How to respond to negative emails like a professional

In the course of your work, you may get one or two emails that are offensive or improper. To maintain your reputation as a person and professional, you will need to learn how to reply properly to emails of this kind. Responding to a disgruntled client's email takes a certain degree of professionalism. Knowing how to react properly may help you construct a more reasonable response, which is why the Workee experts will discuss how to reply to a negative email in this post.

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Why is it worth responding to negative emails in the first place?

This is an important question: why reply to negative emails? Open dialogue is the best way to deal with any conflict. Even if the reaction is not what you anticipated, there is no reason to disregard them. Responding to a consumer who has made an effort to contact you is the courteous thing to do.

Here are the top three reasons why you should respond to all the negative emails you receive:

  • You can learn a great deal about how to improve your product or brand by evaluating the email comments you get. The more you participate in these dialogues with customers, regardless of how challenging they are to read, the greater your comprehension of their demands.

  • By responding to these emails, you create the most effective means of promoting your business. How you react gives customers a glimpse of your company's identity, goals, and values.

  • Responding also proves that you are listening to your clients, paying attention to their needs, and not just ignoring them. Maybe your response will win you a customer rather than cause you to lose one. Regarding customer preferences and loyalty, what you provide and how you present it both have a significant impact.

Send positive email responses with Workee

How to respond to negative reviews?

Address clients by their name politely

This shows courtesy and respect. By doing so, you will not only increase the positive feelings of dissatisfied customers but show how important their existence and experience with your service.

Get straight to the point

Don't bother about providing justifications and excuses. The point isn't to prove you're right but to fix what customers don't like.

Quick responses are seldom a good choice

In most cases, you may need to step away from the email for a couple of minutes to manage your emotions successfully. Even if you want to answer immediately, taking a few moments to collect your thoughts might be beneficial. Allow yourself at least 10 and 30 minutes to relax before sending a reply.

Send positive email responses with Workee

Don't take the negative email to heart

Carefully read the email to make sure you didn't mistake the meaning of some words or phrases for a personal attack. When anger or frustration makes it hard to understand what someone is saying, sometimes rereading it can help. By reading the email again, you can see if it's polite or not and take steps to deal with the information in a better way. Yes, negative emails/feedback can express dissatisfaction and, in some cases, even contempt and attacks towards the company. However, try to maintain a level head and avoid exchanging words with the person.

Being empathic and apologetic can get you a long way

Recognizing that the sender of the email is upset and being able to empathize with their emotions will help you determine why they sent the message. An honest and direct apology gives you the best chance of winning back your customers. This is important, especially when it comes to marketing. Companies that want long-term success do not prioritize their sentiments but those of their consumers. However, try not to apologize excessively. Your statement will appear insincere, which might exacerbate the problem.

Recognize the needs of your customer

An apology will not work until you show genuine empathy and show that you understand why they're upset. Try to really understand the shortcomings of your business clients have expressed through email. Apologize for the mistake and thank them for the information. Doing so may transform a bad view into constructive criticism and transform your relationship with the customer from adversarial to cooperative. For example: "We're sorry about what happened, and we appreciate you telling us about the problem."

Send positive email responses with Workee

Be a problem solver

You already know how the client feels, so you should now focus on solving the problem. Focusing on fixing the problem shows that you understand what the customer is going through. Show how the company can make up for the mistake and what changes have been made or will be made to make the customer happy. "Because of your complaints, we've made the following changes..." etc.

Respond the right way with Workee

You'll need a platform that allows you to manage business processes such as scheduling, taxes, bookings, and meetings all in one location. This will help you manage your time and focus on the essentials, giving you the energy to write great emails and interact successfully.

Workee is a cloud-based platform that enables teams and businesses to schedule emails, manage clients and integrate multiple solutions in one location. 

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