Everything you need to become a beauty consultant

Did you know that on average most beauty consultants make $29 an hour in the US? That's $59,490 annually!

Being a beauty consultant is unquestionably one of the professions that can be, at the very least, gratifying. After all, skincare, cosmetics, and fashion are all the rage right now! We all appreciate a good skincare or make-up review or recommendation. So, if you're a huge fan of the beauty industry gossip or are passionate about trying new products on the market and sharing your thoughts with loved ones, you should certainly consider earning money doing something you enjoy, whether professionally or as a side hustle! So, if you are interested in how to become a beauty consultant, this Workee article will show you how. Keep reading!

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What is a beauty consultant?

A beauty consultant gives advice and sells make-up and skincare products. They give thorough, tailored care to each client to assist them in meeting their beauty and health goals by recommending the finest products to enhance their overall look regardless of age, lifestyle, or skin type.

In the past, beauty consultants worked mostly for department shops and beauty brands, promoting and educating customers on using these products to improve their personal appearance. Nowadays, most beauty consultants run their private consulting firms online.

What is the job description of a beauty consultant?

  1. An individual in this profession provides expert guidance on the proper usage of cosmetics and skincare products.

  2. It includes the planning and execution of various beauty/cosmetic procedures.

  3. It entails professional make-up artistry.

  4. A beauty consultant is also responsible for maximizing product sales.

  5. Additional responsibilities of a beauty consultant include fashion recommendations and advice on how to walk, speak, and dress to boost your image.

How much does a beauty consultant earn?

As a general rule, a consultant's pay is heavily influenced by factors such as years of experience, educational background, and place of employment. Also, running your own business may impact your higher salary. Having said that, the typical hourly wage for a beauty consultant varies from $13.56 to $43.08, according to Indeed.

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How to become a beauty consultant

Be passionate

A passion for your work is a prerequisite for this job. You must be passionate enough to recognize beauty in everyone, recognize the features that can be enhanced by various beauty tricks, and find tactics to conceal flaws in certain circumstances.

Get an education

If you're considering a career as a beauty consultant, one of the first things you should consider is the level of education required. While there are no specific educational qualifications for becoming a beauty consultant, it is usually a good idea to have some cosmetics training and customer service or sales experience. The truth is, you are a beauty salesperson; therefore, having a background in sales or customer service will be a huge asset.

Be adaptable and flexible

Working in the beauty industry requires a thorough understanding of the latest trends in cosmetics, skincare, and fashion. Because the cosmetics and beauty products market is always changing, it's imperative that you stay up to date. When you stay current, you can be more creative, take advantage of popular trends, and set yourself apart from the competition.

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Communication and interpersonal skills are important

Working as a beauty or make-up consultant requires a high verbal communication proficiency and an eye for detail. This helps cultivate a relationship with your customers, resulting in more sales and achieving your goals. These skills come in handy when persuading clients to test your goods or when you're doing product demos to show off your product's effectiveness or explain treatments. It is also important to keep learning and honing these skills.

Appearance is key

In this line of work, appearance is everything. As a beauty consultant, you must be so conscious of your appearance. Looking good is good business. People will only buy what you are selling if they see proof that it works. Therefore, it is advisable to have a good eye for fashion and a good sense of personal style.

Market your skills

If you have completed the steps mentioned above, it is time to focus on your brand. Having a website is the best approach. A website is a valuable marketing tool that enables you to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate your professionalism. On this plaform, you can clearly display your credentials, showcase your expertise, and position your business strongly in search results, among other things.

Workee is an all-in-one solution designed for consultants looking to manage their work their work efficiently and thrive in an increasingly competitive industry. With Workee, you can build your professional website for free. You do not even need to be a tech savvy individual to use this solution. There are already pre-designed templates, colors, and fonts available to suit your brand. Another very valuable and necessary skill in this field is time management, the ability to organize our clients' orders and availability. Workee also has you covered in this regard. It includes booking and scheduling features that allow you to schedule sessions and send clients automated reminders. You may also use Workee to connect to your favorite video tools or make calls with the Workee video calls feature. You will also need to complete transactions for beauty goods and accept payments on a regular basis. Workee integrates with secure payment methods, ensuring that your customers make payments in rapid time. This solution also allows you to handle all of your taxes, among other things.

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