How to create a game changing yoga theme

Faithful yogis can attest to the wonders yoga does to the human body, both mentally and physically. Research has it that people who are actively involved in yoga have great strength, balance, and flexibility and generally live a healthier lifestyle than others.

Maybe you’re new to yoga and looking to get more committed. You’ve made a great decision! You should sign up for a class immediately and get that body moving. If you’ve been in the yoga business for a while now, you need to know what a yoga theme is.

Yoga theming will help you, either as a student or as a teacher, get the most out of your yoga experience.

What exactly does it mean to have a yoga theme?

Theming is the chord that connects the different parts of a yoga class, such as; Dhyan (Meditation), Pranayama (Breathing Practices), Asana (Positions and Postures), etc., into a complete and remarkable experience.  Yoga themes give room for students to deeply connect with themselves during the session. It also gives them a strong sense of self-awareness. By working with themes, students are able to understand better the purpose of every segment. It helps them become more immersed in the class and leave with lasting memories.

As a teacher, your yoga class theme can be changed for each class you teach and as often as you like. You could create a calendar based on the philosophies of yoga, based on music, or meteorological seasons (e.g., winter, fall, spring, etc.). Just before we dive fully into the tips for theming your yoga classes, let us look at the importance of themes for yoga classes!

Why use a yoga theme?

Whether as a student practicing from the comfort of your home or a teacher organizing a yoga class, yoga themes will always be the key to opening up your soul to the beautiful effects of yoga. Yoga themes have a way of sharpening your focus and launching you into a deep awareness and experience of yourself.

As a teacher

  • A yoga class theme helps enhance your creativity.

  • Yoga class themes give you the opportunity to share your personal and unique experiences with your students.

  • Your voice will be implanted in the hearts of your students when you make use of yoga class themes.

As a student

  • A yoga theme gives room for a deeper experience.

  • It helps you learn more about the philosophies of yoga and how to give way for the effects to come into your life.

  • It makes you familiar with more effective yoga theme ideas.

What makes a good yoga theme?

There are a few important characteristics that a good yoga class theme must have in order to have lasting effects on its students. It’s best to have them in mind so as to create the best themes for yoga classes. They include the following:

  1. A yoga class theme must be honest, relatable, and authentic.

  2. It must be simple and easy to understand.

  3. Yoga class themes must be heartfelt and accessible to students.

  4. Themes for yoga classes must be void of clichés and overused statements.

  5. Yoga class theme intentions should carry enough depth.

Now that you know the importance of using a theme for yoga classes and the characteristics of a good yoga theme, here are tips to help you come up with beautiful themes for yoga classes!

Tips for theming your yoga class

One way to come up with a great yoga theme for your class is by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. What lessons has yoga helped to teach me?

  2. What life morals and values do I hold in high esteem?

  3. What is my source of inspiration?

  4. What message or experience am I trying to relate to others?

Your answer will give you ideas for potential class themes.

Great themes for yoga classes can also be inspired by the following:

  1. Physical exercises: Themes could be gotten based on the kind of postures or physical exercises you intend to teach your class. If you have in mind to teach your class a particular Yoga posture, it could give you statements that would best express that posture. Some themes are expressed in various postures, such as strengthening the shoulders, opening the hip, lying on one’s back, etc.

  2. Yoga philosophy: You could be working on a particular aspect of yoga and decide to form a theme on that basis. A good example is a theme that has to do with the mind. This theme can be named “Letting go.”

  3. Emotion: Based on the type of emotion you want to attend to or share with your students, you can easily pick a yoga theme. A theme as simple as “Happiness” is a good example.

  4. Other fields: Yoga themes could also be chosen from fields beyond yoga practices.

  5. Past experiences: Your desired yoga theme can also be chosen from a past experience you deeply relate to.

  6. Beautiful words and quotes: Poetry is a major way people connect to their souls or a particular experience. Great themes could be formed from poetic quotes written by people.

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Now that you know just how important yoga themes are in enhancing your yoga experience, you can now feel free to explore different possibilities of a yoga theme. There are no limits to yoga. Therefore, there’s no limit to the number of themes you get to create yourself. You could get a journal where you keep records of themes you have used in your past yoga sessions and the ones you’d like to explore in the future.

Ihor, CEO at Workee

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