Is it worth upgrading to LinkedIn Premium?

LinkedIn has become a valuable resource for professionals and freelancers searching for clients and great minds to assist them with managing projects. According to statistics, LinkedIn had 774.61 million global users as of 2021, which is predicted to climb to 1,034.56 million by 2025. That being said, most users don't utilize all of LinkedIn's paid services because they are unsure if paying the LinkedIn premium fees is worthwhile.

Since there's a lot of curiosity about the pricing of LinkedIn premium, Workee experts are here to address some important questions concerning LinkedIn's premium pricing structure and benefits. Furthermore, while learning about LinkedIn's premium benefits, you'd also discover how to make the most of this professional network.

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What is LinkedIn Premium?

LinkedIn Premium is a category under the Linkedin network that offers users various high-end services for a fixed LinkedIn membership cost. LinkedIn Premium is divided into four subsets. Each of these premium categories has its own features customized for LinkedIn members.

LinkedIn Premium Career

This tier of LinkedIn premium is mainly meant for Jobseekers. As per studies, 70% of businesses use LinkedIn to employ for their firms in 2021; job seekers will require the LinkedIn premium Career to compete with the network's 40 million users.

When you apply for an opening or gig on LinkedIn, your profile is shown alongside other selected applicants, making it simple for employers to find and employ you. It also has a feature that enables you to evaluate your competencies against competitors and construct a standout profile. This offers LinkedIn premium features, including three InMail credits, information on who has visited your profile, and more employment data, all of which might aid you while searching for a job.

LinkedIn Premium Career

This LinkedIn Premium option will cost you at least $29.99 monthly.

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Premium business

This LinkedIn premium tier is primarily for business owners. It offers 15 Inmail messages, advanced search filters, endless network searches, and other corporate data. Any company executives and decision-makers wishing to promote their businesses will surely benefit from this tier of the professional network premium.

The Premium business also allows you to track the growth of your business and know who has looked at your profile. Below is a list of all of the features contained in this version.

Premium Business

The LinkedIn premium business cost is $59.99 per month, or $575.88 when billed annually.

Sales navigator

Salespeople should use the LinkedIn premium Sale navigator tier. It aids in generating leads; statistics show that LinkedIn is 277 percent more powerful than Facebook and Twitter in generating leads. This bundle includes everything you'll need to connect with potential clients on LinkedIn.

You may send up to 20 InMail messages each month, do a deep search on the system by filtering your prospects by title, company, or location, and generate a list of your prospects using the tool. It provides sales visibility into your generated leads and allows you to save them for further use.

Any company that wants to promote many products on LinkedIn should utilize the premium sale navigator, which will assist you in figuring out how to target leads and expand your company.

Sales Navigator

This LinkedIn Subscription cost for this is $79.99 per month.

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Recruiter Lite

For recruiters, this is the LinkedIn plan. This tier allows advanced search tools, projects, and other features. LinkedIn is used by 87 percent of employers, according to statistics. You may earn up to 30 InMail message points in this tier.

This premium package gives you access to everything you need to locate the best candidates and helps you to keep track of them. This LinkedIn premium price is $119.95 per month or $1,199.40 per year.

Recruiter Lite

LinkedIn Premium Recruiter Lite is something you should try if you are a recruiter passionate about finding the right applicant for your position on LinkedIn.

Benefits of LinkedIn premium

LinkedIn can assist you in improving your business growth, finding new clients, and even hiring top personnel to handle your projects as a professional or freelancer. You might be wondering what a LinkedIn premium membership entails. The following are some of the benefits of LinkedIn premium:

  • InMail Message: It allows you to message people you are not associated with. These individuals might be potential clients, produced leads, or applicants you're considering hiring. LinkedIn says this technology is 2.6 times more successful than cold emailing, yet it is not available to free members.

  • Who viewed your profile: It also tells you how many individuals have looked at your profile, what company they're searching for, and what term they used to locate it. This can let you personalize your profile depending on the sources of the bulk of your job searches, increasing your chances of getting hired.

  • Additional searches: If you upgrade to the Premium model, you can do as many searches as you like. LinkedIn has been working to reduce the number of search results available to free users. Upgrade to the premium version if you conduct several searches on the platform.

  • LinkedIn learning: As a professional or freelancer, it's vital to keep up with current trends and talents by polishing your skills. LinkedIn Premium gives you access to expert-created courses that teach you various skills.

All these LinkedIn benefits answer whether the LinkedIn premium is worth it. And you can be sure that you will gain more by spending the LinkedIn premium cost.

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How to make the most of LinkedIn Premium

Assume you're a professional or freelancer looking to grow your business or acquire new clients by joining LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, you can find almost everything you need to succeed. So as not to spend the cost of LinkedIn premium in vain, you need to know how to use it. Take the following steps if you wish to achieve this:

Make your LinkedIn profile stand out!

  1. Customize your profile based on the information provided.

  2. Make good use of LinkedIn's learning tool.

  3. Make good use of InMail messages.

You make it extremely easy for the targeted customer to locate you this way, and you can be assured that you are well on your way to landing your high-paying clients.

However, utilizing LinkedIn alone may not be sufficient to reach your target audience or persuade clients to choose you; as a result, you will need a website to showcase your services and a strategy to create leads for your business. And 57 percent of internet users claim they will not suggest a company with a poorly designed website; this is why we recommend an online business manager like Workee.

Workee is a platform that offers online business management tools and personal websites for freelancers and professionals; using the workee solution comes with the following benefits:

  • A personalized website for your company allows you to sell your services with a single click.

  • Integration of appointment booking solutions, allowing clients to plan appointments with you quickly.

  • Payment solution integration aids in the simplification of the payment process for your services.


If you can afford the LinkedIn premium, acquiring a LinkedIn premium account gives you access to all the abilities that any company owner, freelancer, or salesman needs to grow their brand. A lot of people think having a LinkedIn and a personal website; however, they both serve different purposes. Having a website where people can visit to learn more about your brand is also vital. This is where Workee's all-in-one business management solution comes in.

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