All you need to know to get started as an educational consultant

Educational consultants are indispensable in today’s world because they are the gatekeepers of the educational system, which is one of the core components of a healthy society. And while people rely on educational systems (schools, learning facilities, etc.) to gain knowledge, these systems rely on educational consultants to foster relevant changes and promote fresh concepts. In other words, educational consultancy jobs are necessary to maintain relevancy and recency within the educational system.

So are you looking to start a career as an educational consultant? Read this article to find out all you need to know.

Who are educational consultants?

Ed consultants are often experienced and professional teachers or administrators that offer advice and training to schools, families, and any other educational establishment on educational issues. Their objective is to guide people and schools in taking the right steps regarding education. Additionally, they collaborate with the government to create and revise policies to meet the modern day's specific challenges.

Although most ed consultants are teachers, taking on the consultancy role means they are no longer active in the classrooms. They work in education consulting firms or may choose to be independent educational consultants.

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What do education consultants do?

It is already established that the ultimate goal of education consultants is to optimize educational delivery by sharing their expertise and knowledge. To achieve this, they take on specific duties that affect learning positively. Below are the job descriptions of education consultants.

  • They examine educational policies and standards to ensure that they remain relevant and appropriate at all times.

  • They advise school administrators and teachers on best practices to adopt

  • They advise the government and help create relevant education policies

  • They assess the learning curriculum and advise on changes that should be effected to reflect the ever-changing society

  • Help to train teachers on classroom ethics and teaching best practices

  • Guide parents on the appropriate educational choices for their children

  • Help to set up schools and other learning facilities either online or offline

  • Guide parents and students on college selection and application

  • They create a learning guide for students with special needs.

Educational consultants frequently choose a niche to work in; they don't necessarily take on all the abovementioned responsibilities. In other words, you can elect to work with school officials to establish best practices for the school, or you can choose to be an education consultant for kids with special needs. You can also decide to cover more than one area of specialization.

Types of educational consulting jobs

Consultants for schools and other institutions of learning

Schools and other educational institutions hire education consultants to evaluate their curricula and recommend any revisions or modifications necessary to maintain the school's objective. They can also be employed to train teachers, develop policies, and implement best practices. Finally, educational consultants can also be brought in to identify problems within the school and offer recommendations for remedies.

Families and individual education consultant

This is another popular niche for educational consultants, and they often operate like independent counselors since they work directly with families and individuals. Parents and families often seek professional guidance and advice on the best learning approach for their children. This may be for specific reasons like disabilities, special gifts, or guidance for college applications.

Consultants in this niche must adapt their approach to each individual and circumstance and create individualized solutions.

How to Become a Homeschool Consultant

Homeschooling consultancy is closely related to family and individual consultancy; however, they are different. But an education consultant can effectively function in both areas.

Homeschooling is gradually becoming increasingly popular as many parents adopt this learning method for their children. According to recent stats, homeschooling in the UK has increased by 40% in the last three years. Even in the US, at least 9 million Americans had gone through homeschooling as of 2020.

The concept of homeschooling makes homeschool consultant jobs critical in society. Parents and guardians who want to adopt homeschooling must collaborate with a homeschool consultant to ensure success.

A homeschool consultant helps create an appropriate curriculum and identify the most effective learning styles and teaching approaches for individual students.

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Education consultants for government agencies and organizations

To create excellent policies and legislation for the educational system, the government, which is the policy maker in general, frequently consults professionals. These professionals, mostly education consultants, provide guidance and develop the tools and resources required to implement reforms.

Additionally, consultants can collaborate with ed-tech companies to develop the materials required in educational settings.

How to become an educational consultant

Starting a career as an educational consultant requires that you follow certain steps. In this section, we will highlight important points that you should follow.

Acquire the necessary certifications

Education consultants are often graduates of education. However, this is not a hard and fast rule, but you must have a minimum of a bachelor's degree and some educational-related experience and certifications.

Importantly you should possess all or either of the following degrees; JD, EdD, Master’s degree, or Ph.D.

While having a post-graduate degree is not a must, it is important in landing a high-paying educational consultancy job.

Beyond degrees, other professional certifications are recommended. For instance, the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) or the American Institute for Certified Educational Planners can help increase your chances of getting good jobs.

Also, operating in certain niches, like working with disabled children, may require a special certification to prove expertise.

Identify a niche

Since there are many different specializations for education consultants, it is doubtful that you will practice in each. To get started, you should choose a consulting specialization in which you have adequate knowledge and are interested.

Join associations and attend professional meetings.

Search for professional educational consultancy associations online and offline and become a member. This would help you get updated information on your career, get opportunities, and learn from older and more experienced consultants.

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How to start an education consulting business

After you have acquired the requirements to start your career as an education consultant, you want to scale your business and ensure it is successful. Here are tips to follow.

Create a professional CV

Your CV highlights your strengths and expertise and would be needed if you want to get hired. You can either create one or employ a professional CV writer to get it done. Ensure that you include all relevant information, including past experiences and certifications but do not exaggerate your abilities.

Be active on social media

Social media helps you connect with other people, including potential clients. You can join professional social networks like LinkedIn; also, other platforms kike Facebook and Instagram can be useful because of the large user base.

  • Tips for social media.

  • Fill out your profile to show what you do.

  • Offer some advice, tips, and suggestions on education.

  • Create educating posts to engage users.

  • Let them know you are open to consulting jobs.

  • Be specific about your consulting specialization.

Get a professional website and optimize your business for remote jobs

Every professional, including educational consultants, should have a personal website. It helps to put your business on the internet and gives you visibility. You can work remotely and collaborate with clients in different regions and countries with a functional and optimized website. The good thing is most education consulting jobs don’t necessarily require physical meetings.

And with tools like Workee, you can have your unique education consultant website functional in 5 minutes or less. Workee makes it easy for professionals to own and manage their websites at zero costs. All you need to do is sign up and create your website using your personal information. The tool is easy to use and requires no technical skill or professional assistance.

But Workee is not just a website builder!

It is software designed to enable professionals and freelancers to manage their businesses without hassles. With workee, your dream of working remotely and collaborating with international clients can be achieved efficiently.

How Workee can help scale your education consulting business

The Workee software is an all-in-one solution that comes with the following tools to help scale your business

  • Booking and scheduling: This allows you to schedule meetings with clients and also enables clients to book you easily.

  • Video calls and messaging: With the Workee software, you can collaborate with clients through video calls and instant messaging.

  • Payments and invoicing: Workee helps you automate invoicing and process payments from clients easily to keep track of all inflow and outflow.

  • Client management: This tool helps you keep track of your client to foster healthier business relationships.

  • Tax management: With workee, you can track your tax payments.


While switching careers may not be easy, following this guide and applying the tips here will help you scale and transition into becoming an education consultant quickly and easily.

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