions.

The free and paid plans on Meet limit attendants to only 250 participants per time. While this may be okay for a small business and a good value for free video conferencing services, it will not be suitable for people who host large meetings.

Microsoft Meet features

  • Together mode: This is a fun way to make a meeting seem less virtual and more real. With this feature, participants appear to be together in one location on-screen.

  • Meeting polls: This feature allows you to create quick surveys and polls to get team members' opinions.

  • Integrates with other Microsoft 365 apps: This feature makes business and official collaborations easy as it integrates seamlessly with other tools like OneDrive, SharePoint, Office, etc.

  • Break out rooms: To break up meetings into smaller groups

  • Chats: Allows participants to communicate through texts.

Webex meetings

Webex is one of the best web video messaging platforms that support app and browser connections. If you don’t want to install the Webex software or download the app, you can simply connect through your web browser and still have the full Webex experience.

Webex spots all the standard video meeting tool features and offers a free version with limited functionality. The paid version allows up to 200 participants per meeting.

Webex features

  • Call me function: Participants can join the audio part of a meeting by having the Webex system call them.

  • Immersive share: Webex allows you to share content and still have your image boldly on the screen. Participants can see you, watch your gestures and still see the contents you share clearly.

  • Integrates with other digital tools: like Microsoft Office, Outlook, Slack, etc.

  • Supports meeting recording: With this feature, you can record meetings for future use.

GoTo meeting

GoTo is another great video conferencing tool that is ideal for small-medium-sized businesses. The platform allows 250 participants for every meeting; however, they can increase this limit upon request. So if you need more than 250 people, you could discuss it with the support, but we suppose this would come at an extra cost.

The GoTo platform only offers a 14-day free trial, unlike most other services with a permanent but limited free option. Rates for the cheapest plan are $14. Notwithstanding, the tool offers robust features that put it among the best video conference tools.

GoTo meeting features

  • Unlimited meetings: You can have as many meetings as you want on any GoTo plan.

  • Transcriptions: You can get an automated transcription of ongoing meetings.

  • Screen sharing: This feature allows you to share your screen with participants.

  • Participate by phone: Participants can join in meetings through the phone.


All the video conferencing tools listed above are stand-alone and do not include additional features. There are, however, all-in-one tools that enable you to integrate your preferred video messaging app while also providing additional benefits. This means you can have efficient software that provides automated business management features while allowing you to collaborate with clients via video calls. Workee is one such tool.

Workee is an all-in-one client management software that helps automates most of your business management functions while you focus on delivering value and providing impeccable services. Workee is most suitable for freelancers and independent professionals who do not have the luxury of employing a secretary, accountant, manager, web developer, etc. The platform provides all these functions, yet you can make video calls.

Workee features

Video calls: With the Workee video conferencing solution, you can connect with your clients and have meetings. Workee also allows you to integrate other video conferencing tools like Zoom and Google Meet.

Personal website: Signing up on Workee makes you eligible to own a business website just with a click. The Workee website builder creates a unique website for you in less than 5 minutes. You only need to provide our details and choose your unique URL.

Booking and Scheduling: organize all your appointments, schedules, and bookings in one place and set reminders to tell you when they are close. Clients can use this tool to book and schedule sessions.

Invoicing and Payments: Clients can immediately pay for your services after booking you online. Also, the Workee tool generates and issues automated invoices.

Client management: With this, you can organize your clients how you want them to be, maybe under categories.

Finance management: helps you manage your cash inflow and outflow automatically. Keep a clean record of your finances and tax payments.


No doubt, video collaborations are an integral part of corporate and business collaborations, whether you run a big brand or are a freelancer. Video tools are essential, and you should adopt one. We have outlined the five best video conferencing tools, read through them again and choose one that best aligns with your objectives.

Ihor, CEO at Workee

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