Highly lucrative freelance jobs for beginners

The realization that people could efficiently carry on with their work from the comfort of their homes or remote locations was one of the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic on people's work lives worldwide. Due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, professionals became more aware of the possibility of working from home or remotely. And even now that these restrictions have been relaxed, many people are still considering quitting their 9 to 5 jobs in favor of freelancing as a viable alternative. Many people are now thinking of freelance ideas that are best suited for them.

Freelancing has taken center stage in the job market. Employers and clients are increasingly receptive to outsourcing work to individuals in remote locations. Additionally, the desire for a work-life balance has drawn many professionals to freelancing jobs. To put the sector's growth into perspective, studies reveal that in 2021 approximately 35% of nine-to-fivers became full-time freelancers. Another study found that 58% of non-freelancers are exploring freelance job ideas for the future.

If you're new to freelancing or looking to expand your freelancing horizon, this article from Workee experts discusses everything you need to know in detail.

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What is the art of freelancing?

Freelancing enables you to offer full services to a client without being a full-time employee. It is a kind of self-employment in which a person undertakes long-term or short-term projects for a client or clients. Freelancing offers a convenient way to earn money while honing your craft, especially for beginners. It is a cost-effective method for employers to get work done. Additional expenditures associated with full-time work such as salaries, persons, health coverage, and hazard allowances that come with full-time employment are eliminated.

Upsides of freelancing

  • Flexibility in work schedule.

  • Freelancing allows working with clients from around the world.

  • Freelancing connects clients with experts in a given field for less money.

  • Through freelancing, a person can find their niche.

  • There is no limit to the different roles freelancers can take.

Downsides of freelancing

  • High rate of competition.

  • The inconsistent flow of projects.

  • Low pay offer from clients.

Freelance jobs for beginners

As a newbie, you have probably asked yourself, what species of freelance work am I cut out for? It is important to know that there are different types of freelance jobs, and irrespective of your choice, finding clients is of paramount consideration. And as such, it is best if you streamline your skillset to services that command high patronage. Let's examine some freelancing jobs for beginners that may pique your interest, shall we?

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Copywriting involves writing ad copies for businesses and promotional content for clients. A lot of people today seek information on the internet. Companies are leveraging this to capture the attention of potential customers with eye-catching adverts. This has put copywriters in high demand. Copywriting is one of the easy jobs a beginner freelancer can do since the skill required is minimal. There is content to be written all over the internet. Copywriting is one of the most popular jobs for beginners available. You don't have to be a literary genius to be a copywriter because it is different from academic writing. In copywriting, the aim is to get people to act on what you have written by buying a product or trying out a service.

Copy editor

In writing content for brands, typographical errors may occur. An expert in grammar and proofreading can earn money by correcting typographical errors. Publishing houses, digital companies, and content-producing firms all need editors to make their work error-proof. Copy editing is a beginner-friendly gig due to the minimal skills involved. A keen eye for detail and the ability to restructure sentences to comply with grammar rules are enough to be a copy editor.


Bloggers write content for blog websites. A blogger can make money by writing on his blog and collaborating with corporate partners who sponsor them. Writing engaging material is a prerequisite for a successful blogging career. Blogging is a freelance job beginner can do from home.

Social media manager

The rise of social media to inform and entertain people, especially the younger generation, has driven brands to formulate an organized approach toward social media. The company informs the public of the latest offerings and promotions through social media. If you have a good sense of humor and can write witty statements, you may consider being a social media manager. It's one of the easiest freelance jobs to do. For a beginner who spends much time on social media, you can consider being a social media manager for brands looking to engage with the public.


Online tutor

Do you have in-depth knowledge about a subject? Can you educate people about it? Tutoring is a great easy online freelance job to engage in. You can reach many people on different continents, teaching them and making money while at it. Like a school teacher, you need to design a course and have a feedback mechanism to cater to each student. You can also consider private tutoring on subjects such as nutrition and health.

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App developer

Software development is a goldmine in freelancing. The gigs available to app developers on freelance sites are huge. Companies and small-scale enterprises constantly need apps to give them visibility and optimize their products. Being a freelance app developer means that you have the chance to sharpen your skills when you work with top brands or collaborate with other developers. App development is one of the IT freelance projects a beginner can engage in.

Remote assistants

Top executives and celebrities need personal assistants to organize their itinerary, schedule their meetings, and respond to their emails, among other duties. This is where remote assistants come in. You can practically be a secretary without moving out of your house. Being a remote assistant is one freelance job you can do without prior experience. The skills needed are simply organization, multitasking, and writing summaries. It is considered one of the easy freelance jobs for beginners.

Personal trainer

One of the freelance jobs you can do from home is being an online personal trainer who can offer fitness services to people. The shutdown of gyms during the peak of the pandemic led to personal trainers taking their lessons online for the benefit of their clients. This can help the client maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.


For beginners who speak more than one official language, translation is easy to make money. Companies and individuals are collaborating more with other entities from other countries. These companies need the services of someone who understands the language of their partners for ease of communication. You can translate contracts, documents, articles, etc. Moreover, you can transcribe speech in one language into another language.

Start your freelancing journey with Workee

Graphic designer

Today, many brands are looking for means to make their products and services as visually appealing as possible. This perhaps explains why graphic designers are in demand for the services they offer. If you know how to make beautiful designers with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator tools, you can get freelance jobs on sites like Upwork. You don't have to be an expert at graphic design as most companies need simple graphics or logo designs for their products.

Asides from the niches mentioned above, there's an exhaustive list of freelance jobs you can do. You can look into others like illustration, photography, transcribing, voiceover acting, and more. It all depends on you!

How to get started as a freelancer

One of the secrets to getting well-paying freelance jobs is to have a professional-looking website to showcase your skills. You may have the best freelance ideas, but you have to be able to get your services out there. You need a website to help with automated payments and a calendar feature to book sessions with clients.

Workee is the platform to get your personal website up and running in no time. Workee is a work management system that enables professionals to manage their business while connecting with clients over the internet.

You get a one-month free trial with features such as a modern website, video links, invoicing services, and other CRM features. With Workee handling the technology for you, all you have to do is focus on your clients.


The freedom from taking on freelance jobs ensures that you can control your schedule and earn a good income. Having a professional website will make you stand out from the other freelancers and attract top clients to yourself. Freelancing will continue to grow due to its many advantages to freelancers and clients. Find what you are good at, and with Workee, you can start your freelancing journey and get your freelance ideas to the world.

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