Digital nomad jobs – The new norm

The pandemic affected every industry. However, it did introduce the world to the internet's limitless opportunities. Numerous professionals had to adjust to the new norm of working from home. However, it was just another day at work for those who worked remotely before the pandemic. They could work and earn from any location, at any time, as long as they had a laptop, a tablet, and a reliable internet connection.

As places began to reopen, many professionals started looking for new ways to go on trips while working. Some vacation destinations even started opening opportunities for people to travel and work. Of course, anyone will appreciate an offer to lounge on a beach while working. This article by Workee experts explains everything you need to know about digital nomads, digital nomad jobs, and where to look for them.

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Who are digital nomads?

People have lived a nomadic lifestyle as far back as the dawn of time. Nomadic tribes roamed and hunted together for thousands of years before their way of life became extinct. This lifestyle has become a thing in recent years and fast becoming the new normal. A digital nomad carries out work engagements from a remote location. Digital nomads can work either full-time or part-time, but majorly on a location-independent basis. This simply means they are always on the move and can work from any location. Typically anywhere can be their workspace; restaurants, coffee shops, public libraries, or even on a bus while on transit.

What are digital nomad jobs?

Digital nomad jobs, as the name implies, are jobs that can be done while moving from one location to another. They are called location-independent jobs because they rely on internet connectivity and smart devices to function.

What jobs are digital nomad approved?

Now you have an idea of who a digital nomad is and the nature of their work, the next important question that needs an answer is this: as a digital nomad, what kind of jobs are suitable for me? Below we will look at some of the best digital nomad jobs you can do.

Software development

This is probably one of the most prominent nomadic jobs as a digital nomad. However, it requires some form of technical skills to perform, but it gives you the luxury of working from anywhere of your choice while solving real-life issues. As a software developer, you can work as a web developer or a mobile app developer, depending on your area of interest and skill set. The average income of a software developer in the US is $85,700. As a beginner, you may start at $22,000 annually at $41 hourly and then grow to as high as $149,000 when you become a senior software developer.

Thrive as a digital nomad with Workee!

Online tutoring

Do you enjoy impacting others with knowledge but are still confused about the digital nomad jobs to consider? Then online tutoring could be the best bet for you. You can consider teaching various languages like English, French, Dutch, etc., from any part of the world. Online tutoring is one of the best nomad jobs you can do without needing any technical skills. If you are considering building a nomad career in online tutoring, you can earn an average of $43,900 annually. Depending on the number of students you have, you can earn as much as $64,000 annually.

Virtual assistant

One of the best digital nomad jobs is the virtual assistant job. A virtual assistant is a remote administrative assistant or office manager who offers clients administrative services. Some of the tasks performed by a virtual assistant include scheduling meetings, making phone calls, making transport arrangements, and managing email and social media accounts. Depending on the client's needs, it could be creative or technical tasks like writing sales copies, marketing ads, or data entries. Depending on your schedule, a virtual assistant job could be done as a full-time or part-time task, and the pay is quite great. According to ZipRecruiter, virtual assistant earns between $15,000- $67,115 yearly at $32 per hour. 


Aside from being among the best nomad jobs available, blogging is also among the highest-paying job choices for digital nomads. The growth of digitalization and reliance on the internet for information has seen successful bloggers racking up millions of dollars from creating and selling content on their blog platforms. If you want a taste of the blogging waters, you can begin by creating a blog website to share your travel adventures with your online followers. You may gradually boost site traffic and broaden your social media reach. Your blog may take some time to get popularity, but you start to gain constant followership by consistently posting interesting content. As you grow, you may decide to convert your blogging to full-time employment. If you decide to build a nomad career in blogging, you could be making anything between $19,500 to $80,500 per year. It all depends on your niche, consistency, and traffic rates. The more traffic goes into your blogging page, the more money you make.

Thrive as a digital nomad with Workee!

Content writing

Writing is another location independent high-paying nomad job preferred by most remote nomads. As a writer who knows his onions, you can never run out of jobs to do while traveling. The growth of digitalization and the need to meet the information demand of surfers has created a constant need for informative content. And guess who creates these contents? Yes, Writers. As a content writer, you can create sales copies, website copies, blog posts, and articles to aid companies with their advertising. When working as a writer, ensure you choose a writing niche that aligns with your interest or knowledge field. A content writer earns between $43,000 to $83,000 per year, with an average income of $60,000.

Graphic designing

Graphic designing is one of the top digital jobs you can consider when taking up nomadic jobs. Graphic designing, like freelance writing, allows you to work remotely without any location restrictions. As a graphic designer, you can work on various design and development projects in your area of specialization. Some graphic designers specialize in logo design. Others work on designing advertisement materials like flyers, banners, etc. You can work at print houses, advertising agencies, television and broadcasting, and multimedia companies as a graphic designer. For US-based graphic designers, the pay is over $72,700 a year, with an average salary of $48,294. Depending on your level of expertise and work relationship, it could be more since you can work for multiple companies and organizations simultaneously.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a pay-for-performance marketing model in which affiliates known as affiliate marketers are paid a fee or commission to generate traffic or lead to a company's products. Here, you get compensated for every sale raked in by your marketing tactics. As an affiliate marketer, you can work from anywhere without restrictions. You only need good gadgets and an internet connection to get started.

As an affiliate marketer, you can earn anything from $11,000 to $400,000 annually. It all balls down to your level of expertise, geographical location, and years of experience in the field.

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Digital entrepreneurship

Digital entrepreneurship involves running a business on the internet selling goods or services or products online without needing a physical location or office. A digital entrepreneurship business is a business that thrives solely online, and they include running an eCommerce store, Youtube channels, etc. Other jobs for digital nomads jobs you may want to check out include:

  • Consultancy

  • Social media manager

  • Data entry

  • Dropshipping

  • Digital marketer

  • SEO manager

Where to find digital nomad jobs

As a digital nomad, getting stranded means not having a gig to work on. And this can be quite unpleasant. Nonetheless, we have put together a list of market places where you can find some of the best digital nomad jobs while on-the-go. Check through any of the following digital nomad marketing places, and you might just land yourself a new gig.

  • Upwork

  • Fiverr

  • Glassdoor

  • Digital Nomad

  • FlexJobs

  • Contena

  • Virtual Vacation

  • Working Nomads

  • We Work Remotely

  • Workew

  • Remotees

  • Job Rack

  • Gigers

  • My Work Hive

Thrive as a digital nomad with Workee

In a digital-centric world, what gives you an edge over the next nomad is your efficiency in job delivery and the quality of your relationship with your clients. Imagine missing out on an important job contract because you forgot an appointment. You can keep tabs on all your clients and even reach more clients without much stress, thanks to technological advances. To achieve this, you need Workee.

Workee is an all-in-one client management platform optimized to help you work more efficiently and even scale up your business as a digital nomad. Here are ways Workee can help you efficiently manage your workflow as a digital nomad:

  • Workee helps you manage and schedule meetings with your clients, allowing you to attend to more clients efficiently.

  • Workee helps you build and efficiently manage client relations using in-built CRM.

  • With Workee, you can manage your tax payment routine without any hassle.

  • Workee makes it easy for your clients to make purchases directly from you. Also, your clients get issued simple invoices when they pay for services.

  • It helps you develop a personal website where clients can directly schedule online video sessions with you. Interestingly, you don't need to code to achieve that, and it also doesn't take much of your time.

Wrap up

Nomadic lifestyle jobs are slowly becoming the new normal as more employees leave their 9-5 jobs to pursue location-independent jobs that allow them to move around freely and have more control over their work time. A study found that more than 15 million Americans are digital nomads. While this is great, if you do not know how and where to find stable jobs to keep you earning, you may find yourself financially stranded. Feel free to conduct additional research to find suitable nomad jobs or look into the marketplaces mentioned above; you may find stable jobs that you can do remotely. Everything is up to you. As a digital nomad, you also need tools like Workee to help you organize and manage your business dealings. Workee allows you to expand your business's reach and handle more clients without a sweat.

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