Top 10 unique client gift ideas you should know about

Ever felt so special just because your favorite pizza delivery service sent you an extra box of pizza with a personalized note? Or did you notice that tingling feeling in your belly when you received a gift card from your favourite jewelry store? You probably did, and you liked them even more because of it.

This is exactly how your customers would feel when you surprise them with awesome gifts now and then, especially when they least expect it.

Gifting clients can be a little tricky. It can either come of as a bit too excessive or no thought was put into it but when done right, client gifts can leave a lasting impression.

Looking for inspiration? Check out Workee's list of gift ideas to surprise your loyal customers this season!

The power of corporate gifting

One survey found that 66% of clients who received a promotional product or gift remembered the brand that sent it to them, and 79% said they would do business with the company again.

This is to show that every one of their clients is important and constant communication with them can increase sales for their company. Check out the following reasons why you should also gift your clients something this season.

  1. It is a way to let them know you value their commitment and patronage of your business.

  2. It strengthens your relationship with them.

  3. When you give to your clients, you show them that you acknowledge their existence and you care about them.

  4. You remind your clients that you are still available for business.

Unique gift ideas for clients of all tastes

We’ve put together the best inexpensive client gift ideas to guide you in choosing the perfect gift for your client.

1. Gift hampers

Gift hampers or boxes are fun to open and an excellent way to show clients that you care about their overall well-being and help maintain relationships with clients. Here a couple of things to include in your gift box:

  • Customized coffee mug

There is almost nothing as sweet as seeing your beautiful picture or a personalized message on the mug you use to drink coffee every morning.

  • Keychains and Keyfinders

Everybody misplaces their keys now and then. This thoughtful gift will assist them in finding the key to their house or car. You can also include your company name and logo so your clients will remember it daily.

  • Sweaters and hoodies

Everyone loves hoodies. They’re warm and comfortable. They are also ideal because they are wardrobe staples that will likely be worn frequently and remembered for years to come.

  • Custom-made socks, gloves and hats

These are fantastic gift options that will still make clients feel appreciated especially in the chilly weather.

  • Champagne

A bottle of champagne is the ideal corporate gift, and you can use it to express your appreciation to your clients. Good wine leaves an ever-lasting impression on all wine enthusiasts.

  • Candy and chocolate treats

Candy and chocolate are appropriate for any occasion. Because candy doesn't take up much space and is casual yet thoughtful. You will undoubtedly make a positive impression if you carefully select candy that your clients enjoy (if you are familiar with their tastes) or that matches the colors of their brand.

2. Free tickets to a trip

Although this type of gift might be limited to only a few clients, this can keep your clients in the constant need to patronize your business and keep in touch. Be sure that they will personally tell people about your brand if you do this.

3. Handwritten notes

Personalized gifts like Handwritten notes add authenticity and build genuine connections.

4. Physical or digital gift cards

Gifts don’t always have to be elaborate– small items can also go a long way in creating a cheerful moment.

5. Bags and purses

Female clients will especially love this! A tote bag or a nicely made trending purse with their names customized on them can go a long way in inscribing your business name in the hearts of your customers. You should try this today!

6. Workee starter plan

Workee starter is a great gift for clients. The Workee platforms provide the necessary tools to succeed in work and service delivery. Specifically, Workee can effectively help you manage your services as a freelancer or professional in the following ways:

  • Professional website: Workee enables you to create a no-code professional website that can easily start and navigate through. It takes less than a minute to set up. You do not need to worry about complexity, as the platform has a simple yet beautiful interface with user experience as a priority. 

  • Booking and Scheduling: The platform provides a smart booking system that easily syncs and integrates online schedules. It allows your clients to book your services and schedule meetings. It also has an auto-detect time zone that sets meetings based on your client's time zone.

  • Clients Management: You can easily manage your interactions with both new and existing customers with Workee's all-in-one client management solution. This system lets you control client appointments, sessions, messages, payments, and other processes from a single platform. The platform ensures that all customers' needs are attended to!

  • Finance Management: The platform provides a simple accounting system that creates automatic invoices for your services and appointments. It also helps you calculate your total taxable income. Once you set up your tax rate, it automatically calculates your total taxable income.


With the holidays fast approaching, it's time to start planning your company's annual gift-giving strategy. Staff and customers can feel more connected to their employer during the holiday season. Also, don't forget to acknowledge your employees' and customers' achievements.

Ihor, CEO at Workee

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