Startup idea packaging website, payments & scheduling ⇒ 30% MoM user growth with Ihor Bauman

Ihor Bauman, CEO of Workee, was a guest on the Production Income Maker podcast

In this episode, Omad Shperling, founder of Production Income Maker, and Ihor discuss strategies for effectively motivating remote teams, utilizing the right tools, fostering accountability, and building personal connections. They also talk about how a bold move to change the company's business model resulted in a 30% month-on-month user growth!

Here's a snippet from the podcast:

  • Introducing Workee and what pain points it solves?

  • The first mousetrap or strategic difference that got piqued users' interest, and how it was validated?

  • What is the differentiation going forward?

  • How Workee's payment and subscription model was changed?

  • What worked and what didn’t distribution-wise?

  • How do you keep your remote team motivated?

Check out the full interview here.

Ihor, CEO at Workee

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