How to make most out of your working vacation

Vacation allows employees and independent professionals to take a break from work-related activities to relax, travel, or have fun. According to Statista, 65% of female respondents in the United States said vacation retreats provide physical and mental recovery. This indicates that taking a vacation once in a while benefits your mental and physical health.

However, not every vacation is all about fun, spa sessions, and Netflix. You may sometimes be required to work part-time, even while chilling. This is known as a working vacation. According to a study, CEOs work for 70% of their vacation time. Besides CEOs and full-time employees, many freelancers also have to work while on vacation. A reported survey has revealed that over 90% of freelancers cannot take a work-free vacation. This could be you trying to make some side-money while on vacation or ensuring that you don’t disappoint your clients who trust you to deliver.

Whatever it is, you sure can still enjoy your vacation even while working. This article will walk you through the process of planning a working vacation and increasing your efficiency during your work vacation.

What is a working vacation?

A working vacation is when an employee is not physically present at work but is required to work while on vacation. It is a work break in which you will get the opportunity to travel to different regions of the world while also working and completing some necessary tasks.

Although anyone can take a working vacation, CEOs and freelancers are the most likely to do so. According to a report, 92% of freelancers work while on vacation. Going on a vacation is a good opportunity to explore and learn new things if you are into a profession that offers such flexibility and independence.

How to plan a working vacation

If you are planning to work on vacation, you must take the following procedures to ensure a successful, stress-free, and exciting vacation:

Know the rules of your workplace

When arranging a work break, your employer's vacation policies and practices are the first things to consider. Because you cannot accomplish some jobs while on vacation, some businesses permit their staff to travel and work while on holiday, while others demand that they be present the whole time the office is open.

While some companies pay their employees on vacation, others do not. Your employer's policy will determine your eligibility for this payout. This is why it is important to go through it and understand what it says about employees going on vacation.

Evaluate your needs

It is also critical to consider how your absence from work will affect your business and what needs to be done to ensure that work continues even after you have embarked on a working vacation. This may require deciding how much time you will devote to working while on vacation. It also includes everything you need to ensure you deliver flawless work during your vacation.

After assessing the required things, the following step is to obtain them and ensure that everything is in working order, as you may not be able to obtain those tools at your destination.

Look through your schedule

Your vacation work plan will influence your productivity. You must plan how you intend to spend your vacation to guarantee your leisure does not interfere with your work time. Knowing how much time you need to work and how much time you need to spend on relaxation will be simple. Taking your employer's requirements into account, you may choose to work at any time of the day, whether early in the morning or late at night.

Consider your vacation situation

It is also essential to consider your vacation condition. This requires determining if you will have access to the necessary resources to operate remotely at a certain time, such as the internet and a power source. It is also critical to determine whether your vacation destination's time zone differs from your workplace's. All of this will assist you in scheduling your work period and determining when and how to do your vacation work.

Inform your vacation partner

If you are going on vacation with someone, such as a friend or family member, you must inform them about your work situation and schedule. By discussing how you intend to spend your vacation with them, you will be able to develop a mutually agreed-upon guideline and schedule that you will adhere to during your vacation so that your vacation work does not interfere with your partner's schedule. This can help ensure that you spend enough time together throughout your vacation without interfering with your work.

Tips for an efficient working vacation

If your profession requires working during vacation time, these are directions on how to work from home vacation and still deliver excellently:

Prepare in advance

It is advisable to plan how you intend to spend your vacation time relaxing while also ensuring that it does not interfere with your productivity. The actions to take are outlined above, and following them can assist you in easily preparing for your vacation and making the most of the period.

Proper preparation is the first step toward enjoying your vacation while remotely delivering excellent work. This is the best way to ensure that your absence has no negative impact on your business.

Give room for flexibility

You should also give yourself some flexibility while working on vacation. Allow yourself adequate time to complete your work and avoid working in a rush. Rushing will reduce productivity and affect your relationship with your client or employer. Instead, prepare how you want to do a task ahead of time, and if you cannot complete it at your scheduled time, you can return to it as soon as the deadline is met.

Take adequate relaxation

The primary goal of a vacation is to relax and recharge after a stressful period at work. You should not let the fact that you still have to work on vacation rob you of this opportunity. Make time in your schedule to rest and go out with your loved ones. To avoid distractions, keeping your phone away from you during this period is advisable.

Improve your professional development

It is also important to use your vacation period to improve your skills and learn new ones that will help you advance in your job. Attend industry-related seminars, listen to podcasts, and read non-fiction books. You can utilize this time to figure out what you need to do to improve your business and get it to the next level.

Choose a suitable location

Choosing a suitable working location for your use while on vacation is crucial. Choosing a tranquil and peaceful location for your work will significantly improve your efficiency, focus, and the likelihood of finishing on time.

According to a report, 53% of respondents claimed that noise significantly affects their productivity at work. The statistics further affirm that you need to find a quiet and calm place to do your work to enhance productivity.

Use the right tool

Using the correct tools will assist you in increasing your productivity. It is critical to ensure that you have everything in place after deciding what you will need to do your work. This will make working while on vacation much easier for you. WiFi, power sources, phones, and laptops may be required. Productivity software and automated tools are also essential to easily interact with your employer, teammates, or clients.

One great tool that can automate some of your work functions and help you work efficiently while on vacation is Workee

The Workee software is designed to help freelancers, and independent professionals manage their business efficiently, whether on vacation or not. With this tool, you can issue invoices to customers, schedule meetings, connect with clients, and handle payments. You can access everything you need to engage with your employer, clients, or teammates and complete your work remotely in one location with software like this. 

Some of the Workee solutions you may need during your vacation are booking & Scheduling, Finance management, and communication tools, allowing you to interact with your co-worker, employer, or clients. You should try Workee now.


Working vacation necessitates working while on vacation; thus, it is critical to understand some of the steps necessary to organize an exciting and effective work vacation. Follow the steps suggested in this article to enjoy a highly productive and fascinating working vacation.

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Ihor, CEO at Workee

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