How to choose an effective PR strategy for your business in 2023

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Public relations (PR) is a great instrument for establishing new or improved connections between businesses and the media, the general public, and investors. For this to be achieved, a specific strategy or framework must be employed, referred to as a PR strategy. According to Entrepreneur, the most successful businesses see PR as an important part of their overall business strategy. PR is often seen as a way for fast-growing businesses to get their name out there and build their brand.

The benefits of a good pr strategy are enormous. They help companies and businesses enhance their brand identity, generate more leads, form better relationships, and get endorsements, visibility, and patronage.

Public relations tactics and strategies are not accidental. Instead, they are deliberate and aim to enhance communication in business and operations.

This article from Workee experts will examine the best pr strategies, why they are important, how to create them, and good examples of pr strategies to adapt for your business in 2023 and beyond.

Why is a PR strategy important? 

Businesses derive different benefits from their unique pr methodologies. Depending on the type of company or business, the PR plan of one company might not help another. So, it's not one size fit. But PR tactics and strategies are meant to meet the needs and wants of businesses.

Generally, public relations tactics and strategies are important to business in the following ways:

  1. A good pr strategy helps a business build better frameworks, networks, and identity with other businesses in the market.

  2. Helps to promote brand awareness

  3. Public relations tactics help a company efficiently handle crises and emergencies.

  4. They aid businesses in discovering the preferences and interests of their intended market.

  5. They aid a company in entering the market and discovering what works and doesn't.

Leveraging effective PR strategies can also aid a company in improving its standing in the industry. Additionally, it helps firms develop consumer loyalty and forge closer ties with their audience.

What PR strategies exist today?

You might be curious to learn about the best public relations strategic plan example you can emulate

The truth is there is no general overall best public relations strategic plan to emulate. Rather, there are several examples of PR strategies that you can adopt in your business. And every company must decide what works best for them. Public relations strategies exist in many forms, and some of the best pr strategy examples are:

  1. Content marketing on various digital platforms, i.e., blog

  2. Gathering customer feedback through questionnaires and forms

  3. Sharing Customer testimonials

  4. Market outreach using online forums 

  5. Active Social Media handles

  6. Use of Influencer marketing

  7. Participation in community events 

  8. Participation in industry events

  9. Social media ads (free and paid)

Leveraging free press opportunities is another effective PR technique. Likewise, mass media advertising (such as that found on TV, radio, billboards, etc.) is an excellent example of PR strategies. You may adopt any pr strategy examples above or combine them to get what you want. 

But whatever option you choose, focus on quality in your content over quantity. You are better off not creating and distributing content that doesn't drive customer interest and won't meet market needs.

How to create a PR strategy that works

Implementing a result-driven PR strategy requires effort; even more crucial, it necessitates thorough planning and a well-thought-out process. Getting it wrong can affect your brand's reputation and image.

In this section, we will outline important steps that will help you create a working PR strategy. You can also save this or bookmark this page to serve as a PR strategy template.

Identify and establish a PR objective

You don't implement a PR strategy because you feel it's important; you must have clear and established objectives that you intend to achieve. Having an objective will help you implement the right strategy that best suits your brand and audience. In setting your objectives, ensure that they align with the SMART principle to enable you to get the best results. In other words, your goals should be:

  • S - Specific

  • M - Measurable

  • A - Achievable

  • R - Relevant

  • T - Time-bound

Target the right audience

Always remember that a PR strategy is about the public, but it might not be everyone's cup of tea. So, when making a strategy, you should plan to reach out to the most important part of the public (your target audience). This will keep you from wasting your time and money on marketing to the wrong audience.

For this, here are a few recommendations:

  • Leverage customer feedback (i.e., using online channels like social media, forums, blog comments, testimonials, Reddit, radio/TV calls, etc.).

  • Study how customers interact with current PR strategies. 

  • Research your competitors' consumer outreach strategies.

  • Leverage current market trends

Draft the right message

Messaging is the holy grail of pr marketing – the more impactful it is, the better the result. To get the best out of your pr campaigns, ensure that your message is concise, relevant, and easy to understand.

Identify and adopt the right PR channel

As was previously mentioned, there are numerous examples of channels you may use to publish your PR campaign, and each one is appropriate for a particular objective. Even with excellent content, the results will undoubtedly be subpar if channels are applied incorrectly.

Conduct research to find the best medium for launching your PR campaign. For instance, knowing when to use social media or when to send a press release will suffice.

Get creative with the right media mix

Your creative (PR) materials will greatly impact how well your public relations work goes. So, when writing your public relations plans, use proper market research to find, link, and implement good ideas and concepts that will help your business succeed. Also, you can reach your target audience by adding images, graphs, and even videos related to scientific data. Be careful about the PR channel you choose because some media may not be right for some. For example, a press release should not have too many pictures, especially not too many casual images.

Measure your results

Every PR campaign has a goal. The only way to know if you've reached that goal is to measure the results and outcomes. You can tell how effective your public relations techniques are by how much and how well you get what you want from them. This can include information gathered, leads discovered, likes and shares earned, comments made, phone calls made, and so on.

The number and quality of results indicate how well your public relations techniques work. This could include information you provided, leads you received, likes and shares you received, comments you left, phone calls you made, and so on. If the outcome isn't what you expected, you could try harder or something else. You could also experiment with different approaches to see what works best.

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With Workee, you have virtually all you require to set up and manage your business easily, all in one place.


The pr strategies and examples discussed in this article are time-savers. Adopting them will hasten the attainment of your PR objectives. However, remember that none of the examples provided here are universal solutions. Some may be useful to your company, while others may not. So, be articulate in the pr strategies you choose to employ.

Finally, for your 2023 PR approach to be effective, it must be well thought out, solid market research must be conducted, and there must be a strategic framework for implementation and follow-up. With these, your business should meet its targeted pr objectives.

Ihor, CEO at Workee

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