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Education has progressed beyond the boundaries of classrooms, school buildings, and designated teachers. Learning may be done on the move and conveniently, thanks to the internet. Tutors are no longer required to work in a formal school setting when they can offer their courses online. In recent years, the world has observed an influx in the online tutoring industry.

According to forecasts, The global e-learning industry will reach $243 billion by 2022 and $325 billion by 2025. Given the industry's growing tendency, the most important aspect of selling digital courses is developing a plan to distinguish your course from the billions of others accessible.

Do you want to learn how to be a successful online instructor and sell your courses as soon as you publish them? This Workee article will show you how to effortlessly and effectively sell online courses that stand out, even in an industry with heavy competition.

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How to create and sell online courses quickly

Many beginners are usually unclear about how to create and sell online courses even when passionate about them. Below are some tips to consider while creating or in the process of planning to offer online courses:

Choose a precise niche

Starting an online course necessitates determining the field you are willing to target and regularly creating online courses in that niche. It's one of the most crucial factors when producing courses for sale.

It's ideal for keeping your focus as narrow as possible while creating an online course. Because picking a broad specialization will result in more workload, competition, and a lack of efficiency and quality output. Focusing on a niche will help you decrease the number of competitors and produce quality courses that will significantly influence the sale of your course.

Choose an appropriate topic

The subject you choose will also impact how well the course sells. It is not difficult to develop a topic, but you must be extremely cautious while choosing one.

If you're unsure of what to teach, undertake thorough research in your chosen field, or ask a few of your close friends or students what courses they expect you to build and what topics they want you to cover. This will allow you to understand your learners' needs better.

Prepare your course outline

Before producing the course, you need to prepare an outline for it. This necessitates the creation of a teaching sequence for the topic you want to teach. The intricacy of the modules or the context may affect how you outline the course modules.

If you're producing courses that aren't structured or ordered, offer an introduction part that instructs the student on how to browse the course to reduce ambiguity.

Create and sell online courses on Workee!

Produce your course

This stage necessitates a significant amount of media production and visualizing all the topics you intend to cover in your online course.

Reframing already produced information to make it useful is the most effective way of creating an online course. This will aid in delivering excellent material for your learners or future course buyers.

Choose your course host

The next stage is to decide where to sell the online courses when you've created them. This is the website or platform for prospective learners or buyers to explore and enroll in the courses.

Choosing the correct host for your course is critical. It is advisable to be cautious while constructing one since one of the things that will influence its success is the simplicity with which it can be accessed.

You can host your courses in one of four ways:

  • Self-hosting: This is when you are hosting your courses by yourself on your website purposely created for the courses. This may require a lot of capital and technical skills, but it allows you to manage your courses without sharing the income with anyone.

  • Online courses platforms: These platforms offer you everything you'll need to get your course selling business up and running. The features offered by this platform include hosting and promotion of your courses.

  • Online course marketplaces: These platforms will host your course and collect a certain percentage of the revenue you generate through it. The major demerit of these is the restrictive policies they have.

  • Workee: You can connect with your clients and students and teach your classes by integrating your favorite call with Workee or directly through Workee video calls.

Make video calls with Workee

Determine the price

Another significant challenge when developing an online course is determining a suitable price. Keep in mind that you don't want to overpay for the value you're delivering when selecting how much you'll collect in return for your course. Simultaneously, we advise you to try not to offer outrageously cheap fees to prevent presenting your course as worthless. Consider the following considerations when selecting the optimum pricing for your course:

  • Amount spent on developing a course.

  • Competitor's price.

  • The buyer's buying power.

There are two main approaches for billing your course clients, which are as follows.

  • One-time fee: This approach requires you to charge your student or prospective course client a one-time price that should be paid before the learner can access the course.

  • Recurring: This strategy entails continually invoicing your student regularly. Payments can be made on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Create and sell online courses on Workee!

Create an effective marketing strategy

Understanding how to promote your course is essential; simply creating one is insufficient. In this context, marketing entails keeping in touch with potential learners and selling online courses to them. The following are actions that must be taken to sell your online course: 

  • Strong social media usage: According to Statista, there are presently 4.2 billion worldwide social media users, demonstrating that social media is vital for reaching people. This strategy can help you reach a large number of people that are willing to purchase your course.

  • Proper email usage: Email is now an important technique for attracting new customers. Selling online courses will be easy if you put them to good use. You may send reminders, offers, a summary of interesting lessons, etc., to your email list periodically.

  • Personal website: The importance of having a personal website where you can promote your course cannot be underrated when it comes to marketing. Having a website for your online courses will aid in boosting sales.

If you want to develop a site to help manage your online tutoring business and enable you to sell your new courses, Workee is a platform to consider. It is a platform that offers professionals a personalized website with inbuilt business management tools to help facilitate work processes. While Workee sets up the website for you in just about 5 mins, it also gives you room for easy customization and branding.

With Workee, you can work with clients through video messaging, schedule consultations and classes, and bill for services rendered. 


To provide online classes, you'll need to understand the basics of marketing, and we also strongly recommend that you have a personalized website. Adopting the Workee business management solution is crucial, and you should put it to the test right now to boost your online course sales.

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