The best text messaging appointment reminders for businesses

The average person forgets up to 3 things per day. Although this may seem perfectly normal, it can affect you in more ways than one when you forget important appointments. Text messaging appointment reminders are much harder to miss, as people check text messages more regularly than other forms of communication, such as emails. 

Whether you own a small business or are a freelancer, you must remind your clients about appointments well in advance. Text reminder apps are among the best ways to remind clients or customers about appointments or meetings. This article explains what these apps are, the benefits of these apps, and the best ones available today.

What are text appointment reminder apps?

Text appointment reminders are apps that remind people of important appointments using text alerts. All businesses need these apps. In freelancing, text appointment reminders can help you remember appointments with your clients or colleagues. 

With these apps, you can get automated appointment reminders well in advance. It is now up to you to use these apps to send reminders to your clients about appointments. 

The best part about text appointment reminders is that they send them via text. 

Unlike emails, which can easily go unnoticed, text reminders are worth the effort. Using good text appointment reminder apps like Workee is like having a competent virtual assistant. 

Let’s now learn the importance of text appointment reminders.

Benefits of text appointment reminder apps

Are you still doubting the usefulness of text reminders for businesses and freelancers? Below are some major reasons why text appointment reminder apps are useful.

1. Promotes efficient communication

You can use a text appointment reminder to foster communication in your business. When you need to change the time for an appointment but lack the means to communicate effectively with a client, you can easily inform your clients using a text appointment reminder app. 

This help to update your client on the changes regarding the appointment and also helps to improve the credibility of your business.

2. Reduces loss and enhances profitability

You may be shocked at how much a missed appointment can cost you. This gets even more harmful when you start missing appointments as a business owner. You can be sure that missed appointments are not a good way to improve the growth of your business. 

However, a good text appointment reminder app can turn this around. You can easily create or schedule automated appointment reminders and send them out using these apps. 

With this, clients will be less likely to forget about important appointments. In addition, clients will see that you value their time and have a good reason to patronize your business.

3. Improved efficiency

Besides reminding clients about appointments, a good text appointment reminder app can do a lot more. You can use this app to create an efficient schedule for all your appointments. This helps you run your business more efficiently, as you have greater control over appointments.

Best appointment reminder apps

Having examined the benefits, below are the best appointment reminder apps you can use:

1. 10to8

If you need text reminders for business purposes, then 10to8 is the answer. 10to8 is a robust, feature-rich app that makes automated appointment reminders even easier. 

It has various automated reminders, from emails to texts and even voice reminders. Interestingly, you can easily customize your reminders to suit your tastes and clients. 

What's more? 

You can still access automated text reminders using the free plan.


  1. The app has many features.

  2. Reminders include text, voice, and email.

  3. High customizability.

  4. The app has a free plan.


  1. Limited functions.

2. Vcita

Vcita is another great appointment reminder app for both businesses and freelancers. Its many features give it its reputation as a top appointment reminder app. 

One of Vcita’s plenty features is the video appointment capability, which is perfect for growing businesses.

Another feature you'll find is multichannel reminders. This means you can send either text or email reminders, depending on the preferences of the client in question. 

Also, you can customize the reminders to suit the needs of each client.


  1. Great features.

  2. High customizability.

  3. Multichannel reminder system.


  1. Requires a paid plan to access text reminders.

3. ReminderCall

ReminderCall is great for freelancers and small business owners. It has a simple interface yet highly effective in functionalities. 

Like all good appointment reminder apps, ReminderCall has a multichannel reminder system that accepts text and email. You can send automated email and text reminders to your clients without typing. 

Furthermore, you can easily integrate ReminderCall with other business tools you may already use. This easy synchronization greatly improves the efficiency of your business, saving you costs and time on customization. 

ReminderCall is a great app suitable for.


  1. Easy integration.

  2. It has a two-way email and text message system.

  3. You can set and see the live delivery status for reminders.


  1. It doesn’t have marketing features.

4. Planfy

If you want to prevent "Forgotten Appointments," then Planfy is the right tool. You can easily use the Planfy app to message, send reminders, or email your clients. 

Planfy’s easy-to-use interface makes creating and sending reminders very easy. 

You can also use this app to confirm and update your clients' messages. Its high customizability is just the icing on the cake.


  1. Customizable reminder templates.

  2. Planfy has both text and email reminders.


  1. Planfy has a few features and functions.

5. GReminders

GReminders is a user-friendly appointment reminder app that integrates seamlessly with many business tools and applications. 

Using Greminders, you can easily create booking links with your clients, allowing them to self-schedule appointments on your calendar. Doing this helps give clients some control over appointments, making them feel at ease with your service. 

Most importantly, GReminders has an amazing, easily customized reminder template that you can use to design reminders stress-free.


  1. Great features.

  2. Excellent customer service.

  3. Highly responsive.


  1. GReminders doesn’t have a free plan.

6. Message Desk

Message Desk is a texting reminder tool that can send text reminders to clients and receive client responses. This feature makes Message Desk a perfect fit for businesses and freelancers that need to send text reminders and also get feedback (in real-time) from their clients and customers. 

Message Desk uses a shared SMS inbox connected directly to your business phone. 

Although Message Desk has a great free trial plan, it has custom plans for small and large businesses.


  1. Quick responses.

  2. Better communication.


  1. Expensive plans.

  2. Limited integration.


Although this is not a text meessage reminder app, but the flexibility of this tool makes it a great fit for you if you work by appointments  and require reminders to collaborate with clients. Workee helps you schedule meetings, book appointments, and send automated text messages and emails from one dashboard. But you can do more! You can easily perform specialized functions like invoicing, accounting, payments, and other administrative tasks with a single subscription plan. Workee makes everything easy and helps freelancers looking for an all-in-one platform to send reminders to their contacts and carry out other business tasks from one dashboard. 


  1. Easy to set up and use.

  2. Woekee aas a free plan. 

  3. You can schedule appointments according to different time zones.

  4. Woekee provides you with all features with a single subscription.


Whether a freelancer or a small business owner, you need appointment reminder apps because of their business benefits. However, although the appointment reminder apps mentioned above provide great services, they have some outstanding downsides, especially regarding features and flexibility. Hence, we recommend Workee as the best solution that comprises appointment reminder app functionality and other tools for effectively managing a business.

Ihor, CEO at Workee

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