How do personal training contracts work?

Personal training has evolved into a highly successful and necessary industry over the years. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the employment of fitness trainers and instructors will increase by 39% between 2020 and 2030, significantly faster than the national average for all occupations. Assume you've considered pursuing a career as a personal trainer because you enjoy assisting others in accomplishing their goals.

As rewarding as it is to assist others in achieving their goals, it would also be beneficial to know how to leverage your abilities in order to earn more money, which is why you must be able to create important personal training forms and documents. Workee experts explain how personal training contracts work in detail in this article.

What are these personal training documents?

Many new entrants and some inexperienced professionals in the personal training sectors are unaware of some of the personal training documents, which a client is required to sign before both parties agree to work together. 

Before allowing a new client to begin exercising with them, a personal trainer must provide them with several forms, including the Personal trainer Par-Q, personal training waiver forms, personal trainer contract forms, personal trainer medical history form, goal setting form, personal trainer client assessment form, personal trainer consent form, and personal training consent form, among others.

This Youtube video will teach you more about these forms. Some of these forms are described below and their intended use.

With a proper personal trainer intake form and personal trainer evaluation forms, you can construct a type of training that will assist your client in achieving the goal they set for themselves. There are numerous personal trainer forms for free download on the internet, so getting one for yourself should not be difficult.

What should be in a good Personal trainer contract?

Both the trainer and the client benefit from personal training contracts since they allow you and the client to agree on what to expect to assist them in achieving their goals. If you're not sure where to start, there are various personal trainer templates for free download.

It will help you and your client avoid misunderstandings and provide legal backing if you disagree. In this contract, the trainer lays forth the norms and circumstances that govern the trainer-client relationship. On the other hand, a personal trainer contract is incomplete if it does not include the following essential elements:

Term and conditions

It's an essential component of your contract that you'll discover in any personal training contract template. The regulations that will regulate the contracts will be established due to this. It is a boundary idea guideline that the client and the trainer should follow. One of the main motivations for creating a personal training contract is to avoid this. It will notify your trainee of the rules that govern your partnership, as well as the contract's boundaries for both you and your client. It should also advise them of the consequences if the agreement’s driving idea is violated.

Payment requirement

This is a vital section of your contract since it informs your clients about billing them weekly, monthly, or after achieving a specific target. This should be in your contract to avoid misunderstandings and to determine whether the client will be able to pay on time or not. It is critical to reaching an agreement on this before beginning the training session. Many personal trainers eventually go bankrupt because they did not notify clients about how they will be billed and expected to pay.

Scheduling and cancellation

Personal trainers set out time for each of their clients, which must be adhered to by both the trainer and the client. It is extremely advised that you include in your contract the time you and your client will meet for training and the procedure the client must follow if the meeting must be canceled. The cancellation policy is what it's called. This is where you'll say if your client must give you 24-hour notice if they need to cancel and how much of a fine they'll have to pay if they don't show up for a scheduled appointment. This, however, is dependent on your choice.

Contract termination

The contract termination clause is another critical aspect of your contract. It is the section you expect you or your client to take if they need to cancel the contract between the two of you. It also states the conditions that may prompt you to move for contract termination, such as chronically missing appointments or refusing to pay for services rendered. It is also critical to specify what the client can expect if you decide to end the contract.


This is the section where the trainer explains what the contract covers and what it does not cover. For example, the trainer is responsible for ensuring that the client completes the essential training to improve the client's well-being.

Nonetheless, the trainer has no control over the training outcome, which the contract does not address. You should clearly state the warranties to avoid misunderstandings between the trainer and the client.

Legal Costs and Dispute Settlement

The main purpose of the personal training contract is to avoid any misunderstandings or arguments; nonetheless, the contract includes a section labeled Dispute Resolution and Legal Fees in case the trainer and the customer have any disagreements. The trainer and the client are at odds, and it's up to the consultant to figure out how to make things right. This is an important aspect of any contract because it protects you if your client misunderstands something and decides to sue you.


It is critical to have a strong personal trainer contract. Nonetheless, we live in a digital world where smart solutions that automate practically every interaction you wish to have with your consumer are essential. This is why many personal trainers select from a wide range of software that assists with client management, scheduling, and billing. So, suppose you are a personal trainer who wants to integrate solutions that will improve your client interactions while increasing your income and client management. In that case, Workee is a recommended platform to try because it includes everything you may need to succeed in your journey to becoming one of the best personal trainers anyone would want to train with.

It is a platform allowing trainers to work with clients online through video links, which includes a calendar for booking classes, a video link, and billing for services. Online tax payment is available immediately. You may try it all now for free on a free modern website.

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