6 best online therapy apps to improve self-care

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 40% of people in the U.S. struggle with mental health or substance abuse issues. This shows that many people, especially in the U.S., need immediate rehabilitation for personal well-being and to fit into society properly. 

Sadly, there is a shortage of therapists in the U.S., and many adults in the U.S. can’t find help because of a shortage of therapists, which is where online therapy apps come to the rescue. Online therapy apps provide people with a convenient and easily accessible solution for self-support. In today’s episode, I present the best online therapy site and apps available, their features, benefits, and cons, and how to leverage them for your therapeutic needs.

What is an online therapy app?

An online therapy app is a digital solution, software, tool, or platform that allows users to connect with licensed therapists for mental health support. These apps have therapeutic features - for efficient communication with therapists, like video calls, chat-based sessions, and self-guided resources. Thus, these apps help people receive therapy conveniently and comfortably remotely. 

Key features and benefits of online therapy apps

Online therapy sites or apps aim to overcome barriers to traditional in-person therapy by offering flexibility, accessibility, and convenience. 

Below are some key feature and benefits of therapeutic apps:

  1. Ease in scheduling appointments with remote therapists.

  2. Users get therapy at their preferred time.

  3. Self-assessments and self-care tools.

  4. Cheaper compared to in-person therapy sessions. 

Online therapy apps vs. traditional in-person therapy

Studies have found face-to-face video psychotherapy visits and other mental health sessions to be as effective as in-person encounters. Also, a recent study shows that compared to traditional therapy, online therapy services (followed by face-to-face treatment) reduce the treatment cost by up to 39%

So, if you need the best online counseling and quality therapeutic services while saving costs, online therapy services and leveraging online therapy apps are the way to go.

The best online therapy apps for 2023

Based on popularity, features, reputation, and pricing, here are the top therapy apps to consider in 2023.

1. BetterHelp

BetterHelp is a popular online therapy platform providing fast connections to licensed counselors or therapists worldwide. With BetterHelp, you can opt for 30- or 45-minute video, phone, or live texting sessions once a week. Also, you can message your therapist between sessions, with responses typically within 24 hours. In addition to therapy, BetterHelp subscribers can access helpful features like a journaling tool and group webinars.

Key Features:

  1. It can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection

  2. They have vas various pricing plans for subscriptions by all classes or people.

  3. You can schedule sessions at your convenience and get therapy despite your busy schedule.

  4. You can remain anonymous if you prefer, so you can feel comfortable sharing your personal information with your therapist.

2. ReGain

Regain is a platform for online couples therapy, providing a connection to licensed therapists or counselors for you and your partner. Through ReGain, you can engage in weekly therapy sessions lasting 30 minutes, conducted via video, phone, or live texting. In addition to the sessions, ReGain offers a chatroom shared between you, your partner, and the therapist, enabling messaging between sessions. The subscription includes valuable features such as a journal space and access to group webinars, enhancing your therapeutic experience.

Key Features:

  1. It’s specifically suited for couples.

  2. Provides Couples therapy with licensed therapists

  3. Flexible communication options: video, phone, or live texting

  4. Shared chatroom for ongoing support

  5. Journal space for reflection

  6. Access to group webinars for additional resources

  7. Subscription costs depend on where you live 

  8. They don’t currently have a three-way calling.

3. Talkspace

Talkspace provides some of the best online therapy services in mental health therapy. Talkspace is a leading therapy app that brings mental health support directly to your fingertips. With Talkspace, you can connect with licensed therapists through a convenient and secure platform. Whether facing personal challenges, seeking guidance, or simply looking to prioritize your well-being, Talkspace offers accessible and confidential therapy sessions that fit your busy lifestyle. 

The app has many communication options, including text, voice, and video, allowing you to connect with your therapist conveniently. Experience the benefits of professional therapy from the comfort and privacy of your environment with Talkspace.

Key Features:

  1. Access to licensed therapists

  2. Convenient communication

  3. Secure and confidential platform

  4. Flexible scheduling

  5. Diverse therapy options

  6. Quick matching process

  7. Unlimited messaging

4. 7 Cups

7 Cups, also known as 7 Cups of Tea, is a text-based mental wellness app and therapy platform. 7 Cups’ most prominent feature is its expansive community discussion boards. In these community forums, you can connect with others going through similar situations and give each other advice, encouragement, or anything else you may find helpful.

Key Features:

  1. Provides a community with numerous topic-specific discussion boards (forums) and group chats (like chat rooms) to explore, connect, and interact with other like-minded people.

  2. They have an AI Chatbot, Noni, which helps users navigate the website or app or guide users through various activities in its chat room.

  3. They provide asynchronous texting with a therapist, which is excellent for people with varied schedules and who need the option to text as needed on their own time.

5 Online-Therapy.com

Online-Therapy.com is an online therapy platform that operates on a subscription-based model, providing individual and couples counseling services. Subscriptions include the option for text-only therapy or a combination of texting and live therapy sessions. 

The platform focuses exclusively on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which has proven effective in addressing various mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, and more. Online-Therapy.com offers subscription plans ranging from $200 to $440 per month (advertised as $50 to $110 weekly), depending on the chosen subscription. It's important to note that Online-Therapy does not currently accept insurance.

Key Features:

  1. They have numerous subscription plans suitable for different client needs and budgets.

  2. They have robust communication and networking features, like a texting feature, a CBT program with interactive worksheets, yoga and meditation videos, and a journal.

  3. Accessible worldwide and with any device.

  4. Easy to use and navigate website.

6 Cerebral

Cerebral is an online mental health platform that operates on a subscription model, providing therapy and psychiatry services to individuals aged 18 and older across the United States. Therapy sessions are 45 minutes long, while initial psychiatry appointments last 30 minutes. 

You have the flexibility to attend appointments via video or phone call. After signing up, you can choose your provider from the selection available. Cerebral offers various subscription plans with monthly costs ranging from $99 to $325, depending on your selected program.

Key Features:

  1. Online platform for therapy and psychiatry services

  2. Flexible subscription plans.

  3. Flexible appointment options: video or phone

  4. Choose your provider

  5. Subscription-based model for convenience

  6. The alcohol treatment program is not available nationwide.

Tip: Online therapy apps have therapy and homework features based on cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, which may only fit some well. So, consider and be sure that the part fits your peculiar need or situation before subscribing to these therapeutic apps. 

Online Therapy Apps are not Physician Replacers!

Are you thinking of sacking your therapist because of these therapeutic apps?

That wouldn’t be a good idea!

Online therapy apps emerged not to replace but to supplement, connect with, or stand in for the services of traditional therapists when these professionals are unavailable.  

So, you still need your therapist. 

Use the apps as self-care apps to help you manage your health and general well-being by connecting you directly with a professional therapist and others. These apps greatly help to supplement the therapist when they are not around and are not to replace the therapist. 


The emergence of online therapy apps has revolutionized mental health support, providing people worldwide with a convenient, accessible, and personalized way to prioritize well-being. These innovative platforms allow therapists to connect with clients, provide remote therapy, and manage their businesses efficiently. As a therapist, integrating Workee into your workflow can immensely help you manage your clients remotely and save time on easily automated tasks like invoicing, client appointments, and payment processing. You can get started for free with the Workee Starter plan, and if you like what you see, consider the Workee Pro plan to unlock even more benefits. 

Ihor, CEO at Workee

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