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Thanks to technological advancements, distance is no longer an issue for working professionals. You can hold video chats, virtual meetings with clients or coworkers, and even interviews from anywhere on the planet. However, there may be "oh-no" moments when our cameras aren't up to the task, and no one wants to remain on a video call with a blurry image because it's too distracting. According to CMU research, video quality has a significant impact on engagement.

So, how do you improve video quality if you don't have a good laptop camera or have to communicate in a hazy environment? What you need is a good laptop light!

Even if you have excellent cameras, a laptop light is essential because it can come in handy when you least expect it and can help illuminate your surroundings for better visuals. In this Workee article, we will discuss the best light for video conferencing on a laptop and some major lighting tips to help you make the best impression. 

Best lighting with examples?

There are numerous lighting options available in the market, and the best choice mostly depends on your preferences. However, here are some of our favorite choices of laptop lights for video conferencing.

1. Cyezcor video conference kit


This is one of the best video conference lights, and it comes with three color temperatures; white light, warm light, and natural light. The color temperature is 3200k by 6800k, five levels of brightness adjustment, and 48 led lamp beads with 10 watts brightness. 

Rather than clipping a light directly to the face of the screen, this is an excellent choice as it can be supported by an adjustable arm that clamps to the screen. Thus making it easy to adjust, rotate, and move the light wherever best suits your situation. Since it is small, very portable, and light, you can widely use it for remote online work video conferences, zoom calls, self-broadcasts, live streaming, and much more.

2. Nexmee video conferencing light


This stands out as the best warm lighting video conferencing light in 2022. Nexmee comes with three light modes, ten levels of brightness, and a wider range of brightness that will allow you to adjust the most suitable lighting infinitely. It doesn't provide glare or shadows but offers a perfect light for video conferencing, live streaming, zoom calls, or online class. An optical lens solution that utilizes exclusive patented technology can make this lighting the only one that protects your eyes from solid light without soft diffusers, eye strain, and headaches from bright lights. 

3. Lume Cube portable lighting kit plus+


This is lighting kit is pretty cool and affordable too. At just about $69.95, the Lume Cube video conferencing lighting will provide you with a USB cable for charging the built-in battery, a small led light panel with an attachable silicone diffuser, and a suction cup mount to attach the light to the back of your device. You can adjust the color temperature and brightness of the light to get your perfect skin tones and match your environment. The built-in frosted lens and additional white diffuser allow you to soften your light and get that professional glow that is great for working from home, zoom meetings, or video conferences. 

4. Neewar 660 RGB LED video light kit with app control


Best with filters. If you want a video lighting setup for a fair price, this 5600k USB-led video light is an excellent choice designed to be a compact setup for zoom meetings, skype calls, etc. Neewar delivers a soft, flattering light that will show you or your subject at their best. You can keep the led light powered via a USB wall charger or power strip for long-term use. To spark your creative impulses, Neewar also includes eight filters with four colors (white, yellow, blue, and red) that allow you to create colorful lighting effects for live streaming. 

5. Qiaya Selfie ring light


A traveling buddy and best for portability, this selfie ring light from Qiaya could be an ideal video and photo lighting tool. Qiaya spreads even brightness and brightens up your face with its three adjustable brightness levels. You can capture beautiful, high-quality pictures like those captured by a professional camera. Coming with a compact USB cable, it will also help you avoid the fuss of constant battery replacement. It is durable in construction, easy to use, and due to its small pocket size and highly compact design, you can carry it around wherever you go. 

Top tips for looking good and finding the best video lighting

Getting your video conference lighting and Looking the part is paramount during a video call. Below are some tips to help you look as professional as possible during your call.

  • Look smart; look the part

When you are on a video call, whatever is from your chest up is all that is showing. So what matters is whatever you have on the top. You want to appear on camera the same way that you appear in person; you want to look professional as you have a certain image that you are portraying. You must dress to look the part. 

It is absolutely fine to wear your pajama pants to be comfortable. But on top, you want to keep whatever top that you would normally wear in person to the office. Always keep it business casual. 

Be mindful of the colors you wear on camera, as some colors have an optical effect on the camera and don't help you stand out nicely. If you normally wear makeup when you go to the office, keep it consistent. For the guys, maintain a clean-shaven look. Do whatever you need to do; make sure you feel comfortable, and look clean and neat

If you are unsure how to dress the part for your zoom meeting, check this Workee article to get it right.

  • Light from the front, not behind

Because of how shadows are cast, the degree to which you appear three-dimensionally will vary depending on the direction that light travels in relation to the camera. Lighting might come from the front, the side, or the back. When an object is backlit intensely, it often has a silhouetted appearance. The opposite side is cast into darkness when the subject is lit from the sides. Using frontal lighting is advised and beneficial because it sheds light uniformly, making it easy to gauge exposure. 

  • Find your lighting angles

Getting the right angle for your lighting is an important aspect of video conferencing you want to keep in mind. When it comes to lighting, you want to ensure that you sit in front of a big open window rather than in a dark, dingy room. Ensure that the light is in front of your face, coming at you so that it illuminates your face and the background behind you. If the window isn't light enough, then you want to have other types of lights on and ideally turn them so that they face you. 

The lighting angle is important because it sets the tone and the impression for the individual(s) watching you. If you look like you are in a bright, cheery environment, they will associate that with you. 

  • Find the right lighting setup

There are multiple ways to look well-lit while video conferencing. Here are the top six lighting setups to look great on any video call. 

1. The anywhere anytime video call light setup: Here, the video conference lighting kit mounts to your computer table or laptop and helps you look well-lit on any video call. Because the light mounts right onto your device, it gives off a very even lighting effect and has more than enough power to light you up on your video call, and the small form factor makes it very easy to carry in your bag purse.

2. The tabletop video call light setup: The broadcast lighting kit is a favorite sub-100 light, and here is why. Not only is the light bigger, allowing you more brightness and longer battery life, but there are multiple mounting options to find the best ways to mount it to your workspace. You can use it on the tabletop stand or the included suction cup mount to mount it to your computer. It depends on where you work and how you want to mount your lighting. A favorite position for the broadcast lighting kit is straight above the computer's webcam facing down at a 45-degree angle with the color temperature at 5000 kelvin.

3. The "I have glasses" lighting setup. We have all been there; you are prepping for the big video call, have your notes laid out, and put your glasses or blue blockers on to see big glares where your eyeballs used to be. Trust me, we get it, and there is hope. You, too, can be perfectly lit on video calls without a massive glare on your glasses, and here is how. Grab two broadcast lighting kits and place them on the side of your webcams at about a 45-degree angle; raise them and shine them down on you at a 45-degree angle. All the glares are now outside your glasses' frame, and you can see through straight to your webcam.

4. The phone-only video light: The mobile creator kit will give you everything you need if you take video calls, mainly on your smartphone. The stand itself allows you to keep your phone secure at eye level. It allows you to go from portrait to landscape depending on what kind of video call you are on. There are also two mounting options on the side where you can mount one light, two lights, a light, and a mic or anything you need for your video call.

5. The Hollywood light: Ring lights are widely popular and for a good reason. They reduce facial imperfections and give the subject a nice soft lighting effect. A ring light on your video calls is a sure way to snag a few compliments from your co-workers and spark some non-weather small talk. 

  • Balance your light setup

A well-balanced lighting setup is key to being seen clearly in a webcam. Having only one light source might cast unflattering shadows on your features and walls if it's high up or directly in front of you. Using various light sources to create an even lighting scheme makes a good impression.

  • Get quality lighting equipment

Professionals in the video industry, such as TikTok stars, YouTube pros, and other influencers who want to appear their best, often use lighting equipment like ring or panel lights because of their efficacy. Lighting equipment illuminates your face well and draws attention to your eyes by casting a soft, reflected halo around each iris. Make an impression as a top-tier executive with the help of a ring light or panel light for your video conferencing. 

  • Brighten dark videos

The brightness level is crucial in evaluating video quality. It can be challenging to have adequate lighting when recording a video. So, the video appears dim because of this. Most apps used for video conferencing have different editing programs. If you discover your video is too dim while you're on a call, you need to brighten dim videos. You can brighten a video by altering its hue, saturation, and/or contrast.

  • Test your setup

Live testing is essential for any online video activity, whether a live stream, video conferencing, or whatever. In other words, you should try out your equipment and perform a practice session. Even after thorough testing, it is always prudent to have a backup plan and equipment on hand in an emergency.


Video calls are becoming absolutely necessary, as we can all attest. Video calls are a new reality whether you are an office worker, remote worker, or even a digital nomad. Video conferencing has become the norm for everything from business meetings to job interviews to social gatherings to client meetings. Nevertheless, it can make some people uneasy, and many worry about how others perceive them. With the right light for your laptop and video conferencing tools, you are sure to look as professional as possible and ace your video call obligation. 

Ihor, CEO at Workee

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