6 digital trends in corporate training to keep an eye on

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The COVID pandemic hastened some developments in the technological sector and also pushed corporate companies to become more flexible and adapt to prevalent trends.

This post will address the corporate training trends and what organizations and corporate trainers should know about development. But before we dig deep into that aspect, let’s check out the meaning of corporate training and corporate training program, shall we?

What is corporate training?

Corporate training is the act and process of using various learning methods and platforms to educate employees of an organization. Corporate training aims to improve employees' essential skills and promote a more conducive working environment. On the other hand, a corporate training program is a learning and development program that companies provide their staff to become better skilled and equipped to achieve their business goals.

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Emerging corporate training trends to look out for in 2022

Some of the trends emerging in the corporate training setting that you as an employer, employee, or organization should watch out for and leverage in this digital age are:

Remote peer learning

Organizations used to have different physical training sessions to empower their staff and improve their skills which will be helpful in the workplace. There are various video work tools like Google meet and zoom that remote workers can use to have live sessions, learn, and interact with their co-workers. This gives those who love physical office settings some feeling of being with their colleagues, even though it is virtual. It also helps them learn better and get immediate answers to questions. Workee, as an all-in-one platform, can help them manage several apps they use to interact and learn instead of switching through several at a time.

Gamified learning

Most corporations use a lot of videos for their learning programs. While this is a great learning style, sometimes employees may want to experience a different approach to learning. This is irrespective of how much they enjoy learning through videos—and guess what? Technology has incorporated gamified learning to help accelerate learning in the workplace and elsewhere.

Gamified learning uses gaming elements and design to teach and educate. This can help employees have fun while learning things.

Companies like Amazon have incorporated AWS cloud quests for employees and non-employees interested in foundational cloud computing. More companies are following and will follow suit as time goes on.

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Hybrid learning

Hybrid learning also means blended learning, which comprises learning remotely and on-site. This corporate training trend is rising as it gives access to employees who work remotely to participate in physical office workshops hosted by their employers.

Organizations are now revamping their learning methods and contents to accommodate staff preferences and the evolving working industry to effect this change.

They physically hold these sessions and then live-stream them for those who are physically unavailable or work remotely. This initiative encourages flexibility and adaptability and meets employees' needs.

Proactive measure to cover skill gap

Due to technological innovation, many employees lack the technical skills to help them work effectively. For example, we all know that many people work online, so cybersecurity has been a challenge. Statista reports that there has been a rise in cyber attacks due to data leakage and phishing emails. To circumvent this challenge, employers must include more skills in the training and courses they provide and employ extra staff to accommodate skill shortages. To achieve this feat, companies need to employ instructors to train their employees on cybersecurity awareness and other skills to help them with basic cybersecurity skills to protect the company, its resources, and its reputation.

Prioritize mental health

Before COVID, some companies implored remote working. However, it became more common as the pandemic forced many people outside the company's physical office. Remote working and working from home are now more prevalent. As much as it is advantageous, some people prefer to work in the office because it promotes social interaction and helps them stay away from abusive partners or family members. There has been a rise in people's mental health since the COVID era. 

According to the World Health Organization, since the COVID year, there has been a 25% increase in anxiety and depression globally. It is due to working overtime, increased loss of loved ones due to the pandemic, loneliness, lack of social interaction, stress, domestic violence, loss of money and resources, etc. 

Companies need to be more supportive as their employees work remotely. Employees have to be physically and mentally fine to give their best at work. Organizations can add mental health support to their employees' health insurance and find other means to ensure their employees are mentally healthy.

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Improve diversity and inclusion

According to the CNBC/SurveyMonkey Workforce Survey, about 80% of employees prioritize working for companies that place a premium on diversity, equity, and inclusion. As a result, organizations are now prioritizing diversity and inclusion to ensure a safe workspace and equity among employees. 

Some organizations now employ Diversity Recruiters and Managers to help ensure inclusivity, curb workplace discrimination, and train employees. This builds an organization's reputation, creates a safe space for the underrepresented, and encourages investors, clients, and potential workers to show interest in the organization.

Qualities of a corporate coach

A Corporate Coach is someone who educates and develops the talents of an organization. Some of the qualities you should look out for before hiring a corporate coach are:

  • Field knowledge: For you to teach others, you need to have some understanding of the topic. You will not want to embarrass yourself by teaching the wrong things, so ensure to read and practice before taking people on training and skill acquisition.

  • IT skill: As a Corporate Coach, you need to know how to use the internet and various software to research and prepare your courses. You need to know how to use software relevant to your field to prepare the best for learners.

  • Communication: You should be able to communicate as a corporate trainer because ineffective communication will impede the learning process for learners. While handling the training workshop or preparing the slides and resources, you should ensure you speak and write well for people to understand the lesson you are teaching.

  • Professionalism: As a corporate Coach, you should be professional. It should show in your dress, attitude, and composure. No one wants to deal with an incompetent and unserious trainer because it will affect the trainer-learner relationship.

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  • You can use the platform to hold meetings with your clients and co-workers. The integrated software enables you to have video meetings and share slides on your screen with other attendees.

  • Workee assists you in customer relationship management. It syncs your contacts, and there is a filtering feature based on several categories to prevent wasting time looking through several clients.


Corporate training has been existing and keeps adjusting to technological and societal changes. Every business follows trends to support growth, and skills, and to improve work efficiency. And with a platform like Workee, you can ensure adaptability to developments and maximize efficiency and productivity for free.

Ihor, CEO at Workee

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