The top 6 best jobs for freelancers & digital nomads with Ihor Bauman

Ihor Bauman, the CEO of Workee, was recently on the digital nomad's expert podcast by Beach commute.

Brief Workee introduction

Ihor talks about how Workee was born due to his mother losing her job as a therapist when the pandemic started in 2020. After transitioning to working online, her job required her to book appointments, manage clients, collect payments, etc.

Considering this, Workee was designed to create a simple, intuitive space that automates bookings and manages accounting, payments, and client automation on one platform. Allowing online professionals without prior tech knowledge to carry out all work processes in one place.

Users sign up, and the smart technology helps create a website based on their professional qualifications in under 2 minutes. Your personal website includes booking, payments, video calls, client management, and accounting.

How can digital nomads use Workee?

Workee targets private tutors, coaches, health experts, stylists, and freelance professionals who communicate with their clients via online appointments and private sessions.

Speaking on how Workee can benefit digital nomads, Workee encourages flexibility, productivity, being a boss, having more control over your time, and automating work processes, which embodies the digital nomad lifestyle. That being said, Workee is expanding to serve digital nomads.

Top 6 best jobs for freelancers & digital nomads

According to Workee's founder, based on experience, the best-paying jobs for freelancers and digital nomads include:

  • content writers,

  • graphic designers,

  • video editors,

  • social media management strategists,

  • online language teachers, and

  • beauty experts/stylists

Listen to the full podcast on Spotify or Apple podcasts.

Ihor, CEO at Workee

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