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Best Duolingo alternative: Workee

For tutors looking to keep pace in this bustling online tutoring industry, finding a platform that truly understands your business needs is no easy task - there are plenty out there, but they don't always tick all the boxes. One such program is Duolingo. 

One of the biggest complaints about this app is its basic features. Many tutors feel the platform needs more features to help them run their businesses. Additionally, some people find the interface confusing and difficult to use. At the same time, some people don't like how it works and would prefer to use a different platform. Whatever the reason, more tutors are looking for Duolingo competitors that are more intuitive, and this is where Workee comes in.

Workee is gaining popularity because it offers more flexibility and robust features, making it a better Duolingo alternative. Tutors can take care of all of their business in one place! This article will discuss why Workee is better than Duolingo for language tutors.

What is Duolingo?

Duolingo is a language learning platform. It also includes a solution like ''Duolingo for Schools'' a dashboard that allows teachers to create classrooms and assignments and track students' activity.

What is Workee?

Workee is an all-in-one business management solution designed to streamline the work operations of independent professionals such as tutors.

Workee software automates booking, scheduling, client management, financial management, and other features online tutors require to run their businesses effectively.

Here's a quick breakdown of Workee vs. Duolingo for Schools features:

Duolingo for Schools

  • Classroom management

Teachers can send email invitations, personalized links, or class codes to students to invite them. You can also set up accounts for students or have them set up their accounts and invite you to track their progress from the account settings.

  • Assignment creation

Teachers can assign specific homework activities for their students. Students can earn points after completing these activities.

  • View student activity

Teachers can see their students' assignment progress and activity completion on the students' tab. You can keep track of how much time each student has spent learning and how much XP they have earned each week.


  • Website Builder

Workee has a website builder where tutors can design their professional websites and include all their credentials and qualifications in a matter of minutes. 

  • Flexible scheduling

Tutors have control over their time and activities. You set your schedules based on your availability, and your students can view your availability and book their classes. You can also create multiple time slots for various engagements.

  • Video communication

Tutors can connect with their students using Workee calls or sync their favorite video call providers with Workee to enable live video classes and collaborations. 

  • Clients management

Stay in touch with students by synchronizing all your contacts and allowing you to manage communications from one place. Keep track of the status of your customer relations. You also have your virtual workspace where you can document important student information for reference purposes.

  • Finance management

Tutors can sell tutoring services and set price rates, and clients can order them and securely make payments. You can send manual or automated invoices to your clients. Automatic calculation of tax reports and previews

Why Workee is a better app than Duolingo

There are many reasons why Workee is better than Duolingo. 

  • Robust feature set

One of the things that makes Workee so successful as a tutoring management platform is the variety and effectiveness of the features that it employs. Workee offers much more features that make the learning experience comprehensive and effective for tutors and students. 

  • ¬†Ease of use and user interface¬†

The ease of use and user interface of Workee is top-notch. It is extremely easy to navigate and use, and the tutoring process is streamlined and efficient. The solution is designed with the user in mind, and it shows. Everything from sign-up to your selling services is streamlined and easy to follow. The sign-up process is simple and only requires a few clicks. Once you're in, you're given easy hints and tricks to navigate the platform. Follow them, and you already have your professional website up and running.

  • Virtual Assistant

Workee is the only virtual assistant you need! It makes the learning experience smooth. You can run meetings/sessions, take notes, manage tasks, sell your services, and manage your payments and taxes. Together these features make Workee an efficient platform for tutors.

  • The support and community of workee

The team behind Workee is extremely responsive and always willing to help with any issues you may have. So if you ever get stuck, a strong and functional support system will help you. Simply send a message, and you'll be connected with a live human who can answer any questions you may have.

  • ¬†Workee pricing

Regarding pricing, there's the Workee Starter plan which is free with no hidden fees. This plan is for professionals just starting their online businesses. This includes Basic website templates, Website customization, scheduling, free and paid time slot creation, unlimited free video calls with up to 75 participants, client, and finance management. Workee also has a pro version where you get access to all of the features that Workee has to offer. 


To wrap up, there are plenty of reasons to look for a Duolingo alternative. Workee is the clear favorite, offering a great choice of user-friendly features and advantages that Duolingo doesn't. If you want to automate your tutoring business or give your students a personalized learning experience, Workee could be the perfect solution.

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